11 Best Anniversary Party Ideas- Celebrate With your Love

anniversary party ideas

Confused about what to do for your parents on their anniversary or want to plan something special for your better half this anniversary. You are at the right spot, we have listed the best anniversary party ideas that will make their anniversary memorable.

The most exciting day in any couple’s life is the day they got married. It can be memorable in both ways either they are loving it or they are cursing the day they met. Be it be anything it is the responsibility of the partners to make the day special. Don’t feel the pressure, team Deasilex has listed various anniversary party ideas that would make your day and you would enjoy the fullest.

The most innovative anniversary party ideas are Renew the wedding, Revisit Your First Date, Recreate the old Photographs, Netflix and Chill, Plan a Vacation, Anniversary Scavenger Hunt, Celebrate with friends and family and many more things can be done to make the day memorable.

These are just a few of the ideas a full list of the activities that can be done is given below. Read below to get the best  Aniversary Party ideas.

Best Anniversary Party Ideas – Pick Up Your Best 

Given below is the list of the Anniversary party ideas that will surely make your partner’s or parent’s day the most memorable day of their life.

Renew The Wedding

anniversary party ideas- renew your wedding
Source: Happy Bali Wedding

If you or your parents have spent 25 years together then it has been a long time. Plan a wedding in the same style book the church, invite the friends and throw a reception. This would a great surprise to them, they will surely like it.

Revisit Your First Date

anniversary party ideas- visit to first date
Source: Daily Express

If you are married to the love of your life i.e you were lucky enough to get a love marriage. Then plan a visit to your first date that is the restaurant or the picnic spot where you first went for the official date. And if you are an arrange marriage person go to the place where you people first met.

Recreate Your Old Photographs

anniversary party ideas- recreate old photograph
Source: Bored Panda

The perfect anniversary party idea would be recreating your old photographs with your partner. Try going to the same place, wearing the same clothes. If you are out of shape to fit in those clothes, go to the tailor and get the same colored dresses stitched. Pose in the same manner and post on social media sites.

Netflix and Chill

anniversary party ideas- netflix and chill
Source: Bustle

If you and your partner both are working the best suggestion to enjoy your anniversary is to do nothing. Take the day off from the office, turn on Netflix, cook something together and enjoy doing the things you like to do the most. Hope you get it.

Plan a Vacation

anniversary party ideas- vacations
Source: Daily Bayonet

Traveling would be the best gift for your partner. Get tickets for the places your partner fantasizes about and go on an outing with them. You can plan a beachside party or a picnic on the mountain and propose to them there. This will make their day.

Scavenger Hunt with Family

anniversary party ideas- scavenger hunt
Source: Lets Talk Mommy

If you are a complete family and wish to enjoy your anniversary day with your family. The best idea would be to play the scavenger hunt with the whole family. Include your kids in the hunt and prepare different riddles to solve and move further in the game.

Celebrate with Friends and Family

anniversary party ideas- party with friends and family
Source: party planning solutions

You can plan a small get-together with your family and friends. Give your darling a ring and order her favorite food from the restaurant. Get the glass of wine on the table and enjoy your special day.

Customized Cakes

anniversary party ideas- cake
Source: winni

The cake cutting in the anniversary celebration is the must thing to do. Get a customized cake for the partner. The cakes can be customized in different manners. You can get the photo of both the persons on the cake or you can get the dolls of husband and wife on the cake.


anniversary party ideas- barbeque
Source: The Stuff

The best way to celebrate your anniversary would be to organize a barbeque party in the backyard. You can call your friends over for the party or if you want some time in solitude, enjoy yourself with your partner in the backyard.

Theme Party

anniversary party ideas- 80s theme party
Source: BP Guide India

If your parents are old, surprise them by taking them to the 80s era. Organize a themed party and ask all the guests to come dressed like the people use to dress in the 80s. A look back into the era when your parents first met would be the best anniversary party idea.

Honeymoon Again

anniversary party ideas- honeymoon destination
Source: Kiwi Collection

Plan a party or surprise near the destinations famous for the honeymoon. Spend the quality time with your partner and relive your past memories while making new ones.


These were the best anniversary party ideas that would help you and your partner enjoy the anniversary day to the fullest. Keep visiting deasilex for more updates and ideas for the birthday party celebration and other events.

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