17 Best Apocalyptic Related TV Shows To Give You Goosebumps!

best apocalyptic tv series

Are you looking for some best apocalyptic related TV shows? If yes, then this article is the perfect read for you. Have a look at some best fateful and calamitous TV shows that will leave your mind wondering abstractly. 

Apocalyptic cinema documents our hopes, fears, socio-political conflicts, offers strategies for crisis management and makes us aware of the reality and inevitable ending. Talking about the best apocalyptic related TV shows, there are no. options available on the internet today. For your convenience and knowledge, we have sorted a list of some best apocalyptic related TV shows

If you believe in fate and destiny, then these are some best options for you to watch. Here is a list of the best apocalyptic related TV shows. 

  1. The Walking Dead
  2. Daybreak
  3. Survivors
  4. Jericho
  5. Westworld
  6. Fear the Walking Dead
  7. Falling Skies
  8. The Day After
  9. The 100
  10. The Leftovers
  11. 12 Monkeys
  12. Dark
  13. Containment
  14. The Rain
  15. The Strain
  16. Planet of the Apes
  17. Battlestar Galactica

These are some of the best apocalyptic related tv shows of all time. You will experience a whole different zone watching these. Binge-watch these amazing, full of twist series and have fun. 

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17 Best Apocalyptic Related TV Shows to watch in 2021:

Looking for some best apocalyptic related TV shows? You landed at the right page. Here is a ready solution for your scrolling. Pick anyone and be amazed. 

The Walking Dead

Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to watch; the walking dead
source- Hollywood Reporter

If you live horror, thrill, and drama altogether, then this is one of the best apocalyptic related tv shows to watch on Netflix. Walking Dead is an American Horror Drama series that depicts the rise of the zombie era. After the spread of zombies in the USA, a group of survivors wanders in search of a safe place to save themselves. You get to experience the realistic zombie attack and the rising tensions after that in every scene. 

IMDb ratings: 8.2/10


Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to watch; daybreak
Source- IndieWire

Teenage series are best of all. Daybreak is also a zombie post-apocalyptic, comedy, and drama series. This tv show has single-season till now but is way engaging and enthusiastic to watch. This teen drama is produced by Michael J. Malone and Bruce Dunn. Watch a 17-year-old kid, Josh Wheeler in search of his girlfriend Sam Dean, survive the zombie gangs. 

IMDb ratings: 6.7/10


Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to watch; survivors
source- Amazon.co.uk

As the name itself tells the story, Survivors is a science fiction tv series that shows the story of people who survived deadly influenza. An unknown virus strain that wiped out almost all parts of the human species is the main theme around which this series revolves. A very few people managed to survive this virus. This series comes with drama, fiction, and apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction genres realistically presented on screen. 

IMDB ratings: 7.6/10


Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to watch; jericho
source- Pinterest

It’s an American drama series with post-apocalyptic action and drama themes. Jericho depicts the story of post-nuclear attack situations faced by the people of the United States. 

Selfish means, personal propaganda, and harsh secrets are revealed. In a crisis when many people lose their calm and get paranoid, some people still come out stronger and act wisely. This series will keep you amazed throughout.

IMDb ratings: 7.9/10

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Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to watch; westworld
source- IndieWire

This is a science fiction series with 3 seasons till now. Robots make our lives easy and can sometimes be the cause of hell too. Watch this amazing series that revolves around the central theme of a theme park called Westworld. The controllers or the inhabitants of that theme park are the robots called the ‘hosts’. The theme park was created for human welfare and enjoyment but the robots revolt against their puppet masters. Watch this fiction series if you are looking for some best apocalyptic tv shows.

IMDb ratings: 8.6/10

Fear The Walking Dead

Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to watch; fear of walking dead
source- Den of Geek

This is a post-apocalyptic drama series that depicts the scenes of horror, zombie apocalypse, and serial drama. This series has six seasons till now. Witness the survival of the fittest in the unforeseen chaos presented in the series. 

IMDb ratings: 6.9/10

Falling Skies

Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to watch; falling skies
source- Hollywood Reporter

Falling Skies is a science fiction tv show with five seasons now. With some best storylines and military aspects, this is probably one of the best apocalyptic tv shows you should binge-watch at least once for sure. The suspense, the drama, and the science fiction everything is portrayed well. This series is about aliens ( mechanical drones) called mechs, that destroyed about 90% of the human population. Again it’s the survival of the fittest. 

IMDb ratings: 7.2/10

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The Day After

Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to watch; the day after
source- Amazon.com

This series presents the unexpected chaos and pandemic. The Day After is a drama, sci-fi movie that presents the story of the U.S. from the mid-1980s. Think of enjoying a wonderful evening out with your friends and suddenly something dreadful happens. This series is full of drama, apocalyptic scenes, and destruction. See how the life of people changes when nuclear bombs dropdown. 

IMDb ratings: 7/10

The 100

Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to watch; the 100
source Deadline

This is a sci-fi series with around 7 seasons to date. The 100 contains a lot of drama, action, science fiction, apocalyptic fiction, and fun. The series starts with a mission called the death mission in which 100 men were sent on earth from space. This series checks the morality of an individual. The central theme of this series is battle some showing the inevitable nature of human beings. Humans tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly that was done by their ancestors.

IMDb ratings: 7.6/10

The Leftovers

Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to watch; the leftovers
source- Den of Geek

The Leftovers is an American Drama with 3 seasons till now. This series is about loss and regret. With the genres rich in drama, mystery, philosophical fiction, thriller, magical realism, and self-realization this is one of the best apocalyptic tv shows one can go through. The imagery of life, people, experiences, grief, love, and survival all are presented beautifully in this show. 

IMDb ratings: 8.3/10

12 Monkeys

Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to watch; 12 monkeys
Post Apocalyptic Media

Science fiction and drama are a great combination. And if you too were looking for such a combo then ’12 Monkeys’ is best suitable for you. This is an American Sci-fi tv show that has 4 seasons till now. You get to experience a whole different world in this series as it presents some amazing time travel scenes. The post-apocalyptic scenarios created in the show are worth watching. Binge watch this one of the best apocalyptic tv shows on Amazon Prime video now. 

IMDb ratings: 7.7/10


best apocalyptical tv shows; dark
source- Travel. Earth

Dark is one of my personal favorites. This amazing sci-fi, drama, mystery, and thriller series has 3 seasons now. This is the story of two missing children from a small town in German. When their families get out in search of their children many tangled secrets will be revealed and their connections get exposed. The twists and turns with every changing plot are fun and full of mystery. 

IMDb ratings: 8.8/10

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The apocalyptic series makes you travel to another world. It makes you aware of fate and the happenings related to that. If you too were in search of some best apocalyptic tv shows of all time, then this article is probably the best help to you. Binge-watch these amazing shows on Netflix and have fun. 

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