Best Bachelorette Party Ideas without Stripper

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Planning for your or your friend’s bachelorette party isn’t an easy task. Everyone wants a party by him should be unique and one of a kind. Don’t worry here we are with some unique bachelorette party ideas that would help you make a memorable page in your diary of memories.

There are a lot of things that you can do to make the party special from the decoration theme to the games you play, from the food to eat to gifts you take. We at deasilex have researched a lot on the bachelorette party ideas and finally came up with an article that will help you.

To make the bachelorette interesting you can play games like truth and dare, what’s in your phone, Funny Dart. You can keep cool party themes like drunken bitches, team Groom or team bride. Getting sashes with the bride-to-be or maid to be written for girls and ATM To Be or Groom To Be written on them.

Read below to get the ideas about the party themes and gifts that would be perfect for the bachelorette.

Bachelorette Party Ideas For Girls

If your female best friend is getting married and you are planning to enjoy yourself with her at her last bachelorette party then read below to find the best bachelorette party ideas for girls and best gifts for the bachelorette party.


Bachelorette Party Ideas - girls drinking

Planning a bachelorette and that too without wine. No party can start without sipping the wine. Get the best wine in the town, along with it you can plan of getting the cool wine glasses with sayings like “Bride-Tribe” or “The Bride Gang” written on them.

A decorative background 

Bachelorette Party Ideas - wall ornament
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There can be various ways to decorate the wall that will be in photographs. The most simple and effective way is to get ornaments” Bride To Be” and decorate the wall with hanging buntings or fabric backdrops. You can also use the “Bride to Ballons” for the purpose.

Stay at Home

Bachelorette Party Ideas - pool side party
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According to us, a bachelorette party at home along the poolside would be more fun than partying in the hotel. Hotels will provide you the fun for you paid but at home, you can preplan and can innovate the ideas at your will.

Naughty Item Scavenger Hunt

Best Bachelorette Party Ideas without Stripper
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Plan a scavenger hunt for the girl gang and hide naughty things such as handcuffs, massage oils, and blindfolds around the house. Set hints and let the girls hunt for the final gift. Let the bride take all the products home.

Hire a Photographer

Best Bachelorette Party Ideas without Stripper
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Girls love to get clicked, surprise your friends by calling the professional photographer to the party. Get a poolside or the beachside photoshoot with the bride-to-be and present her the hard copies in the beautiful frame.

Book A Party Bus

Bachelorette Party Ideas - party bus
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A party on the bus sounds kicking. Get a pink-colored party bus and drink, dance, and enjoy in the moving bus. Go to spots like beaches, parks, or riverside. Get your photoshoot done and post it on Instagram. Let your social media friends know that you are about to get married.

Bachelorette Party Ideas For Boys

When we think of any all boys party we always think of drinks and food but there are various others ways through which we can celebrate the all boys party be it be bachelorette or the birthday. Given below are the are various bachelorette party ideas for boys.

Hire a Beach House

Bachelorette Party Ideas - boys beer
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A beach house on a ;beautiful location would be perfect for the boys bachelorette party. Drinking on the pool side with the beautiful breeze blowing can be perfect party for the groom. You can hire DJs at the beach side and dance yourself out with the wine glass in hand.


Bachelorette Party Ideas - beer hunt
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We are all aware of the easter hunts, lets have a variation here. Split up in groups of 5-6 and hide the beer bottles. You know your gang they can do anything for beer. Let the fun begin with the beer hunt.

Camp Fire

Bachelorette Party Ideas - campfire
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A night out with your boy gang will be a perfect bachelorette idea. Drinking beer under the night sky, singing and dancing around the fire seems to be fun and perfect for bachelorette of guys.

Guess The Taste

Bachelorette Party Ideas - tasting
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If your friend is a wiskey lover which obviously every one is. Take him to the nearest bar, blind fold him and let him sip the wiskey and guess the name of the brand. You can also do a jello shorts party.

Outdoor Activities

Bachelorette Party Ideas - water rafting
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You can plan outdoor activities such as sky diving or water rafting to add thrill and excitement to the bachelorette party with your boys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bachellorate Party Without Stripper possible?

Yeah, it is very musch possible to celebrate the bachelorette party without stripper and have fun. I just wrote above the ways you can use to enjoy the day.

Do partners cheat on Bachellorate?

Well, You need to trust your partner on this. Is you are starting your married life with a doubt then it would a hard life ahead.


So next time you plan of celebrating any Bachelorate party. Do this article a read, you will get the amazing ideas for the purpose. If you want to add any other idea to the list do let us know, the comments section is open.

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