Best Black Ombre Nails Design | From Glittery Transitions To Matte!!

black ombre nails design

Black pair with the regal transitions of ombre? YES PLEASE! Ladies absolutely adore the classy black (may it be matte or gloss nail color) as the sheer beauty of it is beyond comparison! So let’s not wait for even a second and start by painting these alluring combinations of dark and light paired with black! Let’s paint these black ombre nails design and slay the day girl! 

Black looks pleasing but let’s not forget what this black nail paint signifies POWER! So why not give your nails the strength they deserve by painting this powerful black color on them. Oh, apologies! It’s not even a color.

To paint regal black ombre nails, you can start with the classic transitions of black and red which will give you that elegant yet powerful look. However, we can also tone down the intensity of black by doing an ombre shade of black with pastels! There are many options available so we don’t have to stick to any one of them. Every day deserves a new you and a new you, will need a new look and of course, new nails! So let’s get started with today’s black+ombre manicure session! 

File your stiletto or coffin nails well because these transitions will work wonders on these nail types. These stunning combinations of black will blow off your mind so take a nice deep breath and get all your nail shapers and nail art supplies out! Once you’re ready, start painting! 

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Stunning Transitions Of Black Ombre Nails

Did you file your nails well? If you did, what’re you even waiting for! Jump right ahead and choose the best black ombre design to paint those stunning transitions and illusions! 

A piece of advice for ladies here, try to steady your hand and paint the transitions subtly to give off a nice dreamy vibe without creating any hard lines as it will kill the ombre look! 

Now that you’re all ready! Let’s begin. 

1. White To Black Ombre Nails

black ombre nails design
Source: Looks Like Candy

White and black is the classic transition for anyone wanting to create an ombre shade. These light and dark colors melt into each other forming a perfect illusion and if you carry out this white+black ombre shade well, you’re a true angel!

Now things you have to do to get the perfect ombre nails is to first apply a base coat and here your base coat is going to be white. The next step is to ready your sponge which should be clean enough and then add the two shades you want to create an ombre effect with.

Here your two shades are going to be black and white and once you’re done applying the color on the sponge, transfer it evenly on your dried white nails. Repeat the process till you get a perfect ombre shade and lastly, top it off with a transparent coat! This will complete your flawless white+black ombre nails and you’re all ready to flaunt them!

Note: The process of doing every ombre shade is almost the same where you can change your base coat and colors to whatever your want. The mantra to getting a perfect illusion of faded transition is to apply the colors well. Also, apply the colors on dry nail paint only! The process can be tricky but you will surely get a hang of it after doing it a few more times!

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2. Red+Black Ombre Coffin Nails

red and black ombre nails designs
Source: Looks Like Candy

Red+Black gives off those vampire-ish vibes and the 90s kids will never have enough of those fantastical mystery stories! Even more so with Halloween just around the corner! Try this classic black and red ombre transition on your coffin nails and see how mesmerized (or even envious) they’ll leave your friends.

You can either choose matte shades of red and black or you can just top the whole look with a matte coat afterward! The process of getting these ombre nails is the same as previously explained. The only change is in colors and the base coat! Black will be your base coat for this nail design!

3. Black Ombre Nails With Glitter

black ombre nails with glitter
Source: Pinterest

This black ombre nail design is simple yet regal and something tells me that this style will surely become your go-to! To achieve this nail design, the first thing you have to do is do your usual ombre nails in any shade you want, preferably, nudes and black!

Once you’ve achieved your desired nude+black ombre transition, add subtle lines with glitters to make those ombre shades pop out. Do not forget to complete the look with a transparent coat at the end!

4. Pink To Black Ombre Nails

pink ombre nails design
Source: Youtube

What happens when the cheery pink melts into gloomy black? The result is ominous yet peaceful! The faded pink in black leaves a lot to the imagination and hence, giving us reasons why we should try this ombre shade!

To get this perfect shade of ombre, do a base coat of white first, and then add the shades of black and pink to it via sponge! You can make it matte or glossy by applying nail color of the same texture.

Additionally, you can also add dots of gems in the corner to complete the look! The gems won’t overpower your ombre shade. This will only help in pooping the colors out!

5. Matte Black Ombre Nails With Amethyst

nail art
Source: The Nailest

Amethyst is a dreamy color indeed and if you’re trying to do matte ombre nails, then do not forget to add this color for a perfect starry illusion! Now, this ombre design is more than just your regular nails as you’ll be carrying a literal galaxy on your fingertips! 

Create a perfect night sky by doing the ombre transitions of black and amethyst on a black base coat. You can also add a third ombre transition with a blue color to add more depth to your starry nails. Once you’re done doing your ombre shades, add small stars to your nails, and top it off with a sheer nail color! And voila! You’re all done to flaunt the galaxy at your fingertips!

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6. Clear To Black Ombre Nails

black nail art
Source: Amazon

It is always advised not to do our ombre shades on clear nails but has that ever stopped us from trying? Na-huh! So here’s a trick to do these beautiful black ombre transitions on your sheer nails!

All you have to do is first apply your regular sheer nail paint with no/ nude color whatsoever as a base coat and then do the ombre transition with black on the tips! Complete the look by applying a sheer transparent coat again and Voila, you’re all done. If you have stiletto nails, then you’re sure going to kill this black ombre look!!!

7. Blue And Black Ombre Nails

blue and black ombre
Source: Reddit

Blue and black, the perfect night sky! Try this mesmerizing ombre transition of any hue of blue may it be baby blue or midnight blue with black. You can either do this transition on a black or a blue base coat and no matter what you choose, the result is going to amaze you!

This ombre transition looks good, especially on coffin nails. So if you’ve just recently filed your nails in this shape, don’t forget to choose the stunning hue of blue!

8. Orange And Black Ombre Nails

orange and black ombre nails
Source: Looks Like Candy

Does fire amaze you? Then why not paint that on your nail! Try this marvelous transition of orange and black to create a perfect fire of ombre! Additionally, you can also add a third shade, red, to make your fire all the more realistic and majestic!

Do a base coat of black color and then add these three ombre shades to create the perfect illusion of bright fire! Also, do a wave of yellow to make your ombre shades pop and add more depth to your nails! And just like always, do not forget to top it off with sheer transparent nail paint!

9. Black And Gold Ombre Nails

Source: Looks Like Candy

Gold is the color of nobility and luxury! Add this color to your black nails to form a majestic ombre shade. To add more lavishness to your nails, try Rhinestones and glitters too! 

The ombre shades of gold and black are easy to pull off and hence it is the number one choice among ladies. The perfect blend of gold with black will become more regal if you add Rhinestones to the end of your nails. Furthermore, you can do this whole ombre transition on a base coat of gold rather than our usual black or white!

10. French Ombre

french ombre nails
Source: Pinterest

French tips are classic and they’re never out of trend! Do a classic ombre transition of black on the tips of your nails and voila, no need to do anything more! This nail look is simple yet elegant and you can pull this off anywhere! 

Be it at parties or your regular school, you can carry this style effortlessly anywhere as it is very subtle! To make your French Ombre as simple as possible, choose nude colors as your base coat. They’ll easily blend with black while remaining neutral all along. 

11. Metallic Black Ombre

Best Black Ombre Nails Design | From Glittery Transitions To Matte!!
Source: Onyx Nails Design

Metallics are on the run girl and girls are going crazy carrying various chrome shades on their long as hell nails! While certainly, guys don’t appreciate those but how do we care, right! So let’s paint the classic Metallic ombre with black and outshine the world! 

To carry Metallic ombre, I’d say, the longer the nails, the better! Although doing metallic ombre nails isn’t a child’s play, but, when have we ever backed off from a challenge! Try these classic nails and don’t forget to flaunt them anywhere you go! 

12. Black Ombre Eclipse

eclipse nails
Source: Tumblr

When the darkness creeps in, the lonely moon sits in the sky guiding the night travelers to their safe adobe! Wow! I really am a poet! Hehe, well leave it! But do try these beautiful black ombre nails with an eclipse! 

Do the ombre shades of some nude colors with black and add a moon at the end to make your nails look dreamy! If you’re fond of stars, add them too! Make a perfect night sky on your nails and show them off in the crowd! 

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Best Black Ombre Nails Designs On Etsy

black ombre nails
Source: Etsy

Etsy is a heaven for those who lack an artistic bone in their body! If you think you can’t pull a beautiful ombre transition on your own, then do check these classy nails on Etsy!

1Black Ombré | Luxury | Press On/ Glue On NailsView
2Wine/Black ombre nailsView
3Black and Glitter Ombre Press On/Glue On NailsView
4Purple Black Ombre Goth Medium Coffin Dark Press On nails Glue on Gothic edgy trendyView
5Goth Ombre Nails – Black Halloween Press On NailsView
6Nude with Black Ombre Rose Gold Design View
7Ombre Black & White Press-On NailsView
9Black Ombre French tipView
10nightmare before Xmas-Jack-sally-black grey ombré-Halloween nailsView

Wrapping Up:

Black ombre transitions with blues and reds look as magical as with nudes. These combinations of different colors with black are simply majestic and that’s why you should definitely try them out! You can paint a galaxy with black+blue ombre transitions or even fire with black+orange ombre! So let your artistic self out and start painting some beautiful ombre shades of black! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ombre nails?

Ombre generally means the shades of two different colors that beautifully melt into each other! If you try two shades on your nails without creating any hard lines, then these are your ombre nails.

How long do ombre nails last?

Normally, ombre nails can last up to a week after which your nail paint will gradually start chipping! So enjoy your beautiful ombre transitions till they last!

Featured Image Credits: Allure

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