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Best Books By Franz Kafka

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 Are you in search of books that make a perfect blend of Fantasy and realism? If yes, then you must read the best books by Franz Kafka. In the article, you will read about the best books by Franz Kafka.

Franz Kafka is a German-speaking Novelist. He was one of the most influential and significant fiction writers of the 20th century. Existential dark and absurdist, his novels and stories concern the struggles of troubled individuals to survive in a bureaucratic, impersonal world. In the article, you will come across the best books by Franz Kafka.

Some of the best books by Franz Kafka are The Metamorphosis – Suddenly An Insect, The Trial – The Mills of Justice, Letter to the Father – A Letter That Never Reached the Recipient, The Verdict – A father’s Guilty Verdict, The Castle – Invisible Forces.

Further in the article, you will read about the best books by Franz Kafka with the story plot and details about the books written.

Best Books By Franz Kafka

Next, you will read about the best Books by Franz Kafka with the storyline details of the book and the writing style of the writer.

The Metamorphosis – Suddenly An Insect

best books by Franz Kafka- The Metamorphosis - Suddenly An Insect


Gregor Samsa is a traveling salesman. He is young and conscientious. He lives with his parents and is also a good son there. But one morning Gregor wakes up and his world is turned upside down. He is no longer in his human body. He turned into an oversized bug overnight. And from now on the reader takes part in the desolation and loneliness that accompanies Gregor’s transformation. Locked up in his room, Gregor now ekes out his existence and has enough time to reflect on his life. And his strange change is not questioned by him or his family. The excellent plot of the book makes the book one of the Best Books By Franz Kafka.

The short story The Metamorphosis was first published in a magazine in 1912, before being published in a book for the first time three years later. The work has led many bright minds to the most varied interpretations. These range from religious to political interpretations. Ultimately, many central questions such as individuality, meaning in life, development, and change are addressed in this work. The book has never lost its topicality in its variety of interpretations.

The Trial – The Mills of Justice

best books by Franz Kafka - The Trial - The Mills of Justice


The general manager Josef K. is arrested on his 30th birthday. He doesn’t know what he’s being accused of and tries in vain to find out what he’s being accused of. Neither court nor law is within reach of Josef K. Josef is allowed to move freely despite his arrest. He is only denied access to the court, which sits in an attic. There, in-camera and with the exclusion of the accused, his fate is decided. Josef K. is sentenced to death.

In the process, Kafka appears neither as a narrator nor as a commentator. Everything the reader learns, he learns from the perspective of the protagonist Josef K. And Josef is completely alone with his perception. Because everyone he encounters perceives what is happening to him as completely normal and in turn is amazed at Joseph’s behavior. The result is a grotesque and surreal image and also allows this fragment of the novel to become the starting point for various interpretations. Is it about the impossibility of a comprehensive justification of human life? Is history a metaphor for basic human guilt, not least in a religious sense? Or is it a biographical examination of your own feelings of guilt? Perhaps precisely because of the different possible interpretations process is a timeless work that gives the reader plenty of scope for their own thoughts. The book is considered to be one of the Best Books By Franz Kafka.

Letter to the Father – A Letter That Never Reached the Recipient

best books by Franz Kafka- Letter to the Father - A Letter That Never Reached the Recipient

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The letter to the father is a comprehensive letter that Franz Kafka wrote to his father Hermann in 1919. However, he never sent the document. It was not until many years after Kafka’s death that the letter was published in the literary magazine Neue Rundschau. The letter was preceded by a dispute between Kafka and his father about Kafka’s planned marriage to the secretary Julie Wohryzek. This dispute becomes an occasion to deal with the tyranny, with the severity and unpredictability, to which Kafka was exposed through his father throughout his childhood, and with the implanted feelings of guilt from which he suffered all his life. The great story of the book makes it Best Books By Franz Kafka.

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“I was a fearful child, but I was certainly stubborn as well, as children are, certainly my mother spoiled me too, but I can’t believe that I was particularly difficult to steer, I can’t believe that a friendly word, a quiet one Taking it by the hand, a good look could not have asked for everything that one wanted. ”Many literary scholars read the letter not only as a settlement between the son and his overpowering, tyrannical father but above all as one of the most important Documents for a deeper understanding of Kafka’s life and work. 

The Verdict – A father’s Guilty Verdict

best books by Franz Kafka-The Verdict - A father's Guilty Verdict

Source: Goodreads

Kafka wrote the judgment in 1912. It was published a year later. It is Kafka’s most frequently interpreted work and one of the Best Books By Franz Kafka.

The protagonist is Georg Bendemann. Bendemann is the son of a merchant. He runs the business for the sick father, who has increasingly withdrawn to himself since the death of his wife and is quite successful with it. For Georg himself, his upcoming wedding makes his happiness perfect. But then over a letter to a friend a dispute breaks out with the father and it turns out that he has a completely different view of Georg’s way of life. The father thinks that Georg took advantage of his state of health to take over the business. And he thinks Georg’s fiancée is an inappropriate match. At the end of the dispute, the father passes a fateful judgment on the son, which he complies with without hesitation. 

Kafka is said to have written the verdict in just one night. With Georg Bendemann he created a character that resembles his own in its uncertainty. The father-son conflict also seems to be fueled by Kafka’s own experience. Not least for this reason, whoever reads The Judgment should also take the letter to the father presented above to hand. 

 The Castle – Invisible Forces

best books by franz kafka-The Castle - Invisible Forces


The fragment of the novel Das Schloss was written in 1922 and is without a doubt one of the most enigmatic and fascinating works in literary history. The castle is often understood as a counterpart to The Process. While the protagonist in the process is called Josef K., the main character in the castle is simply called K.. While Josef K. is being pursued by an authority, K. tries to get through to an authority. And the structure of the offices also shows clear parallels. Without access from the outside world, they decide on existential questions. As well as The Process is The Castle has been interpreted in different ways? Many of these interpretations agree that the works deal with the basic experience of man in modern society. There is this basic feeling of an indefinite lack of freedom in an increasingly complex world. And there is uncertainty about the forces that rule our lives. The mood in the book is correspondingly gloomy and depressing. The protagonist, the surveyor K., who actually just wants to go about his work, sees all his efforts thwarted by the mysterious castle authorities and their endless power and remains a stranger in the village where he is in search of recognition. The book is one of the Best Books By Franz Kafka.

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The books mentioned above are the best books by Franz Kafka. These stories have got the best plotline are the best sellers and notable works by the author. If you read any of these books do write us your reviews.

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