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Breakup Party Ideas

Break Up Party !!!! Sounds weird, but this is the trend. If you or your friend has just broken up, obviously it would be tough to move on at once but you can try to uplift your mood by throwing a party. To throw the best breakup party read below the best breakup party ideas.

Tell the world you are single again, obviously you cannot shout and tell everyone that you are single and ready to mingle again. Instead, throw a breakup party, invite your crushes, and give them hints. Team Deasilex has listed the various Breakup party ideas that you can use for this purpose.

The best Breakup party Ideas would be drinking to the neck, Loud Music, Homemade Food, Dancing, Inviting Friends for a night out, jello shots, getting customized T-Shirts, Backyard Barbeque parties, and many more.

Those were just a few out of the list created by deasilex. The Full list with the detailed idea is given below. Use these breakup party Ideas to light up your Breakup party.

Best Breakup Party Ideas

Make your breakup party fun with these breakup party ideas. We have mentioned below the ideas and the ways you can use them. You can also use your innovation and use these in your own ways.


Breakup Party Ideas - drinks
Source: Elite Daily

Breakup and drinks should be announced as the brothers. How can anyone imagine a breakup without drinks? Use innovation here, in spite of drinking and crying alone, call your friends. Open up the bottles and Bottoms Up. Cry yourself out, once and for all. Start a new life.

Loud Music

Breakup Party Ideas - music
Source: Youtube

Book the DJ or get your Home Theater Speakers to work. Play your favorite song or you can also go for various breakup songs and cry. The better option would be to organize a party, get the DJs in the house, ask him to play the breakup songs, sing along with the loud music. Make an Instagram Reel and post it. Let him/her know that you don’t care.

Tip: Invite your neighbors to the party as well otherwise they will complain about the loud music. 

Homemade Food

Breakup Party Ideas - homemade food

If you love cooking, you can cook something at home and invite your friends over for the food party. Get a champagne bottle, open it with her name. Enjoy the food you cooked, sipping the Champagne along with it. Don’t avoid talking about her with your friends, if you are missing him/her tell your friends. They will console you and you won’t feel alone.


Breakup Party Ideas - dance
Source: Parties-Lovetoknow

Dancing is the best way to forget someone at the moment that is what I personally feel. You start thinking about her turn on the music and dance. And as far as the breakup party is a concern, if you have hired the DJ, then don’t let the chance go. Get yourself on the dance floor. If you have invited your crush to the party ask her to dance along. Make a reel and post it on Instagram. Let her know what she is missing.

Night Out

Breakup party ideas - girls night out
Source: Terri Paddock

If you cannot plan a house party. Night out would be the best idea. Go to your friend’s house or you plan a night road trip. the best breakup party idea would be to go visit someplace or you can enjoy yourself in the car. Play loud music and enjoy yourself.

Tip: Don’t Get Caught in Drink and Drive 

Jello Shots

Breakup Party Ideas - jello shots
Source: Youtube

Get vodkas for the party. What would be better than the jello shots? Call your gang over, you can call them to your house or you can go to the bar. Get on back-to-back jello shots, this would be one of the perfect breakup party ideas.

Customized T-Shirts

Breakup Party Ideas - tshirts
Source: Pinterest

Get the customized t-shirts for the breakup party. The t-shirts can be of any color but prefer wearing the same shirts with the saying on them. They can have ”Breakup Party”, “Single Again”, “Bitch Ready To Hitch” or you can use more innovative sayings written. Get the group photograph for posting on social media.

Barbeque Party

Breakup Party Ideas - barbeque party
Source: American Propane Gas

Organize a Barbeque party in your backyard and call your friends for the treat. Tell them you are single again and the reason you both broke up. Make barbecue in the backyard, roast the chicken, get the beer bottles, and dance to your favorite songs. Dancing and eating make one of the best breakup party ideas.

Invite Your Parents

Breakup Party Ideas- talk with parents
Source: your life your voice

No one would care about you more than your parents. Don’t forget to invite your parents to the party. Talk to them and you will feel worthy. We understand people feel worthless after the breakup and talk to your parents. They will help you in the situation.

A Family Get-together

Breakup Party Ideas- family get together
Source: Family Today

If you are living alone in the city. Invite your family for a small family get-together. You will feel relaxed talking to them. Nothing is greater than a family eating together. Even if you cannot tell them about your relationship which is no more alive. Still eat with them. You will feel great.

Innovative Cakes

Breakup Party Ideas- cake
Source: Pinterest

If we have the cake cutting ceremony for all occasions then why not cut the cake at the breakup party. Get the customized cake, you can be really innovative here with the cake design. Get the cake with “Problem Solved” or “Free Now” written on them.

You can also get the dolls on the cake that symbolize the soul getting free from bars or ropes. Cakes of this kind would be is one of the best breakup party ideas.

Get the Invitation Cards

Breakup Party Ideas- invitation
Source: pinterest

Enjoy your breakup as you are getting married. Obviously, you aren’t getting a partner but you can make invitation cards and send them to your friends with a bottle of champagne. Invite them to the party. This is is one of the best trending breakup party ideas.

Tip: Send an Invitation to Your Ex’s House as Well 


Breakup Party Ideas- costume
Source: CNN

You can decide on a themed costume for the breakup party. Ask all your friends to come in a similar color and the same type of dress. This would be a lot of fun, all the guests dressed up, in the same manner, would make the perfect costume theme in the party.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Breakup Party Ideas- photography
Source: Pinterest

Get a professional photographer to the party and organize a professional photoshoot for yourself and your friends. If you have planned the party for your friend, get her a photoshoot.

Beach Side Beer Party

Go to the beachside, hire the DJs, take your friends along and take out the beer bottles. Can you think of any better plan than dancing, jumping with the high tides, and beer bottles in your hands? This beach-side beer party is one of the best breakup party ideas.

Pool Side Party

If it’s summer, nothing can beat the parties in the pool. Take off your clothes, get into the swim fits, and jump in the pool. To add more thrill and excitement to the plan get the chilled beers from the bar and enjoy. A Poolside party is one of the best breakup party ideas.

Theme Party

To make the breakup party exciting the best breakup party idea would be to throw a themed party. A theme party is a party in which you keep a theme of the party and all the guests come dressed up according to the theme. There can be various themes that can be used as the breakup party ideas

  • Dracula Theme
  • Playboy Theme
  • Animal Party Theme
  • Princess Theme 
  • Broken Heart Theme
  • Bloody Red Theme and the list Is Endless

What To Do Other than Party

It is very important to distract your mind for sometime after the breakup. If not you will keep missing your ex. So keeping yourself busy is important. Yeah we know you won’t do anything interesting after it but trust me keeping yourself distracted will help you in many ways.

Play Games

Breakup Party Ideas- play games
Source: Online Tech Tips

The best way to distract yourself according to me is playing PC games or you can also play games on the PlayStation. Playing games is my personal experience and it helps a lot in getting the head away from the person.

Watch a Movie

A lot of good movies or tv Series can be found on Netflix and Amazon. What would be better than distracting yourself from the outer world by getting into some other world? Getting into some other world doesn’t mean heaven, it means live through the protagonist’s eyes.


Cook Yourself your Favourite food. If you don’t know how to cook then you must watch some of the famous youtube food vlogs to learn how to cook. Cooking will keep you away from all the distractions and thoughts.

Gift Yourself

Gift Yourself something like beer or champagne. Gifting yourself something would be a great way to start caring about yourself. Now that you are single no one will ask if you had your dinner so, start caring about yourself.


Do the things you enjoy the most. Such as shopping, you can go to the market or can lie down on the bed. Open the online shopping apps and scroll to find new things to shop for. 

Give Yourself a Treat

It would be good to please yourself rather than giving treats to others. Buy yourself some wine and junk food. Switch on your TV, watch your favorite TV show sipping your wine, and having the food.

Spend Time With Nature

Enjoy some time alone sitting in your garden and admiring the beauty of nature. Nothing is more beautiful than observing nature and the birds chirping. Go to your farmhouse and spend some time with nature. 

Cut Off From Social Media

Well, this doesn’t mean that you get totally away from your friends. This suggestion is not for all of you. It is always better to talk to someone but what I personally suggest when you break up, you feel angry and sad at the same time. It would be better if you tell me to take a break from social media.  `

Take Yourself To Date

Dress up in your favorite costume and go to the Five-star restaurant. Order for your favorite food and wine, treat yourself the way you wanted your partner to treat you that is love, and care. 

What To Do To Make Your Ex Feel Jealous

Now, that you have moved on. Why not have some fun with your Ex. We have some ideas that you can use to make your Ex feel Jealous.

Breakup Party Ideas- jealous Girl
Source: Love: the good, the bad and the ugly

Don’t Contact

Stop contacting your ex after you both broke up. Even if you are not blocked by her, try not to contact them and behave normally on social media. Keep posting stuff like you used to before the breakup this will surely make her feel jealous.

Keep Your Common Friends

Don’t Lose the friends that you made while being with her. Keep all the common friends and hang out with them like you used to do. Going to the parties and not caring about if she is coming or not, would definitely bother your Ex.

Post Pictures With People Your Ex don’t Like

Obviously, when you people have spent time together, you must have known who your partner does not like. Contact them, hangout, and click pictures. Post them on Instagram and enjoy seeing your Ex getting jealous.

Hang out With people Your Ex Doesn’t Like

Pick up a spot, you are aware that your ex would definitely visit. Contact the person your Ex doesn’t like and hang out on the same spot. And Watch your Ex’s face getting Down.

Act Nice To Her

Whenever you confront her, just act nice and be a gentleman. Let her feel that you are ignoring her or are you still falling for her. Let her be confused, this will haunt her at night.

Ignore Her Life

If your Ex is posting Something on social media. Don’t get engaged in the comments section or don’t mention it to any of your common friends. Let her feel that you have totally moved on and she doesn’t bother you anymore.

Note: Before doing these tricks on her make sure she hasn’t read this, if she had, Bro then you are gone. 

Reasons Of Breakup

There can be various reasons Why you broke up. We have Listed the most common reasons for you.

  1. Cheating On your partner
  2. Lying all the time
  3. Bad Habits like drinking and smoking
  4. Don’t get time to Communicate
  5. Stop caring for each other
  6. Not anymore a mood lifter for each other
  7. Hurting each other always
  8. Fed up 
  9. Arguing daily
  10. No future together
  11. Not in a mood to fix things 
  12. No efforts 
  13. Being different from each other
  14. Often break trusts
  15. The action doesn’t meet the words
  16. Being selfish
  17. Not expressive
  18. Not ready to compromise
  19. Cling to the past
  20. Make your partner feel inferior
  21. Keeping secrets
  22. Always blaming
  23. No respect left
  24. Giving on each other easily
  25. Expecting the partner to start a conversation first
  26. Not spending time together
  27. Not forgetting the mistakes and not forgiving
  28. Time Gap
  29. Assuming things
  30. Not clarifying things on time
  31. Lost the interest
  32. Don’t give space
  33. Start comparing your relationship with others
  34. Family Restrictions
  35. Not complimenting each other
  36. Taking each other for granted

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Breakups Hurt?

Breakup doesnt hurt, it is the feeling that we have developed for the person that hurt. You can do nothing for the pain of separation but can engage yourself in other activities and try to forget the person.

How to move on after a breakup?

Moveon doesn’t mean forgetting everything, it means accepting everything that happened.

Whom Should I contact After Breakup?

No one would care about you more than your parents. Don’t forget to invite your parents to the party. Talk to them and you will feel worthy. We understand people feel worthless after the breakup and talk to your parents. They will help you in the situation.


If you are in a relationship, we would suggest that you ignore the reasons given above. If somehow you have broken up then read the suggestions for the breakup party ideas and enjoy your life. But the best way would be to clear things with her and if it still doesn’t work then let her go and start the next hunt.

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