Best Bronzer Brush | Guide To Get The Perfect Sun-Kissed Look!


Summers are almost over but we still can’t get enough of those beachy summer vibes and that’s when Bronzers save us! Bronzer works like a charm for those desiring a perfect sun-kissed and tanned-up look! Blush, bronzer, and highlighter are our makeup essentials just like concealers, contours, and foundation! But let’s face it, applying them is the real deal! Especially bronzer to avoid that blended orangey look! Brushes and other makeup tools set the pace for getting a perfect look! And thus, here we are with the best bronzer brush in the market!!

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If you think perfect tools are all you need for a perfectly sculpted look, then you’re widely mistaken!! Brushes are as important as your technique and hence, try to apply bronzer gently over your temple areas and cheekbones and then try blending it well to avoid harsh lines!

Now comes the important factor besides your technique, a nice bronzing brush! Firstly, the bronzing brush you should use depends on the kind of look you’re going for! If you want a warmer look, try to use a big puffy brush that will help your bronzer to blend well! Additionally, the type of bronzing brush you use also depends on the kind of bronzer you’re using! Like a quid or a powdered bronzer!

Know everything about bronzing and bronzing brushes today in our session of “guide to get the perfect sun-kissed look!”

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Best Bronzer Brush

Beginners often tend to get muddled up in Bronzers, blushes, and highlighters, getting confused over what comes first and how to apply it! The first thing about bronzers is that it is tricky to apply them, especially for the ones who have recently started going all out on makeup! We don’t use the pink from our blush to oddly mix with the brown of our bronzer, do we? So it’s best to know the process first before you eagerly jump onto the best set of brushes for bronzers!

The right order for applying these three magic products in any makeup is – Bronzer, Blush and then, Highlight! We highlight at the very end before we set our makeup with the setting spray!

We apply bronzer under our cheekbones and on our temples after we’ve done contouring and have blended our foundation and everything else! To create an illusion of a perfect jawline, do not forget to bronze around your jawline too! 

Furthermore, there are no set rules when it comes to applying bronzer. What I mean here is that the sun hits in various places like our forehead, cheek, nose, etc! So for a warmer look, try sweeping a gentle layer of your powdered bronzer in these areas! Also, do not forget to apply the same on your clavicles to get those prominent beauty bones!

Now that we know the basics of bronzing, let’s start applying that MAC or Bobbi Brown bronzer with this set of beautiful brushes for a perfect sun-kissed look!

1. Charlotte Tilbury The Air-Brush Bronzing Brush

best bronzer brush
Source: Charlotte Tilbury

Price: $40

The first on the list of best bronzer bush is obviously this easy-to-carry and apply bronzing brush by Charlotte Tilbury! The compact design of this bronzing brush makes it best for touch-ups on the go as we can carry it anywhere! 

This Kabuki-styled bronzer brush is best for a sun-kissed look and has 100% soft synthetic fibers! The brush is 100% cruelty-free and is handmade making it fetch the price of $40!

2. Fenty Beauty Cheek-Hugging Bronzer Brush 190

best bronzer brush
Source: Pinterest

Price: $36

Rihanna’s Fenty beauty has given us many of our makeup essentials and this angular bronzer brush is one of them! I know that I’m not the only one who uses bronzers as an alternative for contours and this is where this brush comes in!

This Cheek-hugging bronzer brush by Fenty beauty gives us a controlled application for a bronzer-cum-contour look! And if you do not know yet, Fenty beauty is 100% cruelty-free! 

3. Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush
Source: Real Techniques

Price: $9.31

This is a perfect sculpting brush that you need which is also, CRUELTY-FREE! And let’s not forget that easy to hold pink handle that will help you control your strength while applying your bronzer!

The angular shape of this brush helps to get a perfectly sculpted look under your cheekbones and your jawline! The mantra to the application is the same, dab powder on your brush, swipe it on the desired area, and wipe off the access! 

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4. e.l.f. Flawless Face Brush

e.l.f bronzer brush
Source: E.L.F Cosmetics

Price: $6

“Kindness is Chic”, that’s what e.l.f cosmetics go by! These bronzing brushes by e.l.f are cruelty-free, 100% vegan, and synthetic. Soft bristles of the brush help to blend the bronzing powder well on our skin without creating hard lines and also do not let our makeup look cakey! 

This is the best drug-store bronzing brush that you can ever get for such a cheap price and the low price in no way signifies the poor quality! This is a great brush with a nice applicator!

5. Hourglass Cosmetics No 2. Foundation/Blush Brush

hourglass cosmetics
Source: Hourglass Cosmetics

Price: $58

Did the price of this bronzing brush scare you? Hey! Don’t be! This is actually a nice addition to your makeup essentials. Furthermore, this one brush will cancel out all your other brushes as it is a multipurpose brush!

You can use this brush for applying foundation, primer, and blush too! This is a luxurious brush that is PETA-friendly with high-grade synthetic fibers for easy and flawless application!

6. Huda Beauty Sculpt & Shade Face Brush

huda beauty
Source: Huda Beauty

Price: $28

Huda beauty offers this two-edged brush that is perfect to get a flawless sun-kissed and sculpted look! The smaller end of the brush is for precise application to give you more controlled application while the fluffier side helps to blend and soothe any harsh lines!

You can apply cream, liquid, or powder bronzer with this brush in a hassle-free manner! It has high-end synthetic fibers which will not be too rough on your skin.

7. Sigma Beauty F29 HD Bronze Brush

sigma beauty bronzer brush
Source: Sigma Beauty

Price: $31

Sigma Beauty F29 HD Bronze Brush will definitely become your go-to whenever you want that perfect sun-kissed look! This is one of the best bronzer brush in the market and you will surely know why by reading more about it! First of all, it’s a cruelty-free brush that means no animals were harmed in the process! Secondly, it comes with a 2-year warranty and thirdly, it’s soft bristles and easy to hold handle!

All these factors combine to make it the best makeup brush in the market! All you have to do is dab your powdery bronzer and gently swipe it on your forehead, nose, and under your cheekbones, and VOILA! You’re all good to go!

Choosing A Perfect Bronzing Brush

For choosing your perfect bronzer brush, you need to keep a few things in mind like what kind of look are you going for and the sort! So here is a list of four things that play a great role to give you that effortlessly flawless sun-kissed look!

Shape: We have large fluffy bronzing brushes and angular bronzing brushes! If you want a targeted application, go for an angular brush but if you want a warmer look, go for a fluffier one!

Size: Same as shape, the size of your bronzing brush also matters, especially if you’re applying blush and bronzer together! You obviously don’t want the pink of your blush merging with your brown bronzer, right? So it’s better you choose the correct brush for a more controlled application!

Bristles: The bristles must be soft to ensure that it doesn’t create harsh lines while application!

Handle: Although forgotten, handles are actually as important as the brush itself owing to the fact that it lets us be in control while doing the application! We do not want those hard to hold handles that make us lose sight of the area we’re bronzing, right?

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Final Thoughts

Bronzing gives us a beautifully sun-kissed look that we certainly can’t get enough of! However, as vital as the bronzers themselves are, the brushes used to apply them are also not any less important! In fact, they are much more important than the bronzer itself to help avoid cakiness and harsh lines!

Some of the best bronzer brushes in the market are from Sigma Beauty, e.l.f, Real Techniques, Fenty Beauty, etc!


What kind of brush is best for bronzer?

1. Charlotte Tilbury The Air-Brush Bronzing Brush

2. Fenty Beauty Cheek-Hugging Bronzer Brush 190

3. Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

4. e.l.f. Flawless Face Brush

5. Hourglass Cosmetics No 2. Foundation/Blush Brush

6. Huda Beauty Sculpt & Shade Face Brush

7. Sigma Beauty F29 HD Bronze Brush

Is a powder brush the same as a bronzer brush?

You can multitask with your brushes too! Ideally, a powder brush is fluffy, and the same is the case with a bronzing brush! This means yes, you can use the same brush for powder as well as bronzer!

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