6 Best Business Schools in Los Angeles For MBA!

Best Business Schools in Los Angeles

The business has fulfilled many dreams from top entrepreneurs to leading brands, from Marketing heads to Finance specialists. Are you looking for the best business schools in Los Angeles to live your dreams? You landed in the right place.

The scope of business is so high that everyone is shifting their interests towards this sector. Why wait, when you are getting a bright start ahead? Choose the right Institute for you by keeping the following things in mind:
•Academic excellence
•Friendly environment
•Course approach
•Proper facilities
•Scope for growth

The best business schools in Los Angeles are
1)UCLA Anderson School of Management
2)Marshall Business School, USC
3)Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
4)Pitzer College
5)Columbia College
6)Loyola Marymount University MBA Program

This article will help you find the best available courses in top business schools in Los Angeles.

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6 Best Business Schools in Los Angeles

There are so many colleges to choose from. To make your choice easy we have shortlisted some best business schools in Los Angeles according to their rankings and courses covered. Read the article till the end for a better approach.

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Best Business Schools in Los Angeles; UCLA Anderson School of Management
source – Poets&Quants For Execs

One of the top-tier business schools at the University of California is UCLA Anderson School of management. UCLA is ranked in the top 13,15 and 20 by various websites based on their surveys and records. Founded in 1935, this school of management is one of the best business schools in Los Angeles, USA.

The variety of courses offered by UCLA are Accounting for graduates, and master’s programs like executive MBA, Global EMBA for Americans and the Asia Pacific, Master in Business Analytics, etc. Student life at Anderson is of great quality. There are no. clubs and associations of the school to help the needy and raise funds. Overall it is a top business school.

Marshall Business School, USC

Best Business Schools in Los Angeles; Marshall Business School, USC
source- Poets&Quants For Undergrads

Founded in 1920, Marshall Business School is a private university. The University of Los Angeles ranks in the top 20 best universities. Its various programs are ranked among the best courses in Los Angeles like business, finance, international commerce, etc. How prestigious this school must be, its rankings clearly show.

Some of the popular programs available here are full-time MBA, executive MBA, Online MBA, international MBA, entrepreneurship, finance, business analytics, etc. Its Ph.D. programs are ranked in the top 20 best business programs. Whether you are thinking of part-time courses or full-time ones, this school is a good choice.

Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

Best Business School in Los Angeles : Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
source-Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

Founded in 1969, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School is one of the largest business graduate schools in Southern California. Its motto “Creating best for the world leaders”, itself defines its quality and competence. Known for popular majors like Social Sciences, Business, Management, Journalism, Communication, and many others, PGBS ranks in the top 80 best business schools.

This school aims at producing the best business associates who can do collective good to society and be world leaders. This is a private business school with some best courses and scholars to study from.

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Pitzer College

Best business schools in Los Angeles; Pitzer College
source- Pitzer College

Pitzer College is a top-performing college in Claremont, California. This college is ranked in the top 40 best colleges in best liberal arts colleges. Many websites have ranked Pitzer in the top 50 best colleges in the U.S. This college offers national and international degrees for some programs. Founded in 1963, this is a private college.

Being a top-ranked liberal arts college, Pitzer offers many degrees like arts and humanities, environmental studies, social sciences, business programs, natural sciences, etc. This is a highly prestigious college that has a low student debt loan. With an acceptance rate of 15%, we can make out its competitiveness. Many majors like business management, marketing, accounts, etc. are of top quality here at Pitzer College making their way in the list of best business schools in Los Angeles.

Columbia College

Best Business Schools in Los Angeles : Columbia College
source-Columbia College- Columbia University

This is a private college in Los Angeles, California. Columbia College Hollywood has various programs to offer like digital media arts, visual effects, media production, digital media along with some other programs like liberal arts, mathematics, social sciences, communication, etc. The college offers both online and offline programs.

This school can be a good option for students wishing to have a career in the film business. Along with this full-time MBA programs are also available here. The environment is quite friendly and creative. Here you get to explore many entrepreneurial opportunities for the future ahead.

Loyola Marymount University

Best Business Schools in Los Angeles : Loyola Marymount University
source-Daily Breeze

This is a private school founded in 1865. Loyola Marymount offers more than 50 major and 50 minor undergraduate degrees and programs. You need a GPA score of 3.85 to get into this school. Marymount is ranked in the top 60 best national universities and ranked in the top 20 for best business programs.

This university offers degrees for both graduates and undergraduates. The programs here are quite flexible and adaptive. This university aims at preparing its students for a stronger core foundation in majors like finance, leadership, business analysis, etc. This is a top-ranked business university in the nation and hence, successfully makes its spot in the list of best business schools in Los Angeles.

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What better than studying your favorite courses from your favorite schools and universities. Hope this article helped you with making the right choice. Now you too can take a step ahead and be your boss by choosing from these best business schools in Los Angeles.

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