10 Best Butterfly Tattoo Ideas With Meanings!! Trending Butterfly Tattoos!

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10 Tattoo Affiliate Programs
Best Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Surprisingly, there are twenty-eight thousand colorful species of butterflies!! Just imagine, how many options do you have lined up to get a beautiful butterfly tattoo inked right away! WOW!! This feels great, right!! Now, the task is to find a suitable butterfly tattoo design and flaunt it out!!

Well, to save you from all the pain and sprain, we got you covered with the best butterfly tattoo ideas along with their meanings and the body parts to get them inked!! For beginners, there are many tattoo designs to get inked at the least painful areas. Thank us later!! Curious to find out more?

Okay, let’s fill you with some hints about these eye-catchy butterfly tattoos. The best one by far is the small butterfly tattoos on wrists! It’s simple yet elegant. Although, there are plenty of small butterfly tattoo designs like semicolon butterfly design, open winged butterfly, close winged butterfly, and many other variants.

I am sure you are eagerly waiting to check out the whole list of these trendy butterfly tattoos. Right? Okay! Okay! Let’s not make you wait for longer than that. Do check out these amazing butterfly tattoo facts before you jump into the butterfly tattoo design ideas. Also, you need not copy the exact idea. Just draw some ideas and mold them into a tattoo as per your desired mood or in a color in which Butterfly tattoos look best.

What Do Butterfly Tattoos Represent?

Best Butterfly Tattoo Ideas With Meanings!! Trending Butterfly Tattoos!

There are a variety of best butterfly tattoos that are trending right now. 

All these are famous butterfly tattoo designs in various parts of the world. Have a look at what these popular butterfly tattoos are all about:

1. Japanese Butterfly Tattoo: This design symbolizes anniversaries and marriages.

2. Chinese Butterfly Tattoo: These butterfly tattoo designs symbolize beauty, grace, and femininity.

3. Irish Butterfly Tattoo: These Irish Butterfly Tattoo designs represent the human soul with a cool Celtic design.

4. Indian Butterfly Tattoo: In Indian culture, butterflies are considered auspicious. This tattoo design represents nature and beauty.

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Best Butterfly Tattoo Ideas That You Can Flaunt

Like mentioned earlier, there are more than 28K species of butterflies that exist in the world today. Inspired by those, there is a variety of vibrant, and attractive butterfly tattoo designs that you can have. Have a look at these designs!!

1. Open Wings Butterfly

Open Wings Butterfly

Open wings butterfly is one of the greatest picks when it comes to butterfly tattoos. It’s the most popular design adored by people of all ages. 

The design usually varies from different parts of the body. This design looks elegant with a blend of vibrant color options. 

You can be as playful with the colors or keep it simple. This goes well on every body part, especially the thighs and back. 

2. Closed Wings Butterfly

Closed Wings Butterfly

Usually, the open wings butterfly design and this closed wings butterfly design are inked together to get a more elegant look. The playful shades emphasize the beauty of this tattoo.

These designs are very much in trend among both men and women.

This closed wing design looks best on small tattoos. The symbolic representation behind this tattoo design is the introverted nature of a person.

Tattoos are an amazing way to describe your personality. And this one surely highlights the grounded and shy nature. You can get this one inked anywhere. But if you have these on inner wrists, it will be awesome.

3. Butterfly Eyes

Butterfly Eyes

This butterfly eyes tattoo is an amazing tattoo idea for those who want to showcase a mysterious and womanly expression. 

It’s similar to other best butterfly tattoos, with a slight twist. The wings are often filled with open human eyes that add an empowered look to these types of tattoos.

4. Tribal Butterflies

Tribal Butterflies

Tribal butterfly designs are so beautiful and authentic at the same time. These designs represent culture, love for nature, and a pure mindset. 

What’s so special about these tribal butterfly tattoos is their unique and elegant design. It’s created using simple inks rather than vibrant colors. 

You can opt for any shape, big or small for these tribal tattoos. Usually, these tattoos are imprinted on the back or chest.  

5. Abstract Butterfly Designs

Abstract Butterfly Designs

Abstract designs mean so much. Abstract means there’s no limit or boundaries your imagination can hit. You can be as creative with this design as you want. It can be anything from a mountain, sea, forest, animals, or butterflies. 

If you want to show your life story via this abstract tattoo, get it inked right away. Choose any size, big or small.

Trending Butterfly Tattoo Designs That You Should Try!

Looking for some tattoo inspiration? Here is plenty of them!! From delicate lymph to bold vibrant wings, butterflies are the most amazing tattoo inspirations holding deep meanings.

Butterflies are just like you and me, so why not immortalize these cute little creatures by getting them inked on our bodies? 

Small or big, colorful or plain, there are endless options to choose from while getting this beautiful design inked on your body. 

Here are the top 5 butterfly tattoo designs that are trending right now. You must take some ideas from these popular designs and carry your butterflies with pride!!

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1. The Eye-Catchy Colorful Butterfly Tattoos

The Eye-Catchy Colorful Butterfly Tattoos

Ahh, the cheerful colors!! If you always wanted a colorful butterfly tattoo, then it is the right time to get one!!

It’s filled with multi-colors. It’s made by joining different shapes together like circles, lines, dots, etc. This tattoo goes for both men and women.

Best ForIf you love celebrations and a jolly life, this tattoo is ideal for you.
Skin ToneSuitable for fair skin tone.
Preferable InkBlue, red, black, yellow, orange, and pink.
Body Part To Get This InkedOn Back, shoulders, arms, and legs.

2. The Artistic Butterfly Tattoo

The Artistic Butterfly Tattoo

Are you an artist? If yes, you better opt for this beautiful artistic butterfly then!

This artistic tattoo looks so creative and attractive. Your love for art and creativity reflects clearly through this tattoo. The tattoo design is simple yet holds a vast meaning.

Best ForFor all those who love art, music, sports, or any other artistic field. 
Skin ToneSuitable for fair skin tone.
Preferable inkBlue, green, and black colors.
Body Part To Get This Tattoo InkedIdeal on shoulders and back.

3. Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs

You must have seen many of your friends have a small butterfly tattoo on their inner wrists or other body parts. Ever wondered what this tattoo symbolizes?

Well, this particular small yet elegant butterfly tattoo represents a bold and confident personality. You can choose any pattern with this size!

Best ForFor all those bold and beautiful ladies who love their bodies and flaunt them confidently. It also reveals your fearless personality.
Skin ToneMedium to fair skin tone
Preferable InkMostly black 
The body part to get this inkedLower belly, beneath the naval, inner wrist, forearm, and fingers.
SizeSmall or medium.

4. Skull Butterfly Tattoos

Skull Butterfly Tattoos

Aren’t these skull tattoos so intriguing and classy? This tattoo design represents your personality in so many ways.

This tattoo has a deep and dark meaning too that even the most wonderful things in life will face an ending. In fact, it’s one of the most popular butterfly tattoo designs that people get inked.

Best ForFor all those who love to be rational about life. It symbolizes that beauty is temporary and evil exists in every soul.
Skin ToneFair skin or wheatish tone.
Preferable InkBlack ink
The body part to get  this inkedBack of palm, wrists, and arms.
SizeMedium to large size

5. Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Design

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Design

Tribal designs are very much in trend these days, be it nail art, clothing, or even tattoos!! Here’s another beautiful portrayal of the tribal aesthetics, in the form of this amazing tribal butterfly tattoo design.

For all those who prefer cultural touch in their tattoos, or love to be creative, bold, and free, this tattoo is a perfect pick!

Best ForFor those who prefer being natural and connected to roots.
Skin ToneAny skin tone (mostly fair skin tone)
Preferred InkVibrant colors (black, blue, purple, pink, green, yellow)
The body part to get  this inkedShoulders, neck, back, arms.
SizeMedium to large size

Is There Any Other Popular Butterfly Tattoo Design?

Still not enough tattoo design ideas? Is your heart craving for more ideas? Then, you can draw some inspiration from the following ones: 

  • Playful butterfly Tattoo 
  • Nature Inspired Butterfly Design
  • Geometric Butterfly Tattoo
  • Blue Butterfly Tattoo
  • Butterfly and Rose Tattoo
  • Butterfly Skull Tattoo
  • Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo
  • Traditional Butterfly Tattoo
  • Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo
  • Butterfly Tattoo With A Name
  • Tribal Butterfly
  • Realistic Butterfly 
  • Black And White Butterfly Tattoo
  • Butterfly Wrist Tattoo
  • Butterfly Back Tattoo
  • Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo
  • Butterfly Tattoo On The Arm
  • Ankle Tattoo Butterfly
  • Neck Butterfly Tattoo
  • Thigh Butterfly Tattoo
  • Chest Butterfly Tattoo
  • Behind The Ear Tattoo
  • Leg Butterfly Tattoo

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To Sum Up:

Cheers to the new beginnings, cheers to the joy, cheers the moments of sorrow we passed by and cheers to more positive energy. What can be best than to imprint these moments of love, happiness, sorrow, and togetherness on our souls forever?

Butterfly tattoos are the best symbol to hold all these emotions well. You can get these tattoos inked anywhere and everywhere. I personally love tribal butterfly tattoos, for the traditional touch in them.

What’s your favorite, comment down below! Until then Carry Your Wings With Pride!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Butterfly Tattoos:

Q. Is a butterfly a good tattoo?

Yes, for pretty many reasons, the butterfly is a perfect design to get inked. In Chinese culture, the butterfly is the symbol of joy, immortality, grace, and summer. In general, butterfly tattoos represent young love.

Q. Which is the best body part to get a butterfly tattoo inked?

Butterfly tattoos can be inked anywhere, that’s the best part about these tattoos. The shape of butterfly wings is aesthetic and looks amazing, especially on the collar bone, lower back, chest, and wrist. Other than this, you can get it inked on your arms and shoulders, on the inner forearm, and on your hands.

Q. What does a purple butterfly tattoo symbolize?

Purple butterfly tattoos represent the life cycle. It’s a representation of a new beginning, a new life, resurrection. While purple is the color of royalty, riches, and wealth. Therefore, a purple butterfly tattoo can have a different meaning for different people.

Q. Which are the most popular tattoos of all time?

1. Dragons. 
2. Butterfly. 
3. Wings. 
4. Stars.
5. Hearts.
6. Skulls.
7. Flowers. 
8. Tribal Designs.

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