Best Dark Cherry Hair Color Ideas To Try At Home!!

Dark Cherry Hair Color Ideas

Dark cherry hair color is a deep and vibrant shade of red and violet that often gives off those burgundy vibes! Although different from the latter, the color is surely becoming the go-to choice of ladies who want a dramatic yet subtle hair color transformation. It’s almost like magic! This regal shade of cherry color is extremely mesmerizing with its subtle yet deep hues and adds richness to our hair but doesn’t come off too strong! So why not dye our hair in the best dark cherry hair color?

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Now! Why should you? For starters, if you’re already bored with your usual black-brunette hair, then this becomes a major reason already! Moreover, this deep shade of cherry hair color looks as luscious as a ripened cherry! Furthermore, the best thing about black cherry hair color is that it doesn’t overwhelm your natural hair base, especially if you have darker hair color. Convinced enough? No? Keep reading!!

To add this dark cherry hair color to your hair, you can try either of these- Ombre, Balayage, highlights, etc! However, do keep in mind that dark-colored hairs like black and brunette are best suited for such hair color as it blends easily and naturally into our hair. One of the best things about trying this shade of deep cherry is that you won’t need frequent touchups as you won’t even be able to figure out those hard lines. However, this will only happen if you have darker hair.

This doesn’t mean blonds can’t go for “dark cherry hair color!” People with lighter hair colors can dye their hair in the dark cherry shade, but the only difference would be, “frequent touch-ups and salon appointments!” Now that you know a little about cherry color, let’s get your hair painted! Try these best dark cherry hair color ideas and add shine to your boring brunette hair!

Black Cherry Hair Color At Home

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We love experimenting with our locks and keep on changing our hair colors to get that perfect look! The look that will become synonymous with us! The look that is exclusive to us! And in my opinion, there’s no problem with that whatsoever! So go on, keep on trying hues that will become your go-to shade. If you want an expert opinion in that regard, don’t forget this cherished shade of dark cherry hair color!

There are many reasons for dark cherry hair color recommendation and to name a few,

  1. Black cherry color is extremely versatile! No matter what hair texture you have or hair color, you can trust this color with your eyes closed.
  2. The subtleness of this color is like magic. If you’re a minimalist and don’t want to come out too strong, then this is the color for you because if applied right, you won’t even be able to differentiate it. 
  3. The Cherry color is bold yet simple.
  4. You can confidently color your locks in this shade as this hair color is available in many drug stores. 
  5. If you’re a fan of Amethyst, then there’s no way you wouldn’t want to try this color because know what! Black cherry gives off a sheen of Amethyst too!

Now? Are you convinced enough to try the luscious shade of deep red+violet? Well! You should be! So without further ado, let’s give you these beautiful black cherry hair color ideas that will make you shine in the streets, but SUBTLY!

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1. Red With Dark Cherry Hair Color

If you’re going for a bold look then add a rich pop to your black cherry shade by adding vibrant red color to it. This will make your black cherry more bright and visible than it actually is, especially on darker locks. 

To try this shade of red+dark cherry, you can either mix the colors directly or you can do an ombre transition of the same. Dye your locks with dark cherry hair color first and then color your ends in a ruby red shade. 

The deepness of dark cherry will melt down in the bold red creating a perfect fiery look! The combination will definitely make your hair shine in the streets!

2. Black Cherry Coca Cola

Are you a fan of cola? Then why not try this beautiful coca cola shade of black cherry? If you have darker hair like Black, even better! 

Coca-cola shade of cherry color on darker hair works like magic as no one will find out that you have actually colored your hair unless you’re in bright light! When your locks will shine, then only will they know that you have a pearl hidden in your hair! 

3. Bright Dark Cherry Hair Color

Bright dark cherry hair color will brighten up your boring afternoons by adding a mesmerizing transition in your long balayage locks! If you’ve grown out your balayage hair then add this black cherry color to your locks!

The bleached highlights in your balayage when dyed in a cherry shade will give off a brighter shade of black cherry color. These bright shades of dark cherry with not so bright ones will give a cascading effect to your longer locks adding a moment of surprise!

4. Chocolate Cherry Color

Are you a fan of chocolates? Oh No! Forget this basic question which I already know the answer to!! Of course, you are, who isn’t! However, would you like to add this chocolate to your hair? Not like smothering the real chocolates in your hair but rather as a hair color!

Add this beautiful chocolate cherry color to your brunette hair to change your usual office look. The fascinating thing about this chocolate shade of cherry color is that it can go well with your office environment or any other formal look. Well, that’s the best thing about most of the black cherry shades which are not overpowering and overwhelming unlike other shades of red.

5. Cherry Ombre

Are you a fan of ombre? So, why not try the classic ombre transition in black cherry hair color?

Try the ombre transition of dark cherry shade with your natural hair color to get the perfect transition. 

The best thing about an ombre transition in this shade is that the transition is always smooth and perfect without any hard detectable lines. As all cherry shades need a darker base, the blend of colors is always natural!

6. Dark Chocolate Cherry Hair Color

Was the normal chocolate cherry hair color not to your taste? Do you want to go a few shades darker? Then go ahead! Nobody’s stopping you! Try this beautiful dark chocolate cherry hair color and be as subtle as you want! But let me remind you, the lights won’t hide the hidden hues!

Well, this isn’t exclusive to dark chocolate cherry color only as most of the cherry colors have that hidden effect! No matter how subtle you want to look, once you’re in shine, your hair will definitely reveal your secret!

7. Dark Black Cherry Hair Color

A moment of surprise for the black-haired people! You guys don’t have to go out all out when dying your black locks in cherry hue! Just add a little bit of hair color and there and then, you’re all set to rock your daily styles!

To perfect this dark black cherry hair color, add subtle highlights, and Voila! Nothing much needed! Just flaunt these cherry locks to your heart’s content and keep inspiring people to try these out too! Because know what? Black with cherry, is gooodddd!!!

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8. Violet Ends With Dark Cherry Color

Do a classic balayage or ombre transition of violet and dark cherry hair color and BAM! There you go mesmerizing people with your lustrous locks! 

We all know that dark cherry hair color gives off that amethyst sheen, but once you add hints of violet to your ends, that sheen will definitely pop! You can add a shine spray to your dyed locks to increase the shine of your colors!

9. Dark Cherry On Pixie Hairs

Love those cute pixie locks? Then why don’t you try the deep shade of cherry color to your short pixie hair? I’m sure you’re going to love it! 

Try adding the rich cherry hues to the ends of your pixie hairs. For a magical look, do a transition of violet with your dark cherry hair color, and BAM! You’re all good to go!

10. Black Cherry Braids

Are you a fan of braids? So am I! As fellow braid lovers, why not incorporate the lustrous sheen of Cherry in your braided hair? Let’s try this out!

Do your bra[ids in a Fulani style and add black cherry extensions in the process! This way, you won’t even damage your hair by coloring them and also enjoy the richness of the cherry colors! It’s like killing two birds with one stone!! 

11. Balayaged Ombre Of Black Cherry 

Who doesn’t like the regal transitions of balayage and ombre! Try doing these both with your black cherry hair color and see the magic unfold! 

If you have grown out of your balayage and ombre, then the cherry color transitions will perfectly on them! The subtle hints of black cherry color will add a beautiful effect to your hair!

12. Dark Cherry Hair Color Highlights 

Say no to your usual colored highlights and go CHERRY! Try these beautiful dark cherry hair color highlights to your dark hairs and enjoy the magic!

Although subtle, the charm of these cherry hues is no less than any other color! If you have longer hair, even better! Your cherry highlights will flow in the air like a magician with a wand! 

Best Dark Cherry Hair Dye

We have learned so much about dark cherry hair colors that you would definitely want to try them out now! To make your hair coloring journey easier and happier, here’s a curated list of some of the best dark cherry hair color dye!

  • Black Cherry Color By Sally’s 
  • Wella Liquid Permanent Black Cherry Hair Color 
  • Schwarzkopf Color Ultimate Hair Cream In Black Cherry Color
  • Revlon Realistic Protein Infused Dark Cherry Hair Color

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Summing Up

The violet and burgundy hues of dark cherry hair color add richness to our dark locks! There are many ways in which you can achieve the best of the cherry hues and these are by adding highlights, balayage, and foliage.

Some of the best dark cherry hair color ideas are the ombre transitions of ruby red and violet. No matter what hair idea you choose, these cherry hues will never disappoint you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best hair colors to try dark cherry hair color on?

Cherry Hair Color needs a darker natural base. Dark hairs like black and brunette are the best hair colors to try dark cherry shade on! If you have blonde hair, then the hair needs to be bleached first before the color is dyed on your hair making it a lengthy and even damaging process.

What are the best hair color shades in 2021?

1. Chocolate and Caramel Balayage
2. Chocolate and Caramel Balayage
3. Brunette Hair with Auburn Highlights
4. Sun-Kissed Hair
5. Dark Hair with Auburn Highlights
6. Partial Caramel Highlights
7. Dark Chocolate Locks
8. Sandy Blonde Balayage

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