6 Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime to Watch in 2021

Best documentaries on amazon prime

Science labs were so lively and fascinating during our school days as we saw the real facts and test results there. We connect more with facts when they are true or eye-witnessed. The same is the case with documentaries. If you wish to have a deeper look at real-life happenings then here you’ll find the best documentaries on Amazon Prime that you can stream right away.

Why would anyone prefer watching a documentary over some thrilling action or a top-notch comedy movie? Is it just because documentaries present true-life events? Yes, they do, but apart from coming up with reality, documentaries are super entertaining and informative too. Like the best documentaries on Amazon Prime that I have mentioned here in this post.

Some of the best documentaries on Amazon Prime are Time, All In The Fight for Democracy, Chasing Happiness, Human Flow, Fahrenheit 11/9, and The Act of Killing. All these six documentaries are handpicked from the top-voted movies by audiences.

Whether you like action, or drama, whether you prefer comedy or some serious crime documentary, here is a pick for all.

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6 Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime

Here is the awaited list of the 6 best documentaries on Amazon Prime that you can watch anytime on Prime Video. Hope you enjoy it.


Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime ; Time
Source: Amazon.com

Women are brave, they are strong. When it comes to saving their families, they can go to any extent to make this happen. This documentary movie is a similar story of a woman, Sibli Fox Richardson who fights for his husband’s bail from a 60-year prison sentence. Sibli is shown as an entrepreneur and mother of six children. Watch this one of the best documentaries on Amazon Prime based on true footage and camera recordings.

Released on: October 9, 2020

All In: The Fight for Democracy

Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime; All In: The Fight for Democracy
Source: IMDB

Politics is taking over cinema now. All In: The Fight for Democracy is an American Documentary movie that revolves around a political theme. It’s based on the true story of behind-the-scenes of the election. We get to see Stacey Abrams an American Lawyer and voting right protagonist. This movie got good reviews from its critics.

Released On: September 9, 2020.

 Chasing Happiness

Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime ; Chasing Happiness
Source: Movie Devotee

Chasing Happiness is a documentary movie showing the theme of brotherhood. It’s the story about Jonas Brothers and their unbreakable bond. The movie shows how Jonas brothers lived happily together with each other since their childhood to them getting name and fame. But eventually, things got all messed up that their precious bond took a painful ending.

Released On: June 3, 2019

Human Flow

Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime; Human Flow
Source: YouTube

Taking you to Germany, Human Flow is a German documentary movie. This movie is centered around the migration theme. It shows the effects, the consequences, the resource distribution, and the personal impacts of migration. The movie takes you on a ride to 20 different countries to show the impacts of the refugee crisis. True incidents are covered in the movie with the help of drones. And the best part is that this documentary movie is available in 11 different languages.

Released On: September 1, 2017

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Fahrenheit 11/9

Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime ; Fahrenheit 11/9
Source: YouTube

Fahrenheit 11/9 is a true documentary based on the life of Donald Trump and his Presidency. This movie brings up the issues and crises faced during Trump’s Presidentship like Flint Water Crisis, Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, and many others. In short, this movie is a true depiction of Trump’s life, when he was in power. The good deeds he did, the hate comments he made, and the rise and fall of democracy.

Released On: September 21, 2018

The Act Of Killing

Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime ; The Act Of Killing
Source: International Documentary Association

Have you heard about the Indonesian Mass Killings of 1965-66? If not then let me give you a small glimpse of what it was. In the mid-’90s there were massive killings and unrest that occurred in Indonesia for several weeks. It was mainly to target the communist party of Indonesia, communist sympathizers, ethnic Chinese, and alleged leftists. This movie depicts all these scenes. This movie received so much praise and accolades. If you wish to witness these facts more closely then I suggest you watch this one for sure.

Released On: June 28, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Amazon Prime’s Documentaries:

What are the top ten documentaries on Amazon Prime?

All In: The Fight for Democracy
Chasing Happiness
Fahrenheit 11/9
Long Strange Trip
The Look of Silence
No No: A Dockumentary
One Child Nation
The Road Movie

Is Amazon Prime good for documentaries?

Like other streaming platforms, Amazon is the hub of the best content. Yes, it’s absolutely right to watch documentaries on Amazon Prime, as they are super informative and entertaining at the same time.

What are the best true crime documentaries on Amazon Prime?

The best five true crime documentaries on Amazon Prime are:
The House of Suh. Asian Crush
The Witness

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Hope your search for the best documentaries on Amazon Prime joyfully ends here. All these movies were based on true life incidents. Whether you wish to watch them with your family members or are planning for a private movie night with yourself, these movies will provide you complete entertainment feel. 

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