Booze-Buzz! Best Drinking Board Games To Play With Your Gang!

best drinking board games

Getting bored of your usual beer pong? Why not try something new, with few rules and doubled fun? Try these best drinking board games to add life to your party! It doesn’t matter if you prefer wine or beer, you just have to get on board to join in this booze-filled party!

But don’t worry! Even if you’re a minor who hasn’t yet reached the drinking age, you can still play these board games! How!? By substituting beer or other alcoholic beverages with juice! Thus, making these games kids-friendly! 

You can make any party fun with games and booze! How? Games for our competitive spirits to beat our annoying ass friend and booze? Just for our little funny bones! What a great combination it is! And you know the fun part? You can combine any game with a drink! Meaning, you could just simply INVENT!

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There’s actually a hell lot to choose from, ranging from our usual drinking card games to some DIY card games! It’s a buffet of games and all we have to do is say- BON APPETIT!

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Drinking Board Games

drinking board games
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Any board game can become a drinking board game if you add shots of booze to every challenge! But do we want to do this our old school way? Where we didn’t have any other option besides making do with anything that was available.

NO! We’re adults now and now we’re going to act like them! Obviously not a mature grown-up mom-dad version of ourselves but showing the world that yeah! Joshua has got his ID card which says 21+ “I no longer have to use a fake ID to get a booze!” 

Well, let’s leave our turning of age happiness for another day and join in the fun with these crazy beauties! These drinking board games!

Best Drinking Board Games

To make sure your friends are not bored to death at the party, I’ve curated this list of the best drinking board games for you! You can get as crazy as you want with these! 

  • Telestrations After Dark
drinking games
Source: YouTube

This is the adult-only version of the board game Telestrations. It’s a hilarious game that makes fun of your missed art class lessons! You have to draw and pass on that drawing which everyone has to guess and everyone takes turns doing that. This game seriously takes advantage of miscommunication to make the game more funny, silly, and weird, especially those card prompts! This game is best for four to eight players.

  • Beeropoly
best drinking board games
source: The Manual

This is a fun drinking game to play with a group of friends. All you have to do is roll the dice which may land on spaces like strike a pose, dance-off, community cup, etc. you know another fun part of this game, the rolling pieces are actually bottle caps for you to get the feels of an actual drinking game! This is a simple game to play and doesn’t have many rules. The only thing is to play and drink!

  • Drink-a-Palooza
drinking board games

This is an all-in-one drinking board game! If you want to have a taste of all your high school classics, then this game will give you that and much more! This board game set comes with everything a normal game would require. You’ll get anything you need, starting from ping-pong balls to a deck of cards.

First and foremost you have to decide what are your game house rules? Is it a mug, a sip of a bottle of beer? Well, you can choose whatever! Then the next thing you have to do is spin the bottle spinner, roll the dice, choose your game piece and get your spaces rolling! Once you navigate through spaces on board, you’ll have to compete in mini-game challenges to win the game! 

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  • Pass Out
pass out drinking game
Source: Amazon

This is like the game of monopoly where you have to roll the dice and move your space. Once your space lands up in commands, you have to or those involved have to complete the task! For example- People in the blue- DRINK!

  • Drunk Jenga/Tipsy Tower
tipsy tower game
Source: Catch

This is not your usual Jenga but a Jenga with a twist! All those wooden blocks will have some challenge etched on them and all that’s required of you is- “to do the deed!” You have to complete the commands written on the blocks.

  • Unstable Unicorns
unstable unicorns drinking game
source: Ubuy Vietnam

This game will check your competitive spirits and how hungry are you for a win! This might make enemies out of your friends to check how far you can go for winning, even at the point of betraying your old pals! But you have to keep one thing in mind, this board game is meant for adults (21+ age) only! 

  • Buzzed
buzzed drinking game
Source: Amazon

This is a simple game with no rules at all! You just have to pick up a card and do as it says! If the card says bottoms up! You Drink!

  • MadWish
Madwish drinking game
Source: MadPong

This is a truth-dare game with a drinking twist! This game will reveal all the secrets that your friends have been holding fast to! But obviously, if your friend does not want to let his secrets out, then he has to drink! That’s a penalty for not speaking up!

  • Wine Wars Trivia
wine wars
Source: BoardGameGeek

For our oenophiles out there, this game is for you! This game will test your wine-making skills while providing fun facts about the world of wine! This game is an interesting way to boost your knowledge of wine, it’s all education and fun!

  • Fear Pong
fear pong game
Source: Amazon

This game adds a whole lot of spice to your old beer pong! Cards with prompts are placed under your glasses, if the ball lands in a glass, the card under it would be removed and the command HAS TO BE FOLLOWED! These prompts will make your head spin as they’re not easy-peasy! They can be super hilarious like -sing in a sexy voice!

  • Drunk Stoned
drunk stoned
Source: Amazon

This is a fun game to test how well you know your friends. You’ll have to draw a card to see who matches whom and get the game rolling! It’s a set of silly cards to be played with your close friends only! Why? Because who would want to know a stranger?

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Some Other Drinking Board Games:

drinking game
Source: The Manual
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • These Cards Will Get You Drunk
  • Crystal Clear Shot Glass Darts Bar Game Set
  • Apples To Apples
  • Never Have I Ever: The Game of Poor Life Decisions
  • Bo-Toys Drinking Game Glass Roulette
  • Barbuzzo Travel Hoop Shots Drinking Game
  • Mixology Dice


drinking games
Source: Unsplash

There’s a wide variety of drinking board games that you can choose from. All our old high school classics have been modified to add more fun like the beer pong! A wrong move and you have to chug it down, thus you have to tighten up your loose bone to make sure you don’t pass out drunk!

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What are the best board games for drinking?

Best board drinking games actually depend on your circle of friends and your preferences! Any of the above-listed games will be your best drinking board game if you know what it actually is! For example, Fear Pong and Madwish can be a good choice to play with your close friends!

What questions to ask in drinking games?

You can ask any silly, quirky, or maybe dirty questions to your friends while drinking! And you know the fun part, with the booze in their system, they might actually answer all your questions!

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