7 Best Drinking Games in 2021 To Get You Tipsy

Best Drinking Games

Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, or Budweiser? What do you enjoy the most? Added with a bunch of best drinking games makes it even more fun and tipsy. If you’re tired of playing the same old ping pong versions of drinking games, worry not!! I got you the best fun triggers to bring out the party animal in you.

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What’s more, fun, watching your friends getting tipsy and doing crazy stuff or winning enough shots for yourself? Whatever it is, it’s time to practically implement that thing. We all have watched spicy, boozy drinking games online and in movies too. Can’t wait to turn that fascination come true, right? So, without further ado, let’s take you straight to a list of the best drinking games in 2021.

There are multiple variations of drinking games like card games, drinking board games, spinning games, musical games, and many others. The best drinking games listed below are:

  1. Try Your Luck With Beer Pong
  2. Pulling the Blocks With Drunk Jenga
  3. Shot Roulette- Who Gets the Shot
  4. Flip Flip Flip
  5. Truth or Drink Drinking Card Game
  6. Never Have I Ever Drinking Card Game
  7. Barbuzzo Spin the Shot Drinking Game

Ahaa!! The names look quite interesting, right? I assure you that not just the names but games too are quite intriguing. What are we waiting for then? Let’s know the rules, and get started with these games.

Best Drinking Games in 2021

Don’t miss out on any chance to get drunk!! Big or small, these games light up every party mood. In fact, some of these are the best casino games to try. So get ready to have a blast with the best drinking games ahead.

Try Your Luck With Beer Pong 

Best Drinking Games; Try Your Luck With Beer Pong
Source: Renegade Brewing

Spread the cups, take the shot and toss the balls!! Beer pong is a classic drinking game we all have tried once in a lifetime for sure. No doubt, this game is classic for a reason. This game is as simple as difficult to master.

Beer Pong is easy to play. Simple rules, a bit of focus, and a lot of shots. Divide yourself into teams. Place six cups in a pyramid-style shape filled with vodka or beer. Tell the members to start tossing the ping pong balls into the cups. The team that gets the most balls in the cups as placed by the opponent team wins.

The twist is, with every ball landing in the cup you’ll have to finish the drink in that cup. More hits mean more shots. Enjoy!!

Pulling the Blocks With Drunk Jenga

Best Drinking Games; Pulling the Blocks With Drunk Jenga
Source: Let’s Play a Drinking Game

Who doesn’t love Jenga? It’s such an exciting game that can be played by all age groups. Added the element of drinks, makes it even more amazing and fun to play.

Rules are pretty simple. Just like the regular Jenga, you’ll have to pull blocks one by one without making the rest fall. When we say best drinking games, how can you expect them to be this simple?
You can write different notes on each block like take two sips, or buy everyone a beer. By pulling each block from the tower, you can continue the drinking experience. 

Shot Roulette- Who Gets the Shot

Best Drinking Games; Shot Roulette- Who Gets the Shot
Source: Best Casino Sites

Shot Roulette is more of a luck game. Here the lucky one gets to sip the shot. Bring up your gang to play this drinking game. Make everyone sit around a table in two teams.

Fill some identical shot glasses with water. Fill one of them with clear liquor (vodka or beer anything). From the first team one by one each person will pick a shot from the table and gulp. Watch their reactions while they have their shots.

The second team will now have to guess the person who got the vodka shot. If the team guesses the person right, it wins and the victim (the person who took the shot earlier) has to take another shot for he loses. If the team members guess the person wrong, the whole team except that one person who drank the liquor earlier will have to take the shots.

Flip Flip Flip

Best Drinking Games; Flip Flip Flip
Source: Pinterest

Ahaa!! This one’s my favorite. It’s even fun to check who is still in senses and who got most tipsy. Flip the cup is the messiest game if you see it, but it’s the most intriguing too.

How to play?
Split the members into two teams. The best part is there are no participant restrictions. You can play with as many members as you want. Now, place the cups in a line on either side of the table filled with liquor. As the game starts, players will rush for their drinks, finish them, and put the cup upside down at the edge of the table.

Flip over the cup by using your fingertips. Remember, only one try at a time. If the cup turns its mouth facing up, you win and the next member can start. The team finishing the cups early will win.

Truth Or Drink Drinking Card Game

Best Drinking Games; Truth Or Drink Drinking Card Game
Source: Truth or Dare

Hey!! This sounds cool. I mean I have heard about truth and dare, but truth and drink sound something crazy.
To give you the best drunk experience and to bring out the bitter truth, here’s a game called truth or drink. It’s just like the truth and dare game, just that dare is replaced by drink (in short, drinking is the dare).

Write different questions you want to ask your friends on slips. Shuffle them. Make every member pick up a slip one by one. They can either answer the question written on the slip truthfully, and if they don’t want to answer, they’ll have to take a shot. 

This game was made popular by a YouTube channel called “Cut”. You can watch the hilarious videos on that channel to know the exact game rules.

Never Have I Ever Drinking Card Game

Best Drinking Games; Never Have I Ever Drinking Card Game
Source: Popxo

“Never Have I Ever Lied to my boss?” Have you?

Isn’t this game fun? Never have I ever played a card game. It is a perfect drinking game to get to know your friends better. In this game, you’ll shuffle the never have I ever cards and get them picked by each member. Wait for the members to own up to some of the worst decisions they have made. 

Play this game with cool drinking rules like those who have done the thing written on the card will have to take a sip and so on. 

You can even include slips of your own with some fun questions written on them and watch the darkest secrets getting revealed. Too much fun right? 

Barbuzzo Spin The Shot Drinking Game

Best Drinking Games; Barbuzzo Spin The Shot Drinking Game
Source: Cool Shit You Can Buy

Damn!! This game reminds me of my school days. (Yeah, obviously we weren’t drinking shots back then). 

Remember spinning the bottle and waiting for your turn to complete the dare? Well, this one’s just the same. 

Spin the shot game is pretty much interesting. Rules are simple, you just have to fill a glass with any flavored shot and place it on the spinner with an arrow. Now spin the glass, wherever the arrow stops pointing, that person will have to drink that shot. 

The fun part is you can add the best and even the worst flavored drink in the glass just to see the funny reactions while the participants gulp that shot. Plus, this game is small enough to be played anywhere like at the bar or home. 

Take a shot when you lose. Take a shot when you win. Too much fun, isn’t it? Hope you loved the ideas of the best drinking games mentioned above. Next time you gather with your squad, play these games and have the most wonderful experience !!

Featured Image Credits: Head Topics

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