Best Easter Activities – Happy Celebrations

Best Easter Activities

Easters are fun and full of laughs and surprises. If you too wish to celebrate this Easter with your family and friends, do check out this article as we have some best Easter activities for you. All these activities are a mix of outdoor as well as indoor fun games. Both kids and adults can be a part of these activities and they can have fun.

I remember going to my grandparent’s house for an Easter celebration. We had so much fun playing different games and singing songs. Eating and celebrating with our families has a whole different vibe altogether. If you too want to have fun then read the article ahead to find out the best Easter activities.

To make your Easter a memorable one we have something good for you. You can find some innovative and best Easter ideas in this article like Egg and spoon race, Jelly bean guessing game, Decorating Easter tree, Making chocolate fondue, and many such wonderful ideas. All these are super fun ideas with a pinch of creativity as well. Read till the end to have a better hold on these ideas.

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11 Best Easter Activities-Games

Whether you are looking for some indoor activities or outdoor ones, we have listed the 11 best Easter activities for you to celebrate your Easter parties. Have a look at these and choose the best.

Egg and Spoon Race

Egg and Spoon Race; Best Easter Activities
source- Pinterest

If you wish to add some old touch to your Easter party along with new egg games, egg and spoon races are a good combo to try out. Egg and spoon races date back to the late 8C0s. You will be needing some eggs (hard-boiled are best to use and are less messy) and wooden or metal spoons for each participant. Race in teams or individually. If you really want to have fun and relive the earlier days then try out these best Easter activities.

Jelly Bean Guessing Games

Jelly Bean Guessing Games; Best easter's activities
source- Better Homes and Gardens

This is an easy indoor game suitable for all ages. You have to take a jar and fill it with jelly beans and ask each family member to guess how many candies are there in it. The winner gets to take all. Another such jelly bean-themed game involves guessing the flavors of different candies that they taste. 

Read Easter and Spring Children’s Books

Best easter's activities; Read Easter and Spring Children's Books
source- The Spruce

Easter and books can be a good combination to try on this easter. This is one of the best Easter activities that can be enjoyed on a rainy day as well. You can read Easter and other funny stories for children. This will help you keep them indoors and will keep them busy and engaged. Or you can try this idea with other Easter ideas as well.

Plant Flowers

Plant Flowers; best easter's activities
source- Good Housekeeping

As we know that Easter symbolizes rebirth, so what can be a better day to plant some sunflowers or tulips with your budding gardener? Fall of Easter is technically and practically the best season to plant bulbs in most regions, but you can plant them indoors any time of year, or buy flowers already in bloom and transplant them outdoors on Easter.

Decorate an Easter Egg Tree

Decorate an Easter Egg Tree; best easter's activities
source- The house that lars built

This is the perfect activity for kids missing the Christmas fun. Decorate a tree (outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather) with spring decor and plastic Easter eggs (such as pastel ribbons or glitter papers) for your holiday guests to admire. This is also one of the best Easter activities to keep your kids engaged along with having fun.

Make Chocolate Fondue

Best Easter Activities – Happy Celebrations
source- Made To Be A Momma

Ahh, my personal favorite. Festive vibes are incomplete without sweets. What is better than chocolate fondue? Encourage your kids to celebrate their Easter loot with Dad and Mom. You have to melt down a big chocolate piece with the help of your children and dip those marshmallow pieces into a bubbling bowl of fondue. (Hint: This is also helpful if your kids don’t like vegetables as they can consume some fruit on this sugary-sweet holiday.)

Make Brunch Together

Make Brunch Together; best easter's activities 2021
Source- Sign Up Genius

You can also ask your kids to help you with the kitchen. You can together make many meals and desserts like bake cookies or pasta, or a healthy salad maybe. Keep things really easy, and buy buns or biscuits from your local bakery for your family. What better can be than adding flavors of love and sweetness to your easter.

Egg rolling

Egg rolling; best easter's activities 2021
source- Love Camden

Confused about egg rolling. No, I am not talking about that crispy appetizer at a countryside restaurant. This egg rolling is an Easter tradition that is followed by many people. Although themes may vary for different cultures for celebrating this egg rolling game. You just have to boil some eggs and decorate them nicely and they are ready to be wrapped. Now bring them to a park or a location with a big hill or sliding slopes. This game begins by rolling eggs down the slope or hill by each player’s turns. The player whose eggs travel the furthest wins.

Active egg hunt

Active egg hunt; best easter's activities
source- Active for life

Easters are incomplete without egg hunting. An active egg is a wonderful activity for easter. If your kids are good with a healthy competition then you can plan an egg hunt as a competition too. Like you organize a race or a time challenge and whoever is faster wins the rounds.

Have an Easter Parade

Have an Easter Parade; best easter's activities
source- TheHolidaySpot

This is a fun activity to be performed on Easter. Remember the school parades? Just like that, you can plan your own easter parade around the town. Decorate your rides, make some cool posters and march in the towns spreading smiles. Kids will love this activity.

Knock the Cans

Knock the Cans; best easter's activities
source- Pinterest

Now, this is a really creative idea for Easter celebrations. You can use your old cans, or the unused ones to play this game. This is similar to bowling but instead of bottles, you will be using cans. Keep turns for rolling and hitting the cans.

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Easter Activities at Home

Being at home and missing the fun? Don’t worry we have something wonderful for you. We have shortlisted few amazing ideas for you to have fun at home. Have a look at these ideas and choose as per your interest.

Glow-In -Dark Easter Eggs

Glow-In -Dark Easter Eggs; best easter's activities
source- Pinterest

Make your Easter a glowy eve. If you are bored of the regular egg hunt then give it a twist by planning the day hunt at night. Yes, you read it right. Night hunt is an amazing party idea. You can insert lights in your eggs so that they glow in dark. And now tell the people to find them.

Make Easter Cookies

Make Easter Cookies; best easter's activities
source- Good Housekeeping

If you have to stay at home this Easter due to any reason like rainy weather or due to pandemic, then don’t worry. You can make cookies at home. Yes, Easter cookies are a wonderful way to celebrate with your family. You can have fun baking them with your family members.

Play Egg Toss

Best Easter Activities-Play Egg Toss

For this, you will need a basket and some plastic eggs. Place the basket at some distance from the start line and tell every kid or player to toss the coin into the basket from that start line. The player that gets the most baskets wins the game. And plus point is you can play this game anywhere, even inside your house also.

Make Easter Cards

Best Easter Activities-Make Easter Cards
source-Woman’s Weekly

If you are planning to stay home this Easter then don’t let the festive vibes die. You can surprise your loved ones by giving them Easter cards. You can make wonderful Easter cards while at home. Handmade cards are always the best. You can involve your kids too in this activity.

Watch Some Easter Movies Together

Best Easter Activities-Watch Some Easter Movies Together

There is a huge list of Easter Movies that you can enjoy with your family members. Some of the best Easter movies are The Passion of the Christ, Risen, Noah, Son of God, Petter Rabbit, Rise of the Guardians, Miss Potter, etc. Enjoy and have a good time with your family.

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Easter Activities Virtual

Best Easter Activities- Easter Activities Virtual

Virtual games can be fun to play. In this pandemic situation if you are unable to go out and celebrate your Easter with your family and friends then you can use these virtual activity ideas and enjoy the fun all at the comfort of sitting at home.

Decorate Eggs

Best Easter Activities-Decorate Eggs
source-Alpha Mom

Decorating eggs is a wonderful activity that can be performed virtually. It is the most common Easter party activities. You can use your innovations in decorating the eggs .Virtual parties aren’t that bad if you get up with best ideas.

Virtual Spring Bingo

Best Easter Activities – Happy Celebrations

Virtual Bingo sounds fun that keeps online guests entertained. Start the group call on any online network like zoom. Now ask the players to make the columns of bingo on their notebooks and start calling out numbers. The player who completes the bingo first wins.

Chubby Bunny

Best Easter Activities-Chubby Bunny

This is a beautiful game to be played virtually this Easter. You need to get a pack of marshmallows. The game starts by placing one marshmallow in your mouth and saying, “chubby bunny.”This will continue and players will have to keep filling up their mouths with marshmallows. When a person is stuffed enough to place another marshmallow in his/her mouth, he is out of the game. The last person who still has space for filing marshmallows wins.

Guess the Movie

Best Easter Activities – Happy Celebrations

If you know about the game dumb charades, it is the same as this guess the movie game. This can be fun to play virtually. Turn wise tell each player to depict any movie name and the others will guess the name. The one who guesses the movie right wins the game.

Traditional Easter Activities

Easter is incomplete without performing traditional Easter activities. Like Christmas ,Easter too similar celebration ideas .Here, we have listed few best Traditional Easter Activities for you. Have a look and start celebrating.

Easter Tree Decorating

Best Easter Activities-Easter Tree Decorating

People decorate Easter trees with eggs. These Easter Egg trees are an Easter tradition that was originally originated in German but now is celebrated in every family now. Easter trees are decorated inside and outside of the house with eggs , stars and many other things.

Egg Hunt

Best Easter Activities-Egg Hunt
source-Lee Fendall House

Get everyone gathered at the backyard and begin your egg hunt. You will need lots and lots of eggs .You can also use plastic eggs. Hide the eggs anywhere. Use interesting places to hide the eggs. Keep the egg hunt going.

Religious Service/Ceremony

Best Easter Activities-Religious Service/Ceremony
source-Neos Kosmos

Offering community services is a good way to celebrate Easter. You can be a part of different services like cleaning, helping the poor, Distributing clothes, Etc. Offering religious services is one of the best easter activities. best easter activities

Purchasing Lilies for Home

Best Easter activities-Purchasing Lilies for Home
source-Interflora India

Another tradition that marks the arise of Easter is purchasing lilies for your house. This tradition is followed for a long. This marks the beginning of a new life chapter in life. This is one of the traditions followed in Easter and one of the best easter activities to welcome easter.

Easter Parade

Best Easter activities-Easter Parade
source-Hollywood Life

Talking about the best easter activities, how can we skip the famous easter parade. There is a tradition of the Easter parade. People gather on the streets and perform the Easter parade. You can make banners and posters of the Easter parade and carry them along in your parade.

What can you do at home for Easter?

Decorate The House.
Get Cooking. 
Eat Choc Cross Bun Gelato. 
Watch A Bunny Flick.

What is a popular activity at Easter?

There are so many fun activities to try out for Easter. Some popular ones are- eggs and spoon race,egg hunting,egg throwing and catching,lots of hopping,etc.

What are two traditional Easter games?

Egg Dance
Egg hunt

Why do we celebrate Easter with eggs?

The egg an ancient symbol of new life has been associated with pagan festivals celebrating spring.For christians ,Easter eggs are said to represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and resurrection.

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There are endless thoughts and ideas to celebrate your easter. Hope this article helped you with choosing the best Easter activities. Also, check our other article on Best Easter Hunt Ideas. Deasilex provides the best and latest updates about different niches. Till then happy Easter.

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