Best Easter Hunt Ideas – Virtual and Indoor Activities

best easter hunt ideas

Easter hunt is a perfect game for kids to play outdoors. Although Easter games are simple but can be made creative and fun by adding up some cool ideas. Are you looking for the best Easter hunt ideas? We have a list of top ideas for you to celebrate your Easter with fun and enthusiasm.

You can do endless variations in your Easter hunt party and keep the game going from simple to harder. There are so many great ideas to fill your eggs for the Easter hunt. Plan some of the best Easter hunt ideas for your kids and keep the smiles on their faces.

We have come up with some creative and best east hunt ideas for you to add amusement to your party. Egg hunt, Easter egg relay race, money egg hunt are some of the best ideas to celebrate your Easter. Check out the Best Easter hunt ideas, best Easter Hunt ideas for adults, and many other ideas below, and have fun. All these ideas will be loved by both kids and adults.

Halloween Fun
Halloween Fun

Best Easter Hunt Ideas

Hiding eggs and finding them sounds so simple. Read the article below and get a hint of the best easter hunt ideas that you can use to add the element of fun and engagement to your easter.

Skip The Candy Easter Egg Hunt

Best Easter hunt ideas-Skip The Candy Easter Egg Hunt
source-The Bump

This is super fun and one of the best easter hunt ideas. Let your kids fill Easter Eggs with slips of paper containing a variety of reasonable surprises and rewards for them rather than candies and toys. Hide these eggs and tell your kids to find them. They will get the rewards for finding these eggs.

This is a fun game and can keep your kids engaged throughout. You can plan rewards your way.

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Easter Egg Eggstravaganza

Best Easter hunt ideas-Easter Egg Eggstravaganza
source-Disney parks

Easter Egg Eggstravaganza is one of the best Easter hunt ideas. This game is similar to the earlier one but there’s a twist in this one. All you need to do is just take some decorated eggs and put a slip of funny tasks in it. Tasks can be related to anything like name three fruits starting with ‘s’ or name 5 colors then do not have a vowel in it. This can be super fun to play.

On finding the eggs the child can bring them to you and have to perform the undersigned tasks on the slip. After completing the task, they can either pick out a toy or a candy of their choice or you can give them tickets or coins that they can use later for something bigger at the end of the hunt. Any of these best Easter hunt ideas would make great prizes!

For more hipe and fun you can add a twist to this game by assigning different prizes for different tasks like ten points for tasks related to naming the cities and five points for fruit names or any similar ideas too can be used according to your wish and the age group of the players. Keep track of points to “buy” something at the end of the hunt. Make a note of all the points.

Golden Ticket Easter Egg Hunt 

Best Easter hunt ideas-Golden Ticket Easter Egg Hunt

If you can’t plan a big easter party outwards and you wish to plan a small get-together for your kids at home only then this is probably one of the best easter hunt ideas for you to try. This is very simple. You just have to hide eggs, one of which should be a golden egg.

Suppose you have three kids to play this game with, you will have to hide 2 normal eggs and one golden egg filled with some surprise in it. Once they find a golden ticket, they can immediately (or after the hunt is over) use it for a bigger prize.

Easter Egg Relay Race

Best Easter Hunt Ideas-Easter Egg Relay Race

This is a super fun Easter hunt idea. You need to make teams of your kids say teams of five or more. When you say go, the first kid from each team will go and search for an egg. Once they’ve found an egg, they will come back and tap the next teammate who will go next and find the egg. This game will continue on the basis of the team number.

You can also do this with younger kids, just make sure they understand the game and know the rules. They can pick only one egg at a time. The team which collects the most eggs first wins the game.

Reverse The Roles Easter Egg Hunt

Best Easter Hunt ideas-Reverse The Roles Easter Egg Hunt
source-Scoop Empire

This is an entertaining and engaging game. In this game, you will reverse the roles. Tell the kids to hide their favorite stuff in the eggs and give it to you. You will hide those eggs and tell them to find the eggs. Kids will have to find these eggs within a given period of time. If they exceed the time limit their stuff will be kept with you only and they will lose.

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Colored mess

 Best Easter hunt ideas-Colored mess
source-Growing A Jeweled Rose

This idea came up to my mind last year and it turned out to be super amazing. In this, you have to color eggs with different colors and hide them. Then you will ask the kids to find a particular no. of eggs of one color or two different colors. This will help in learning different colors too. In short knowledge with fun. Try out this Easter hunt idea and have a great time with your kids.

Best Easter Hunt Ideas For Adults

Easter parties are usually organized for the kids and younger family members. But why not add a twist this year for adults to have fun along with kids. The plan having an adult Easter egg hunt in addition to one for the kids. After all, adults work hard putting together all the decorations, Easter recipes, and more, for kids so they too deserve some unrestrained fun as well. We have some amazing Easter Hunt ideas for adults.

Easter Egg Race

Best easter hunt ideas- Easter Egg Race
source-Best Milford Farm

Because no one’s ever too old for Easter game fun, you can plan for an Easter egg race. Keep the theme open for all age groups. Now adults and kids can enjoy together with giggles and prizes. The person who collects the more no. of eggs wins the game and wins exciting awards. Or, you can have a mix of egg and spoon races and a relay race altogether. This will be so much fun.

Boozy Jelly Beans

Best easter hunt ideas- Boozy Jelly Beans
Jelly Belly says its most popular flavors include the savory-sweet Buttered Popcorn and Very Cherry.

This is one of the coolest Easter Hunt ideas to be tried by adults. You can fill your eggs with jelly beans, different champagne, beer, or mojito. These are non-alcoholic beverages but you can have fun with these shots.

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Recipe Easter Egg Hunt

Best Easter hunt ideas-Recipe Easter Egg Hunt
Source-T1 Everyday Magic

This is a wonderful easter hunt idea for adults to showcase their cooking skills. All you have to do is fill the eggs with different recipes and tell your guests to try them. They will be surprised to open a variety of dishes and taste them. Isn’t it a delicious idea?

Raffle Ticket Easter Egg Hunt

Best Easter hunt ideas-Raffle Ticket Easter Egg Hunt

This is the same as a raffle ticket egg hunt for kids, but swap the prize ideas for adults like gift cards, kitchen gadgets, or books. Hunt for tickets and win amazing prizes.

Money Egg Hunt


Mother's day gift ideas in 2021-Money Egg Hunt

This money egg hunt generates the adult crowd like nothing else. Add money prizes or scratch-off lottery tickets around the hunt, and leave a few golden eggs with more big-ticket bills.

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Easter Egg Drinking Game

Best Easter hunt ideas -Easter Egg Drinking Game
source-Bespoke Bride

Now, this is a creative idea to be tried this easter. You can include some games in it like ‘never have I ever’ or ‘truth and dare’ games. Ask some funky questions like Never have I ever lied to my parents or Never have I ever cheated in the class. If the person is guilty he has to drink the shots.

Virtual Easter Hunt Ideas for Adults 

Ever thought of planning a virtual easter hunt? Like parties on zoom calls or something like that. If you have no idea in your mind to organize a virtual Easter hunt for your family, don’t worry. We have some exciting and fun Virtual Easter hunt ideas for adults and kids. Keep reading ahead and get your party started.

Virtual Spring Bingo

ter hunt ideas -Virtual Spring Bingo

Virtual Bingo sounds fun that keeps online guests entertained. Start the group call on any online network like zoom. Now ask the players to make the columns of bingo on their notebooks and start calling out numbers. The player who completes the bingo first wins.

Chubby Bunny

Best Easter hunt ideas-Chubby Bunny

Looking for the best easter hunt ideas? Try this. This is a beautiful game to be played virtually this Easter. You need to get a pack of marshmallows. The game starts by placing one marshmallow in your mouth and saying, “chubby bunny.”This will continue and players will have to keep filling up their mouths with marshmallows. When a person is stuffed enough to place another marshmallow in his/her mouth, he is out of the game. The last person who still has space for filing marshmallows wins.

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Bunny Hop Workout


Best Easter hunt ideas-Bunny Hop Workout
source-Holmes Place

A bunny hop is a fun workout and a fun game as well. This is a perfect workout to be hosted online. If you are looking for some best virtual Easter hunt ideas for adults to keep the entertainment alive then try this bunny hop workout. 


Best Easter Hunt ideas- Brunch-Off

You can send some nice meal boxes to your friends and relatives. Join the group party online and tell them to open their surprise meal boxes in front of you. Isn’t it fun to see their surprised and happy faces? Virtual brunch can be a good idea.

Easter Icebreaker Questions

Best Easter Hunt Ideas – Virtual and Indoor Activities

Get your easter party started with some Icebreaker questions. This will help in involving everyone in the game and work as a kick start for your virtual parties.

Easter Icebreaker questions:

  • Which do you eat first on a chocolate bunny, feet, or ears?
  • Which is your favorite flavor of Easter candy?
  • How old were you when you found out the Easter bunny wasn’t real?
  • Have you ever taken part in a church play?
  • Where would you hide an Easter egg to ensure it would stay hidden?
  • Choose one: lambs, ducklings, chicks, bunnies.
  • If you had to choose a new animal to be the Easter mascot, which one would you choose and why?
  • Spring or winters?

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Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Family

A scavenger hunt is the most amazing idea to keep the engagement on this easter. In this game, you will hide the eggs containing a hidden task in them. Tell the players to find the eggs and complete or perform what’s written in them. Here are few Easter scavenger hunt clues.

Easter scavenger hunt ideas for kids

Best Easter Hunt Ideas – Virtual and Indoor Activities
source-Pacific Fair
  • Soft and plump, I’ll be right here. Throughout your dreams, you’ll keep me near. I’ll keep you comfy all through the night, and you’ll leave me here in the morning light. (Pillow)
  • Flat, black, and seemingly boring, I sit in the living room all day. Not until you turn me on do colors flash on my display. (TV)
  • From dirt, to paint, and everything in between, I’m your number one companion in keeping clean. (Soap)
  • Hop on, let’s go, don’t make me beg. My wheels are fast, but use your legs! (Bike)
  • Standing quietly against a wall, you rarely notice me though I’m tall. Inside, I keep a lot of treats. Open my door and then you’ll see! (Refrigerator).

Easter scavenger hunt ideas for adults

Best Easter hunt ideas -Easter scavenger hunt ideas for adults
  • You say we’re pals, that we’re best friends. But only until the morning ends. You say I give you fuel for the day. And when we’re done, you’re gone away. (Coffee)
  • Don’t frown at me, I made it clear. Won’t make a difference if you’re near. Just stand in front and I’ll show you exactly how the world will know you. (Mirror)
  • In a bowl or on a hook, just keep me somewhere you can look. On a shelf or in your pocket, make sure I’m near before you lock it. (Keys)
  • Rub away, if you must. Let me collect all that dust. Just stomp away, I never hide. I keep the outdoors away from the inside. (Welcome rug)
  • I’m always running, though I never walk. Sometimes, I can sing, but I never talk. I have hands, I have a face. You use me to decide your pace. (Clock).

Indoor Easter Hunt Ideas

Don’t let a rainy day spoil your Easter fun. Plan some indoor games for Easter. If you are unable to think about the best indoor Easter hunt ideas then don’t worry. We have a solution for that too. Read the pointers below and find the best-suited indoor ideas for you.

The Matching Game

Best Easter hunt ideas-The Matching Game

For this, you will be needing lots of eggs. Paint the eggs in different colors, say red, yellow, pink, and blue. Divide everyone into teams with one single color for each team. Now tell the team members to find the eggs of their team colour. The team which collects the most eggs of their color wins the game.

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Hunt for the Golden Egg

Best Easter hunt ideas-Hunt for the Golden Egg
source-WGNS Radio

This is just like other egg hunts with a twist. Hide the golden-dyed egg somewhere. Now make some clue cards to reach that golden egg. This can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Set some rewards on finding the golden egg first.

Easter Crafting


Best Easter Hunt Ideas-Easter Crafting
source-The Spruce Ideas

Staying indoor? What better than sitting indoors and making arts and crafts. You can search for different craft ideas for Easter and keep your party going. Crafts are a fun activity and especially with the involvement of both kids and adults. Find the ideas that fit both age groups.


All these easter hunt ideas are fun to be played and involve something to learn as well. Make sure whatever you plan brings a wide smile to the faces of your kids. Easters come up with joy and happiness every year. Make this one count. Stay tuned to Deasilex for more creative articles. Till then happy easter.

Featured Image Credits- The Daily Meal

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