10 Best Gender Bender Anime To Be Watched On Priority List

Gender Bender Anime

You must have heard of the phrase “Getting Into Someone’s shoe”. It means being at the place or situation they are in. Well, getting into someone’s body isn’t humanly possible. However, anything can happen in Anime. A man can be a woman the next day. So, here is the list of the best Gender Bender anime that you must watch.

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Gender Bender is a genre in which either the soul or the body of the two people, basically from the opposite gender, are exchanged. Well, this genre is quite common in anime but is never specifically mentioned in the anime categories. In these animes, the main character of the movie undergoes a transformation that changes the sex of the character.

Most of the Gender Bender Anime movies are either comedy because of the whole body swapping thing and the character trying to keep his identity secret.  Well, there are various anime that has given this genre a romantic touch.

Gender Bender Anime List

Now, you are aware of the Gender Bender Anime genre. 

Let us tell you that we have gathered the list of the best cross-gender anime movies and series for you. So, without wasting much of your time. Let us start with the list.

1. Ouran High School Host Club

Gender Bender Anime - Ouran High School Host Club
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The first movie on the list of the best Gender Bender anime is the “Ouran High School Host Club”. 

It is a high school teenage drama movie that revolves around a character named Haruhi Fujioka.

Well, the story is set in Japan and it displays a high school, Ouran High School. The school is known for its special curriculum set up by specialist teachers to teach the kids born with the silver spoon in their mouths. Usually, the children of the business tycoons, film stars, and politicians were enrolled in the school.

As we said that the schedule of the school was designed by the specialist in such a way that it puts minimal pressure on the rich kids and has ample amount of time to polish their special abilities such as games and entertainment. The school has developed a special club called the Host Club where these rich kids use to display their talents and impress the rich girls.

Coming to the major character of the story, Haruhi Fujioka somehow got admission in the school and followed the same curriculum as followed by the rich kids. Haruhi got enrolled in the Host Club of the school but accidentally broke an antique worth 8 million yen. This took Haruhi into the debt of the club and the story moves further showing Haruhi doing dirty and little jobs in the club to pay off the debt.

Later in the Anime, it is shown that King, the owner of the club, decides to make Haruhi a full-time member of the club. But, he puts forward a condition. The condition is that Haruhi has to be chosen by the 100 clients. Upon accomplishing the task the debt on Haruhi will be lifted.

Will Haruhi be able to convince 100 clients to vote in the favor? Or, will the debt never lift?

What??? You don’t expect us to give you the spoiler. But we can tell you something that Haruhi has got the special ability to attract classmates. Will this magic work on clients? 

You have to watch the anime for this answer.

Now, you must be thinking how this is a Gender Bender Anime? Well, to tell you, no one in the club realized that Haruhi Fujioka is a girl. Which movie can set a more perfect plot for gender bender than this one?

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2. Aoharu x Machinegun

Aoharu x Machinegun is a story about a young girl, Hotaru Tachibana who portrays herself as a boy to the outer world. She is currently acting as the President of the Student Council and works actively for the welfare of the students.

The story of the anime starts with Hotaru Tachibana returning home from the council when she encounters a strange man, Masamune Matsuoka, standing outside his apartment. The meeting between the two does not go well and Hotaru cleared her intentions of never working with the man.

The very next day Hotaru meets her best friend, who told her that he has been cheated on by a host. Hotaru, being a true leader, decided to confront the host and went to see him. Here is a surprise for the audience and the fans. The host was none other than Masamune Matsuoka. Yeah, the man standing near Hotaru’s apartment. She accused him of cheating on her boyfriend. As the man saw her fierce nature he called her for a gun game match. No, not with the original guns. These were the toy guns loaded with the BB Balls and if she wins he will apologize for his behavior and he wins she will become her slave.

The choice was tough but Hotaru was confident about her win. She noticed that the man only put one ball in his gun and on the other hand her gun was fully loaded. But, sooner she realized that the man was a real pro at the game and Hotaru lost.

After the match got over, Matsuoka invites Hotaru to join his team “Team Tony Gun Gun” and Hotaru has to accept the invitation. However, there was a policy in the team “No Girls”. 

Does this policy mean that Hotaru will not join the team? Well, let me tell you that we listed this anime under the list of the best Gender Bender anime. So, you can make out yourself. We won’t be giving any spoilers.

3. Kampfer

Gender Bender Anime - Kampfer

How would you feel, one day you wake up and you see that your gender is changed?

What is the first thing you would do?

I know what you are thinking but, no you will get panicked!!!! And that’s the truth.

Well, the next movie that we have mentioned in this list of the best Gender Bender Anime has a similar plot. Natsuru Senō is an average high school boy, who one-morning wake-up to find out that he has turned into a woman. Not only this, but his stuffed tiger has also started moving and come to life. Any normal being could panic in the situation!!! But, our hero stayed calm and tried to figure out whether it was just a nightmare or something else.

On his way to school, he noticed that he has got a bracelet on his hand that is blue. Life in the school is normal when he finds out that there are other people in the school who have the same colored bracelets on their wrists. They managed to figure out that the people who have the same colored bracelets were a team and they have to find out and fight the people with the bracelets of different colors.

The blue team finally found their first opponent with the red bracelet on the wrist and she was the head girl of the school. Fighting with the “Red Faction” was not easy. However, after a while, both the blue and the red factions figure out that we’re fighting for nothing. So, there was no point in fighting and things started getting normal in the school.

But, how can a Gender Bender Anime end so cold? Just as things were getting back on track in the school “White Fighters” appeared.

Will the white fighters also understand that they are fighting for nothing or will they do something that will ignite the fire again? Guys, you have to watch the anime yourself to know the answers.

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4. Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl 

Love Rejections are difficult to handle. If you agree with me, give me a shout!

The anime Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl, is somewhat related to the love rejection and the comeback story.

Well, the plot of the story is set up in the town of Kashimashi in Tokyo. It is the story of a young teenage boy Hazumu Osaragi, who is not so self-confident and does not even have friends to share his feelings. But there is this girl, Yasuna Kamiizumi, a beautiful girl in his class whom he likes a lot. 

Hazumu somehow gathered enough courage to tell the girl about his feelings. But, the girl rejects him. Here comes the aftermath of the rejection. He goes to the top of Mount Kashima, No don’t run your brain, not to commit suicide. But, to get some time in solitude and figure out what is to be done in life to make it run smoothly.

We would like you to explain the scenic beauty of the Mountain top. The best time to go to the top is at nighttime when the sun is down and the moon is up in the sky. People are returning home from work and the whole city is lit up.

Hazumu goes to the top of the mountain and sits for some time there. When he realized a shooting star approaching him. Before he could realize that it was a Spaceship there occurred a collision between the spaceship and the boy, Hazumu died in the accident.

To hide their existence from humans. Aliens try to rebuild Hazumu and in the hurry, they change their gender. Well, this is the incident that makes the anime one of the best Gender bender Anime.

The story of the anime then turns to the question of whether Hamzu will ever get back to his original body and become a boy again. The anime also depicts a love triangle between Hazumu, Yasuna, and Tomari. 

Well, we would like to end the Anime with two questions: Will Hazumu ever get back to his original body? And who will Hazumu choose Yasuma or Tomari? Watch the anime and tell us the answers in the comments section.

5. Bunny Girl Senpai

Gender Bender Anime - Bunny Girl Senpai
Source: Animamo.com

Bunny Girl Senpai is one of the best Gender Bender Anime Series that every anime lover must watch. The anime series has got a lot more than the Gender-bending in it, the series has got time travel (In the Prequel movie of the anime) and a syndrome that is tough to imagine.

Well, talking about the plot and the story of the anime. It is a story of a boy named Sakuta Azusgwa who dresses up like a bunny girl and goes to the library. In the Library, the boy (dressed as the bunny girl) finds a famous actress named Mai Sakurajima. Mai is suffering from a special syndrome called the “Adolescence Syndrome”.

Ahh! What is this?

Adolescence syndrome is a phenomenon that hits young teenage girls only. The girls suffering from this syndrome either become invisible or get physically hurt when someone abuses them verbally. Or, in some cases, both phenomena occur together.

Coming back to the story of the gender bender anime series. As Sakuta meets Mai in the library he notices that only he could see her. He makes out that the actress was also suffering from the Adolescence syndrome that makes her invisible when she is dressed normally around her fans.

Well, the Adolescent syndrome was not only limited to one girl in Sakuta’s life. His sister Kaede was also suffering from the syndrome and she was receiving death threats online and going through the scenes of online bullying. These threats and bullying messages were hurting Kaede physically and she was so badly injured that she had to be admitted into the hospital.

As Sakuta came to know the condition of her sister and Mai. He figures out that there are several other girls in the town too, who was suffering from “Adolescence Syndrome”. He decides to go to the root cause of the syndrome and treat all the girls.

Will Sakuta be able to save his sister and Mai? Or will the girls in the town live in the fear of the syndrome? You know we won’t break the suspense.

6. Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru

Will you disguise your gender just for your family’s legacy and your Grandparent’ last wish?

The next anime in the list of the best Gender bender anime has the plot based on the above question. The name of the anime is Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru.

The story of the anime revolves around a boy named Mizuho Miyabokouji studying in high school. His grandfather recently died and when the lawyers read the grandpa’s will, he has mentioned that he wants Mizuho to study in the Seio Girl’s Academy. It was the same academy in which Mizuho’s mother had studied. The reason behind this special demand was that the Academy was founded by their ancestors and the Grandfather wanted his grandson to know their family’s legacy.

Being an obedient grandson, Mizuho agreed to get admission into the Girl’s academy. So, he disguised himself as a girl. Thus, making this anime a Gender Bender shape. Mizuho gets enrolled into the academy and only the Headmistress and the headteacher were aware of the reality in the beginning. But, later two more girls came to know of the fact in a very eventful manner (Watch the anime to know the events we aren’t going to give you the spoiler)

Mizuho became very popular in the school, not because of his disguise but because of his athleticism, beauty, and cuteness. This popularity became so much that the students nominated him to be the president of the Student council.

Well, on seeing the rising popularity of Mizuho, the current President of the Student Council became worried and started opposing him. There was a rule in the school that the new president had to get at least 75 percent of the total votes in order to replace the old president. Elections were held in the month of June and Mizuho managed to gather 82 percent of the total votes.

On becoming the president of the student council, Mazuhi was given a lot of responsibilities. He was able to handle the pressure but will he be able to control his identity for a longer period of time? That would be a challenge.

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7. I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

Gender Bender Anime - I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
Source: aniSearch.com

Would you change your gender for earning money? No, not for the thing you are thinking. I am talking about the teaching profession?

The gender bender anime I My Me! Strawberry Eggs carries the story of a young teacher, Hibiki Awama, who moved to a new place to make his living. He rents a house for a living and the landlady of the house always threatens him to cook his dog if he does not pay his rent on time. 

Hibiki applies for the job in the Seitow Sannomiya private school. But, sooner he realized that the male teachers in the school were not treated well by the headmistress of the school. He got disappointed and told the old landlady about the matter. The landlady then asked him to keep patience and suggested a way out of this problem. She disguised him as a girl and also provides him with the device that moderates his voice into the female voice.

Hibiki again applied for the post of Physical education teacher in the school. He got selected for the post. But, Hibiki keeps on getting noticed by the Vice Principal of the school for not obeying and following the code of conduct set by the school. For example, he ordered the girls of the school to wear a different uniform for exercise instead of the regular canonical skirts. He also asked the girls of the school to help the boys in the cleaning process which was again against the basic norms of the school.

Hibiki has a special place for all his students in his heart. However, he was especially attracted to one of his students Fūko Kuzuha, the child has a difficult past and upon knowing this Hibiki developed a special place for the kid.

Well, we won’t give you any spoiler but, we feel it our duty to tell you that the man will find himself in a dilemma between his choices and the duties of a teacher towards his students.

8. Simoun

Feminists reading this Gender Bender Anime list give me a shout.

Well, the next anime is something that would shock you. The anime “Simoun” is the story of a planet, Daikūriku, and the specialty of this planet is that only girls are born on this planet.

Yeah!!! You heard that right and I know what you are thinking right now. We will explain the process further in the plot. (You know right, what we are talking about?)

There are three countries on the planet that are always at war against each other and the reasons for the war are political, climatic, religious, and Economical. As we said that all the human beings on the planet are born females here. But, every country has its own policy and way for changing the sex of the females for the reproduction process. Some of these countries perform rituals to change sex, while some do it by medical means.

The Holy Land is the country on the planet that has advanced technology and can overthrow any other nation whenever it feels like. It has got an airship, Simoun, that flies above the clouds and can destroy the whole fleet of enemies at once. Simon has provided immense strength to the Holy Landers. While other countries live in the fear of their warships getting struck by lightning, Simoun flies above the clouds.

There is a basic rule to fly the warship Simoun. Only girls who have not yet decided to change their sex can fly it. It is considered an honor to fly the ship in the country.

Even though the Holy Landers have the strongest warship, the other two counties are also good at wars on the battlefields.

You have to watch this anime if you call yourself a true Gender Bender anime fan.

9. Kokoro Connect

Gender Bender Anime - Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect is a Gender Bender Anime series that revolves around five friends Taichi Yaegashi, Iori Nagase, Himeko Inaba, Yoshifumi Aoki, and Yui Kiriyama. All five characters were students at the Yamaboshi Academy. 

Well, the story of the Anime takes a turn when a series of mystical events take place and the friends find themselves in the body of one another. This exchange of bodies makes the bond between the friends stronger as now they knew what the other person thought about them. The friends try to find out the reason behind this exchange of their bodies and find out that a mysterious entity called the Fūsenkazura was responsible for their swap. 

If the friends want to regain their bodies then they have to go through the test given by Fūsenkazura. The test will check their friendship bond and feelings for each other.

Will the friends be able to pass the test or will they get stuck in each other’s bodies forever? Watch the anime to find out.

10. Himegoto

Some get money in inheritance while some get to land. But, here is Hime Arikawa who gets his parent’s debt in the inheritance.

Himegoto is the story of a young boy who is chased by the debt collectors for the money that his parents have taken. Hime was saved by three members of the student council. They saved him from the debt collectors but on the condition that he will become their dog in the high school and will always dress as the girl to spread the goods about the student council member. 

The anime deals with the problems faced by Hime and how he finds a way out of them.

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Wrapping Up:

This list of the 10 best Gender Bender Anime was made after watching the anime series ourselves. So, we could bring the best anime for you. If you feel that we have any Gender Bender anime that deserves a place in this list then do write to us in the comments section. We will be happy to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What Is The Best Gender Bender Anime?

The best Gender Bender anime is the “Ouran High School Host Club”. It is a high school teenage drama movie that revolves around a character named Haruhi Fujioka.

Q. What Is The Anime Where The Boy Looks Like A Girl?

The Anime in which the boy looks like a girl is called the Gender Bender anime. In these types of Animes, the boys either dress up like the girl or a natural cause makes them the girl.

Q. What Is The Gender Bender Genre?

A Gender Bender is a genre in which either the soul or the body of the two people basically from the opposite gender are exchanged

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