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Gold is the color of royalty that can make anyone look from pauper to lavish! The sheer difference that this color carries is beyond comparison and I’m not talking about subtle glitters here! The Gold I’m referring to carries the rays of sunshine blinding even those who do so much as peek! The Gold that is BOLD! So the question here is “can you carry that gold regally to outshine the masses?” Can you carry that bold golden shine upon your eyes? Well, to help our girls out there, here are some of the best gold eyeshadow looks that are definitely worth a try! 

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Eye Makeup for Party while wearing Pink: Part 03

Gigi’s bold gold eyeshadow gave us the courage to step out with that sparkle in our eyes. Many of my girls out there still think that the color is too overpowering and maybe overwhelming too, but GIRL! It’s how you carry it, apply it, soothe it and tame it! Gold eyeshadows, I agree, can be too much but that only happens when you randomly brush it on! Gold color, to put it simply, is like a dark horse that needs to be tamed well for it to perform well!!

Best Gold eyeshadow looks are those that do not control the royalty of the color and let it flow freely. The gold eyeshadow looks like the glam girl look with dark red lips, the studded gold look, the sunkissed gold look, metallic gold look, nude gold look, smoky gold look, etc are some of the best you can try! 

The combinations of various shades bring out the beauty of gold color, most prominently, red, orange, black, and yellow! Let’s look at some of the cool and glam golden eyeshadow looks! Happy makeover girls!

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Best Gold Eyeshadow Looks

Zendaya rocked the gold eyeshadow look setting bars high enough to compete and let’s not talk about Gigi too who brought out the magic of gold with her perfect winged eyeliner! But when have we ever shied away from competition, right? We’re going to nail this game with some of the best gold eye makeup ideas! There are many cool, ravishing, and royal gold eyeshadow looks that will outshine the stars at night! So let’s talk business now! Bring out your eyeshadow brushes and palette and get down to painting that glittery gold on your eyes!

Glam Gold Eyeshadow Look

Want to try a glam girl look for your next date night? Then go gold girl! The hints of gold on your eyes will definitely make heads turn with how ravishing they make you look! Yellow, orange, and red blend well to make an illusion of sunrise! Blend these shades well and complete the look by adding golden color at last to get the perfect shine!

This glam gold eyeshadow look, when paired with a red or black lip color will complete your whole date night makeup look! Also, don’t forget your highlighter as it will make the gold color pop and then you’re all set to go! 

Bold Rhinestone Gold Eyeshadow Look

Rhinestones are blowing off the charts, may it be on your outfit, nails, heels, they are everywhere you look! Even rhinestone-inspired eye makeup is getting way too hyped nowadays. So why not try a bunch of rhinestones for your bold gold eye makeup!

Lining up the rhinestones on the edges of your eyes or Supplementing them as your eyeliner, you can use rhinestones in any way to bring out the beauty of gold! Rhinestones will only add more shine to your eyes so if you want to sparkle all night, this is the look girl!

Smokey Gold Eyeshadow Look

Black and gold, what a beautiful contrast! Smudge out your black eyeshadow with a nude base and top it off with gold eyeshadow. This smudged gold eyeshadow look when paired with a winged eyeliner gives off the cunning fox vibes and will definitely become your go-to look for many of your club parties!

This smoky gold eye look can stand alone without an eyeliner too as the smudged corners act as a perfect illusion! So go ahead and try it NOW!!!

Dreamy Gold Eyeshadow look

To make your gold eyeshadow look dreamy enough, you can add neutral colors or eyeliners that will tame the shine of the gold! One perfect way to achieve a dreamy gold look is to pair it with a white eyeliner that gives off magical vibes!

You can also make illusions while blending gold with blue and adding some graphic stars in between! This will appear as if a galaxy sits on the top of your eyes if you use a combination of various other shades like violet, white, teal, etc! 

Graphic Gold Eyeshadow Look

Graphic eyeliner is trending nowadays and you can try it too, but with gold obviously! Either you can try a gold eyeliner on top of a smokey smudged gold or you can simply apply black eyeliner on top of your simple gold eyeshadow!

The best part of the graphic gold eyeshadow look is that it’s as easy as it’s complicated! It looks easy on the eyes but we all know the complexities of graphic eyeliner, don’t we? So steady your trembling hands and try this graphic look with gold!

Metallic Gold Eyeshadow Look


The sheer sheen of metallic colors is blowing our minds off! Be it on our nails, clothes, or anywhere, the beauty of metallics isn’t hidden! So why not honor your eyes with this regal beauty! 

To achieve this look, all you have to do is apply simple coats of metallic gold eyeshadow (liquid) and line it all with black eyeliner, SIMPLE! You can also smudge the outer corners with nude shades of brown above and below the eyes to get a perfect metallic look!

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Pastel With Gold Eyeshadow Look

We all know the beauty of pastels, don’t we? Especially the lilac color that is mesmerizing us with its subtle charm and warm tones! Pastels and gold colors are so different that they complement each other really well! 

Pastel colors act as a good base color for any eye makeup and you can easily top it with simple gold or glitters. Applying white eyeliner on the top of it all gives a perfect dreamy look! You can also add dreamy lilac + white + yellow + gold flowers that give off beautiful summer vibes!

Sunkissed Gold Eyeshadow Look

Sunkissed gold eyeshadow look is my most favored and go-to as it seems very natural, subtle, and adds shine in all the right places! The beauty of nudes is perfectly highlighted giving off fascinating sunny vibes!

This makeup look isn’t hard to achieve as you have to do nothing but your regular nude makeup but the only addition here is gold! Swipe some gold glitters on top of your nude eyeshadow to get this sunkissed look! Bronzing and highlighting will act as a cherry on top for this look and don’t forget your gloss! Complete this look by applying your nude gloss and VOILA, you’re all ready to shine!

Subtle Gold Eyeshadow Look

The subtle gold eyeshadow look is your perfect, simple, and regal eye look that doesn’t require too much of your time but gives off splendid results! Just swipe the gold eyeshadow on both of your eye corners and complete it with a thin layer (or maybe bold depending on your eye shape) of black eyeliner!

You can prep your eyes with a nude base to make the gold pop but it is not necessary as we only want the subtle hints of gold! Lip Glosses add magic to this subtle look so don’t forget your gloss!

Glossy Gold Eyeshadow Look

A glossy gold eyeshadow look is perfect for those desiring to achieve a bold statement look! The process is almost the same as other gold looks, but the only addition is the combination of golden eyeshadow and golden glitters

To achieve this eye look, all you have to do is use liquid gold eyeshadow instead of powdery ones and top it off with golden glitters! You can also add glitter gems to achieve a beautiful regal look!

Dramatic Gold Eyeshadow Look

Want to add some drama in your eyes and make them look more fun? Well, you should definitely try this dramatic gold eyeshadow look which has a combination of all your favorite shades!

Blue and red create a perfect dramatic look when used independently on your upper and lower eyes! You can do a sunrise gold look on your upper eyes and add blue in your lower lash line to get the effect of dusky twilight! This combination of dusk and dawn looks perfectly regal and mesmerizing! 

Bossy Gold Eyeshadow Look

Bossy gold eyeshadow look is a blend of black, blue, and golden colors working well in sync with each other! This is a perfect look for your evening plans where you want to leave the traces of confidence and power! 

To achieve this look, blend your nude base coat with black and blue. Smudge out the edges and apply a generous coat of gold and then try to smudge the corners of gold as well. Do not create hard distinguishable lines as it will break the illusion! Let all the colors float freely to get a perfect bossy gold look!

Soft Gold Eyeshadow Look

The soft gold eyeshadow look will give you sweet innocent vibes and it is not that hard to achieve! All you have to do is ready your yellow and golden eyeshadows and brushes!

Prep your eyes well and then apply generous amounts of yellow eyeshadow. Once applied, top it with gold glitter to give the illusion of the mid-noon sun! This look goes perfectly with puffed bold eyebrows that are set well with a gel and glossy and shiny nude lip color!

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Gold Eyeshadow Looks: K-Pop Inspired 

best gold eyeshadow makeup looks

Pop culture is the best source to get inspiration from when you’re out of ideas for your next makeup look!! Once you start researching, you will find many splendid styles ranging from cool, glam, cute, bossy, foxy, dreamy, subtle, dramatic, etc to draw inspiration from! 

K-Pop is the same ray of sunshine for those dying to try something new and let me tell you, it has never disappointed anyone! Korean makeup artists have started an altogether new style of an eye look that the technique has gone VIRAL! Everyone wants to have those Jisoo eyes now and thus here I am! With gold eyes looks inspired by K-Pop! 

So how do Koreans apply that gold glitter on their eyes to receive such hype? Read and find out! 

First things first, the gold here varies from the bold glittery gold to subtle rose gold adding charm in all the right places! Now, let’s start with gold eye makeup now!

As most Asians have hooded eyes, they don’t go all out on eye makeup and hence, try subtle eye looks which is a plus point for those looking for subtle style. 

To achieve the K-Pop gold eye look, you have to start with a nude base or it can be any color of your choice. Then add some more, a seemingly darker color in the corner of the outer edges of the eyes, and top it all with a swipe of a good golden eyeshadow. Now comes the fun part! Add hints of gold on your lower eyes too as it will make your eyes POP! and Voila, you’re all good to go but, Don’t forget your mascara and gloss! 

Met Gala 2021: Celebrities That Rocked The Golden Eyeshadow Looks!

The beauty of gold knows no bounds and that is pretty evident from how many times the color was spotted in the Met Gala 2021! From dresses to makeup, you could spot those shiny sparkles anywhere! Here’s a list of celebrities that wore a golden eyeshadow look in Met Gala 2021!

  • Gemma Chan
  • Kehlani
  • Lorde
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Keke Palmer
  • Harris Reed
  • Julia Garner
  • Kacey Musgraves
  • Karlie Kloss

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Wrapping Up

Gold is the color of royalty that gives off the literal wealthy vibes! As the golden color is as shiny as the bright sun, thus, you have to tame it well so it doesn’t overpower your whole makeup look! There are many gold eyeshadows that look like the glam girl, dreamy, dramatic, glossy, etc, that will definitely make your eyes pop!


What are some of the best gold eyeshadow looks?

Golden eyeshadow looks like the glam girls, smoky, bossy, sunkissed, dramatic, soft, graphic, bold, etc are some of the best that you can try!

How many celebrities wore a golden eyeshadow in Met Gala 2021?

Many celebrities like Karlie Kloss, Julia Graner, Harris Reed, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Hudson, Gemma Chan, Lorde, Kehlani, etc wore the golden eyeshadow in Met Gala 2021!

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