7 Best Halloween Party Theme Ideas | From FRIENDS To TVD

Best Halloween Party Theme Ideas

Is it your turn this time for throwing the Halloween party? If yes then we know exactly what you are looking for. You want the party to be the most memorable theme party that anybody has ever attended. So, for your help, we are here with the article that will give you the best Halloween Party theme ideas.

Halloween Party Ideas
Halloween Party Ideas

A Halloween party without the spooky costumes is incomplete. So, why not throw a theme party that makes the best use of the spooky costumes you are planning to wear. Sounds Fun! A perfect theme can make any party exciting and it’s Halloween, the theme is pre-decided, it has to be spooky, creepy, and super scary. But, here we are with the best Halloween Party theme ideas that will ignite the creepiness in your party.

The toughest part of being the host is choosing the perfect Halloween party theme. There are several good themes, but if the theme does not match the vibes of your friends then the party can get boring as hell. So, further, in the article, you will find the Halloween party theme ideas categorized according to the different vibes of friends.

7 Best Halloween Party Theme Ideas

Halloween is all about Spookiness and creepiness. If you are planning to organize a Halloween theme party at your house then here are a few ideas that will make your Halloween party memorable.

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1. Zombie Party

Best Halloween Party Theme Ideas
Source: Frogprincepaperie

Halloween is all about remembering the apocalypse day when the dead will walk the earth. What would be better than giving a party with all the dead people walking around? So, here is our first Halloween party theme idea. Ask all your party guests to come dressed as Zombies.

Decorate your house in red and black. Black will signify the darkness and red will be the color of the blood and fright. You can also decorate your house as an old murder crime scene, with all the things scattered here and there.

Here comes the centerpiece of the whole decoration. You can order a cake that resembles the brain. You can ask the cake decorator to use the red paste that looks like the blood coming out of the head (Refer to the picture given above).

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Party

Best Halloween Party Theme Ideas
Source: Country Living Magazine

Remember the Halloween episode from the Friends TV series? Yeah, the one in which Ross came dressed as Sputnik. Was he a potato? Or a doodie? Oh god!! What a funny scene it was. Well, if you are a die-hard friends fan then why not organize a party F.R.I.E.N.D.S style.

Warning! We are sorry but you can’t be a better hostess than Monica.

Here is the idea: ask all your friends to come dressed as their favorite character from the TV show “FRIENDS”. Now, it’s up to you how you decorate your place, you can make it look exactly like Monica’s Apartment. If not then concentrate on the costume and character. 

Be strict like Monica and ask everyone why haven’t they dressed up for the Halloween party, just like the original Monica did in the episode. For your convenience here is the table that will tell you what the characters in the episode wore in the episode.

Monica GellarCat Woman
Rachel GreenPregnant Woman
Chandler BingPink Bunny
Joey TribianiChandler
Phoebe BuffaySupergirl
Ross GellarPotato/Sputnik/Doodie

3. Vampire Party

Best Halloween Party Theme Ideas

We talked about the Zombie Party Halloween Theme then we moved to the Friends Halloween Party theme. How can I forget about the TVD (The Vampire Diary Fans)? I know you can’t groom your friends to look like Damon Salvator but at least you can try to organize a party with the vampires all around.

What can be more spooky than the vampires moving all around your house?

Decorate your house in the dark shade of night, you can draw the spider cuts from the black chart paper and paste them on the walls just like the ones shown in the picture above. Order a Halloween special cake that has the spider (Edible spider made of bread) on it. 

Coming to the costumes you can wear a long black coat with triangular collars. You can buy two artificial teeth and use the edible red paint to show the blood coming out of your mouth. 

You can’t look as smashing as the Salvator brothers, but you can always try!

4. Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Best Halloween Party Theme Ideas
Source: The Spruce

Do you have friends that like to be called the “Cumberbitches”? Don’t get offended if the Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) fans call themselves by this name. If you have friends who are fascinated by detectives then this Halloween Party Theme idea is for them.

Call all your friends at dinner, tell them nothing. Just decorate your house for the normal Halloween party with pumpkins. Once all of them are at the dining table, here comes the surprise. Serve each of them the food with a murder mystery to solve. This will keep the guests engaged. You can also plan a Halloween hunt.

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5. Horror Movie Night

Best Halloween Party Theme Ideas
Source: iStock

It is the simplest Halloween party theme idea yet it is the most effective of all. After you have served dinner to your Halloween party guest. Invite them to your backyard for a horror movie night.

But, before calling them you have to prepare your backyard for the movie night. Start by trimming the grass. Order a white sheet and the movie projector. Bring a sofa or chairs to the backyard for seating. 

Now, it’s time to make the place haunted. Bring in pumpkins, hanging skeletons, and big spiders from the nearest store. Hang the skeleton on the trees in your backyard, lit up the bulbs in the Halloween pumpkins, and place the spiders on the chair arms.

Call your guests to the movie area after dinner and enjoy watching them scream.

6. Haunted Dance Party

Best Halloween Party Theme Ideas

How do you want your afterlife to be, after you become a ghost? I want mine to be extremely stress-free and full of music. Organize a haunted dance party in your backyard. Book a DJ, call in some of your friends, and with their help make your backyard ready for the Halloween dance party.

Get dressed like zombies, vampires, witches, or ghosts, whatever you wish to be, and dance yourself out. The theme sets out perfect for the kids as well as the adults.

7. Organize Halloween Contests

Best Halloween Party Theme Ideas

We know Halloween parties are not the perfect place for business promotion. However, you can also not deny the fact that a true businessman never misses an opportunity to make an investment and promote the product.

If you are a businessman or you know an investor who would invest in your party then you can make a good deal. You can go for check out this Halloween Party Theme idea, organize a Halloween contest and call in all the people you know. Now, you will host different contests like Halloween theme cake making or Halloween theme Drinks making. Choose the winner and give away the product you are promoting as the prize.

A simple way to enjoy and earn.

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Wrapping Up

We hope that you have finalized the Halloween Party theme for your treat to friends from the list given above. We have tried to make a unique list of the “Best Halloween Party Ideas” so that you can flaunt your imagination in front of your friends.

If you have any other party ideas in your mind then do share them with us in the comments section. We will surely update it on our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good party themes?

Some of the good Halloween party theme ideas are 

  1. Zombie Party
  2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Party
  3. Vampire Party
  4. Murder Mystery Dinner Party
  5. Horror Movie Night
  6. Haunted Dance Party
  7. Halloween Contests 

What is a good theme for an adult party?

Try out these Halloween Party themes for an adult party

  1. Murder Mystery Dinner Party
  2. Vampire Party
  3. Haunted Dance Party
  4. Halloween Contests 
  5. Horror Movie Night
  6. Zombie Party
  7. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Party

What kind of theme parties are there?

There are many types of theme parties, such as

  1. Halloween Theme Party
  2. Birthday Theme Party
  3. Anniversary Theme Party
  4. Christmas Theme Party
  5. Easter Theme Party

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