7 Best Horror Movies of Bela Lugosi and The Epic Dracula Roleplay!

best horror movies of Bela Lugosi

Name one actor who made Draculas look real in the ’90s! Bela Lugosi!! Horror movies are the best source of entertainment and one of the most famous horror film actors was Bela Lugosi. Why is Bela Lugosi famous? His Dracula appearance makes him remarkable until now. Here, we will be disclosing the best horror movies of Bela Lugosi that you can still watch in 2021.

Béla Ferenc Dezső aka Bela Lugosi is a Hungarian-born motion-picture actor who was born on 20 October 1882. He gained so much popularity for his frightening portrayal of the graceful mannered vampire Count Dracula. He did a lot of movies in his entire life and here we have listed some of his best old movies of all time.

The best horror movies of Bela Lugosi are

  1. Dracula
  2. Island of Lost Souls
  3. The Black Cat
  4. The Raven
  5. Son of Frankenstein
  6. The Wolf Man
  7. The Body Snatcher

All these are the best horror movies by Bela Lugosi and each movie has a different story mode and cast which you will know by reading the full article.

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7 Best Horror Movies of Bela Lugosi

Each of the below-listed movies has been rated positively on the internet by most people. You can easily find these Bela Lugosi movies on the internet.


best horror movies of Bela Lugosi; Dracula
Credit: Denofgeek.com

Directed by Tod Browning, this film was released in 1931 and it is all about the ancient Transylvanian vampire Count Dracula, his journey to England, and his hunting by giant monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing. Bela Lugosi has played the role of Count Dracula in this movie.

Main Cast

  • Bela Lugosi as Dracula
  • Helen Chandler as Mina Harker
  • Dwight Frye as Renfield
  • Edward Van as Abraham
  • David Manners as Jonathan
  • Frances Dade as Lucy Westenra
  • Herbert as Dr John
  • Gerrard as Martin
  • Joan Standing as Nurse Briggs

IMBd Ratings: 7.5/10 

Island of Lost Souls

best horror movies of Bela Lugosi; Island of Lost Souls
Credit: moviesandmania.com

Directed by Erle C. Kenton, Island of Lost Souls is one of the best horror moves of Bela Lugosi. The story of this movie revolves around a mad doctor who conducts horrible experiments in the South Seas, on a remote island. The movie is packed with so much fear and disgust for the wrecked sailor who finds himself trapped on the Island.

Main Cast

  • Charles Laughton as Doctor Moreau
  • Bela Lugosi as Sayer the Law
  • Kathleen as Lota
  • Richard Arlen as Edwin Parker
  • Leila Hyams as Ruth Thomas
  • Paul Hurst as Captain
  • Hans Steinke as Ouran

IMBd ratings: 7.4/10

The Black Cat

best horror movies of Bela Lugosi; The Black Cat
Credit: classic-mensters.com

The Black Cat movie was released on 7 May 1934 and it was directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. This movie is the first-ever horror film to mention Satanism as a cult. The American honeymooners in Hungary get trapped in the home of Satan-worshiping priests when the bride is taken there for medical help following a road accident.

Main Cast

  • Bela Lugosi as Dr. Vitus
  • Boris Karloff as Hjalmar
  • Julie Bishop as Joan Alison
  • David Manners as Peter Alison
  • Lucille Lund as Karen
  • Harry Cording as Thamal
  • Henry Armetta as The Sergent
  • Albert Conti as The Lieutenant

IMBd Ratings: 7/10

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The Raven

best horror movies of Bela Lugosi; The Ravan
Credit: Thirtyhertzrumble.com

Released in 1935, The Raven is an American horror film that has been directed by Louis Friedlander. The story is based upon Dr. Vollin who is a dazzling but unstable surgeon with an unhealthy obsession with torture for instruments. He saves the life of a beautiful young socialite, Jean Thatcher who gets injured in an automobile accident.

Main Cast

  • Bela Lugosi as Dr. Richard
  • Irene Ware as Jean Thatcher
  • Lester Matthews as Jerry Halden
  • Ian Wolfe as Geoffrey
  • Inez Courtney as Mary Burns
  • AI Ferguson as Crook
  • Joe Haworth as Drug Clerk

IMBd Ratings: 7/10 

Son of Frankenstein

best horror movies of Bela Lugosi; Son of Frankenstein
Credit: denofgeek.com

Son of Frankenstein has been directed by Rowland V. Lee and was released in 1939. The son of Dr. Frankenstein, after arriving back to the ancestral castle, meets a mad shepherd who hides the comatose creature. He revives the creature and rehabilitates him in order to clear the family name.

Main Cast

  • Bela Lugosi as Igor
  • Lionel Atwill as Krogh
  • Emma Dunn as Amelia
  • Edgar Norton as Benson
  • Lawrence Grant as Burgomaster
  • Perry Ivins as Fritz
  • Lionel Belmore as Lang

IMBd Ratings: 7.1/10

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The Wolf Man

best horror movies of Bela Lugosi; the wolf man
Credit: crazyfilmguy.blogspot.com

The Wolf Man is one of the best horror movies of Bela Lugosi and it was released in 1941. This movie has been directed by George Waggner and is rated positively on the internet. Lary Talbot meets a young beautiful woman after returning to his father’s castle in Wales and escorts her to a carnival where they meet a mysterious fortune teller.

Main Cast

  • Lon Chaney Jr. as Larry Talbot 
  • Maria as Maleva
  • Bela Lugosi as Frankenstein’ Monster
  • Patric Knowles as Dr. Frank
  • Claude Rains as Sir John Talbot
  • Warren William as Dr. Lloyd
  • Evelyn Ankers as Gwen Conliffe

IMBd Ratings: 7.3/10

The Body Snatcher

best horror movies of Bela Lugosi; the body snatcher
Credit: IMBd.com

The Body Snatcher is a 1945 Horror/ Psychological thriller film that has been directed by Robert Wise. This is one of the best horror movies of Bela Lugosi and in this movie, A merciless doctor and his student find themselves harassed by their murderous supplier of illegal cadavers.

Main Cast

  • Bela Lugosi as Joseph
  • Boris Karloff as Cabman
  • Edith Atwater as Meg Cameron
  • Rita Corday as Mrs. Marsh
  • Donna Lee as Street Singer
  • Carl Kent as Gilchrist
  • Robert Clarke as Richardson

IMBd Ratings: 7.3/10

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All these are the best horror movies of Bela Lugosi that you can still watch in 2021. Each movie has a good rating and is fun to watch but scary at the same time.

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