8+ Best Indian YouTube Series In Hindi And Absolutely Free

Best Indian YouTube Series

As an Indian what fascinates us? Let me remind you, the word “FREE”. Buy one get one free sound more interesting to us than 50% Off. So, here we are with the best Indian YouTube series that can be watched free on the YouTube Platform.

The best way to kill time today is by watching tv series and shows. Several OTT platforms offer, making the service but unfortunately, all are paid. YouTube platform has come forward to help the low production house to launch their series on its platform and the viewership as we all know is free. I have been following the Indian Youtube series for a long time and am finally up with the best Hindi YouTube Series list.

The list of the best Indian YouTube series to watch in 2021 includes

  1. Aspirants
  2. Kota Factory
  3. College Romance I
  4. Operation MBBS
  5. Permanent Roommates
  6. Official Chukyagiri/CEOgiri
  7. The Reunion
  8. Cubicles

With Aspirants stealing all the meme material on Instagram, the Indian YouTube Series has been fascinating the youth of the country with the tincture of originality in them. Given below are the details of all the series mentioned above.

Best Indian YouTube Series

Now that you are aware of the list of the best Indian YouTube series in Hindi. We are also aware that each one has a different taste when it comes to the series genre. So, we have mentioned a plot of each series that will help you to decide which YouTube series to watch first.


Best Indian YouTube Series - Aspirants
Source: Twitter

Aspirants is a series about the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) aspirants. The series runs in two different timelines: the present is the time when the three friends are settled with their life and the second is the past when all three are preparing for the UPSC CSE. 

The series is considered one of the best Indian YouTube series because of the reality it shows about human nature and the sacrifices required to be worth recognizing. The movie carries several lessons in it some of them are:

  1. It is important to carry a Plan B.
  2. Friends and Family members are important. Success will bring appreciation but only true friends will be clapping with their hearts.

Kota Factory

Best Indian YouTube Series - Kota Factory
Source: TVFPlay

Heard or seen “Jeetu Bhaiya” while scrolling Instagram? The character is from the Kota Factory.

Kota Factory, a TVF original series that was released in 2019. If we talk about the plotline of the series, the five-episode series is about an IIT JEE aspirant boy Vaibhav who goes to the coaching hub of the country for preparation. The series is the first black and white series of the country and the filmmakers tried to depict the life of the aspirants with the film color.

The series is perfect to watch for the aspirants as it highlights the distractions that can hinder the process of learning but they can be avoided and the beautiful relationship of a teacher and a student makes the series worth watching.

College Romance I

Tired of your stressful work life? Take out some time, watch College Romance, and relive your college era.

College Romance I is another TVF originals that beautifully explains college friendship. The series is different from the above two series as it majorly focuses on college fun. The plot of the series is about three friends and their search for love in their college. 

The series is the perfect example that shows that maintaining a love life and friendship is possible.

Operation MBBS

When most of the series and movie today tells about the life and pressure of the engineering students the film takes a different turn and tries to convey that MBBS is also tough.

The series became the first series in the country to highlight the MBBS field. The story is about three friends in their first year of MBBS. The series moves further with the hardships they face and overcome in their friends and college life.

We can be assured for more seasons by the filmmakers as the five episodes season one only depicted the first year of the college. It is expected that every new season may carry next year.

Permanent Roommates 

Indian YouTube Series - Permanent Roommates
Source: ED Times

The series is about a couple who were in a long-distance relationship for three long years. The series is a romantic comedy series again made by The Viral Fever (TVF). The story moves further as both lovers face the prospect of getting married. The series is full of funny incidents and sometimes touches the soul emotionally.

Official Chukyagiri/CEOgiri

indian yutube series - chukyagiri
Source: MissFilmy.com

Official Chukyagiri/CEOgiri is the story of a boy whose life starts in an office as an intern and now he is stuck in office politics. The series is perfect for people who wish to avoid such kinds of scenarios at their workplace. The series also highlights the will of the boss to save his company from falling. 

The series is an overall package for the people working in the corporate world. They will find the series relatable at many points which makes the series one of the best Indian YouTube Series to watch in 2021.

The Reunion

What was the last time you talked to your high school friends?

The Reunion is a nine-episode long series that tells the story of friends who met after a long time. They notice that their relationships have changed massively, but the friendship bond they shared once has still kept them in touch. However, the series took a turn when they were reminded of some old unpleasant memories.


Cubicles is another masterpiece by TVF and one of the best Indian YouTube series. The story is about a fresher boy Piyush, in the corporate world. The story revolves around him as he gets his first job, first salary, first love, and everything first. The five-episode series moves further with the incidents that happen in the office. The series very beautifully depicts the inter-colleagues relationships in a corporate office.

This was the explanation of the plots and the reasons to watch the Hindi web series on YouTube. We hope your search for the best Indian YouTube Series ends here. Choose the series that suits you the best and start streaming. They are totally “FREEEE”

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