Best Light Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas | Beautiful Transitions From Balayage To Ombre!!

Best Light Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas

The warm shades of brown give off pleasant vibes and the symbolism behind the color signifies resilience, dependence, and security! Well, my psychology lesson ends here, so let’s jump to the main point now! So? Were you planning to color your hair brown? Girl! Should I say I applaud this idea because I wouldn’t have thought of any other color worth dying my hair for, especially, the subtle combinations and transitions of dark and honey brown color are to DIE for! (LOL DYE, DIE)! Well, this article isn’t about my hidden puns but rather, how I’m going to assist the ladies to choose some of the Best Light Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas!

There are many shades of brown ranging from stark dark in a brunette’s head to light-honey colored working well as highlights! The most beautiful of them is the balayage which is perfect for those desiring a brown hair transformation!

Light honey brown shades like Ombre and balayage work best to add depth to brunette hair. The transitions of dark brown with honey brown look very warm and regal and aren’t specific to any skin color! Anyone can pull off this color as it is almost universal to all skin tones. You can experiment with honey brown color in combination with various other shades of brown like light ash brown, cinnamon brown, sandy brown, red-brown, golden brown, copper brown, etc! These variations work well with those having darker hairs! So without further adieu, let’s look at these honey brown hair color transformations in more depth!

Honey brown color on hair gives beautiful summer vibes leaving subtle golden shine wherever you go! This is one of the most versatile colors and this fact isn’t even hidden! Many celebrities prefer honey brown locks that look so RAVISHING! Let’s color you brown today girl!

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Best Light Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas

Best Light Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas

As I previously said, Light brown color is almost universal! It’s universal for seasons, skin tones, outfits, and basically everything! So one thing is sure, you’re definitely not going to regret dying those locks! Don’t believe me? Well, look at this salon expert talking and decide for yourself!

“Honey brown hair is a warm golden brunette, which can be created in varying levels of brightness and depth, that add dimension and life to the hair” – Christine Silverman at Ramirez Tran Salon 

So you’re convinced now, right? Let’s add more depth and life to your hair by coloring them in shades of honey! I’m going to dive straight ahead with these beautiful Light Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas that you’re so going to LOVE!!!

Transition From Dark Brown To Ombre

Ombre is a regal color and when paired with dark brown, the combination is mind-blowing! Ombre and dark brown is a beautiful example of how well the transitions between dark and light colors look! Ombre adds a soft tone to the otherwise darker shades of brown and is a beautiful choice for those who are wanting to dye their hair in shades of brown or light brown! 

Ombre transitions can be done in a half-half manner with the upper half dark brown which melts into lighter shades of ombre! Or it can be simply applied as highlights.

Balayage Highlights

Balayage is another warm shade of brown which is really trendy right now! Balayage falls on a bit darker shade of brown then ombre is well suited for brunette hair. Just like ombre, you can either add highlights of balayage or rather turn your whole set of hair balayage with a few darker highlights in between! It’s all a play of colors and you can choose whichever you desire!

Balayage also looks good as highlights on short pixie haircuts but don’t worry if you have longer locks! The color is beautiful either way and it doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair!

Face Framing Light Brown Or Ombre Highlights

We’ve all heard of the hyped face framing red, right? How about we change the red with ombre or light honey brown! Would it make a difference? Obviously not as it will only make your darker locks appear more fascinating and beautiful!

You can dye your frontal streaks with ombre or light honey brown hair color keeping your other half of the dark brunette hair as it is! If you want to go all out, you can dye your other hair apart from the frontal streaks with sandy or cinnamon brown (or any dark brown shade of your choice) and VOILA! You’re all set to rock the streets, girl! 

Blunt Bob With Light Brown Hairs

We all loved that classic Selena blunt bob, right? Especially the beautiful streaks of light honey color in between! So why not try that! It’s a rather cute and refreshing look if you’re going for a hair transformation!

You can add highlights of any color to your bob-cut dark brown hairs ranging from ombre, balayage, light ash, hazelnut, etc!

Cinnamon Brown With Light Honey Brown Highlights

Cinnamon brown color is another amazing variation of brown that works perfectly with light honey brown color! You can make your naturally cinnamon locks appear more regal with the addition of a few transitions of light honey brown! And not only honey brown, but you can also add other shades like light ash brown, ombre, balayage, etc!

You can either do a half-half color with cinnamon brown and light honey brown or you can add highlights of light brown color in cinnamon brown! It’s beautiful either way!

Chestnut Brown Hair With Balayage Highlights

Chestnut brown hair transformations are most common among people looking to dye their hair in shades of brown! This color fits perfectly with light honey brown, balayage, light ash and ombre and you can choose to add the magic of these colors in any way you want!

Chestnut hairs with balayage highlights are most common and look really beautiful! If you want to drop balayage and look for other brown variations, there are many options to choose from! My recommendation other than balayage would be light ash brown as the transition between chestnut brown and light ash brown is really smooth!

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The Transition Of Dark Brown And Copper Brown

Bella’s copper brown hair really gave us the inspiration to try that out during our next hair appointment and so we did but not leaving the hints of our natural dark brown behind! The copper brown + dark brown transition looks almost natural and that’s why it is the number one choice for those looking for a rather simple hair transformation! But don’t let that simplicity fool you, it’s actually really BEAUTIFUL!!

The highlights of copper brown in dark brown are too regal to turn away from! You can also do the half-half on this one! Either way, it looks really gorgeous, and thus, you should definitely try it!!!

Half-half Dark Brown And Light Honey Brown

Now, this is one of the most common and classic hair color combinations of browns! The honey brown melts smoothly into the dark brown forming a perfect illusion and adding depth to your dark locks! 

You can do half-half with the upper half being dark and the other half being light or vice-versa! You can also add streaks of the light honey brow in dark brown, a beautifully natural look!

Soft Brown With Honey Balayage

The best thing about any brown variation is that they aren’t hard on the eyes and can smoothly melt in any other color may it be dark brown or even black! The combination of soft honey with honey balayage is the same! Both colors mix and match well and thus you might have noticed many known celebrities flaunting their soft brown with honey balayage locks!

The process and techniques are the same as any other hair color transformation, you can either do a half-half or add highlights according to your choice! Or you can also do the classic face-framing streaks to get a cooler look!

Light Honey Brown Highlights On Dark Pixie Hairs

How can we forget Ellen’s famous pixie haircut, right? If you’re hoping for a shorter hair transformation with a light honey brown color, you should definitely go PIXIE! Adding light honey highlights in your dark brown pixie hairs is really MAGIC!

Pixie haircuts are really cool and the charm only adds up more if you add some lighter color tones to it! Adding bold streaks of highlights or even lighter ones will not make much of a difference as they will look beautiful anyway!

Combination Of Hazelnut, Light Honey Brown Highlights On Dark Hairs

Do you want to try out various variations of brown? Then this one is perfect for you! The combination of hazelnut, light brown, and even light ash and ombre as highlights on dark brown hairs looks SPLENDID!

As these all colors are the various variations of brown, so they aren’t even hard on the eyes! You can also add more colors but that might become too much so it’s better if you stick to the written options! These blend well with each other giving the perfect illusion of waterfall in longer hairs, thus you should definitely try these combinations!

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Dying our hair is as fun as it is confusing! I mean there are so many shades of one color leaving us puzzled on which one to choose! Thus to make your task easier, you can have a look at these beautiful light honey brown hair ideas that are too good to be true! Some of my most favorites on the list are the combinations of dark brown with balayage, ombre, and light ash brown! Happy hair transformation guys!


What are some of the best light honey hair color ideas?

Some of the best light honey hair color ideas are the face-framing light honey brown hairs, half-half with ombre and dark brown, balayage highlights in dark brown hairs, the combination of hazelnut, light honey brown and ash brown in dark brown hairs, etc. 

What are the names of celebrities with naturally light brown hair? 

  • Bella Hadid
  • Beyonce
  • Chris’s Teigen
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Anne Hathaway 
  • Ciara
  • Elizabeth Olsen
  • Gisele Bundchen
  • Emma Stone
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Kim Kardashian 
  • Laverne Cox
  • Jessica Alba
  • Eva Mendes 

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