5 Best Mermaid Movies To Take You On A Fantasy Ride!

Best Mermaid Movies

Since childhood, we all have been obsessed with Disney princesses. The fairyland, everything magical and so pure, the love, the romance, the mermaid tales! Ah! Did I mention mermaid tales? Well, we still can enjoy the fantasy mermaid tales on our favorite streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many more. Curious to know the Best Mermaid Movies? Take a look at the list! 

What if mermaids were for real? You might have read many books that tell the mermaid stories and some even claim that mermaids exist for real. The best Mermaid Movies I am going to mention below will make you believe in these stories. You may fall in love with some of them. Okay, stop fantasizing now!

No doubt that mermaids remain the most fascinating subject for stories and movies for a long time now. What kind of movies do you like? The one with a sweet, pretty mermaid or one full of horror and viciousness? I have made the list keeping every movie taste in mind. Some of the best mermaid movies mentioned below are The Little Mermaid, Mermaid Down, and more! 

Let’s not wait further and give you a reason to crave these best mermaid movies even more. As pretty as they look, they can be blood-thirsty too. 

5 Best Mermaid Movies!

Read these fascinating Mermaid stories and watch them anytime on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and various other sites.

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The Little Mermaid

Best Mermaid Movies; The Little Mermaid
Source: Tangline

Want to go on a fantasy ride? The Little Mermaid will take you on an adventurous, live-action fantasy world that feels so good and real. It’s the story of a mermaid, Elizabeth, who is tricked by a wizard. 

The story begins with an old grandmother telling her two granddaughters a story of The Little Mermaid who lost her soul to a wizard. She begins the story in which Cam is a young reporter who along with his niece Elle used to play outside. Elle suffered from an uncured disease. 

To cure that disease, Elle and Cam visit Locke, who claims to have mermaid healing water. But the rumor turns out to be false about healing mermaid water. And just when Cam and Elle were returning in disappointment, they see a mermaid trapped in a glass box.

As they were walking through the woods, they met the same mermaid again. That mermaid introduces herself as Elizabeth and tells them her story of the trapped soul.

Cam and Elle decide to help her. With the help of a fortune-teller, Thora, and a circus performer, Ulysses, Cam, and Elle take out Elizabeth’s soul and free her.

As Elizabeth returns back to her mermaid form after getting her soul back, she heals Elle. The only cure for Elle was swimming when she felt sick. The story ends with Cam and Elizabeth sharing a goodbye kiss. 

When grandmother finishes the story, she coughs. She tells that it’s time for her to go out and swim, leaving her granddaughters in surprise. Now you know that grandmother herself was Elle in her story!

Mermaid Down

Best Mermaid Movies; Mermaid Down
Source: New On Netflix USA

Mermaid Down is a little creepy yet interesting story of a Mermaid. If you love a little bit of horror drama along with the beauty of mermaids then Mermaid Down is the perfect watch for you.

The story begins with two fishermen trying to catch a mermaid and plan to sell her body for a good amount. They cut off the mermaid’s tail. A man takes away that human half of the mermaid’s body from those fishermen by killing them. 

That man turns out to be a doctor, psychiatrist who wanted to document the mermaid’s body growing with human legs. Once the mermaid develops human legs, Dr. Beyer keeps her in the observation section of a mental institution.

Many other patients are present in that mental institution. The mermaid can talk to the ghosts as well. She shares her story of how pirates were the first ones to capture mermaids. She also says that she’ll die if kept on the land.

Dr. Beyer hears all this conversation and punishes the mermaid by locking her in solitary confinement. The mermaid somehow manages to escape the place. A lot of drama happens at the end with the mermaid being free and Dr. Beyer drowning in the ocean.

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The Lure

Best Mermaid Movies; The Lure
Source: The Criterion Channel

Love is blind, but can it be that blind to give up your life to be with someone? The Lure is a horror musical film starring Martha Mazurek, a Polish Actress.

The Lure is a story about two mermaids who perform in a nightclub. One of them falls in love with a human and is ready to give up her tail to be with him. But as loses her tail as a consequence she loses her voice. 

The Lure is a reworked story of the fairy tale, The Little Mermaid (1837). The storyline follows two mermaids Golden and Silver. They emerge from the water and encounter a rock band called Figs n’ Dates. They enjoy performing with the band. 

Things change when Golden thrusts for blood and murders a bar patron. While Silver falls for a man named Mietek. But Mietek takes no interest in her as he only sees a mermaid and not a woman. Find out what happens next!!

A Mermaid In Paris

Best Mermaid Movies; A Mermaid In Paris
Source: The Movie Database

Doesn’t mermaid remind you of something romantic and beautiful? A Mermaid in Paris is a love story full of romance and fantasy and timely doses of comedy.

This is the story of a hopeless romantic man who has no faith left in life. While he makes it yet to another day of his boring life he meets a mermaid. The mermaid is trapped by some greedy people. He rescues the mermaid in Paris.

This begins the love story between him and the mermaid. They fall in love with each other. They explore Paris, sing, dance, and live happily only until a big twist changes their lives. Find out what’s that twist by watching this beautiful romantic comedy mermaid movie, A mermaid In Paris. 

Scales: Mermaids Are Real

Best Mermaid Movies; Scales: Mermaids Are Real
Source: New On Netflix USA

Do you still doubt whether Mermaids are real or not? Then do watch this movie and get all your doubts cleared. This is a heartfelt story of a young girl who is enjoying her normal human life.

Everything was going just fine when the girl came to know the bitter reality that her human life is about to end. On her 12th birthday, she’ll turn into a mermaid. This freaks her out. Will she transform into a mermaid or will she figure out some way to get out of this? Find out yourself by watching the story! 

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To Conclude:

Hope you enjoy watching these amazing best mermaid movies. Don’t just read the story, go watch yourself. I am sure you’ll love these. Just like Disney Princess Ariel, these mermaids are damn beautiful and alluring. Share this post with your friends and enjoy it together. If you are a parent, do watch these movies with your kids. They’ll love them. Happy Binging!! 

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