5 Best Movies For Coders That Every Programmer Must Watch

Best Movies For Coders

Running out of ideas? Watch a movie. Feeling bored? Watch a movie. Need some motivation? Watch a movie. Want to learn programming? Watch a movie. Wait, what? How can a movie help me with coding? This is what you’re thinking right? Too many question marks!! Let’s get you some answers.

If you are into computers and technology, you know the importance of coding. It’s hard, it puzzling and irritating too sometimes. But what if coding becomes much more interesting? I got you covered with the best movies for coders that will give you a brighter vision of coding and its practical uses. Well, hey!! I am not promising you to be the next Bill Gates after watching these movies, but a better analyzer for sure.

Some of the best movies for coders are The Social Network, The Imitation Game, The Matrix, The Internship, and Source Code. Are these movies only for coders? No, you all can watch these movies without giving them a second thought. 

These movies will show you some practical implementation of computer programming in real life. These contain some sci-fi genres, some comedy flicks, and some action too.

5 Best Movies For Coders

Here are the 5 best movies for coders. Get to know the inside story behind the making of a popular social networking site, watch computer technology taking charge of human life and much more in these movies.

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The Social Network

Best Movies For Coders ; The Social Network
Source: The New York Times

Want to know the story behind the foundation of the popular social networking site, Facebook? The easiest way to come across this journey is by watching this movie. The Social Network as the name suggests is an American Biographical drama movie that tells us about the life of Mark Zuckerberg when he decided to make the site, Facebook.

So many failed attempts, so many backlogs, so many demotivating nights but finally when he Succeeded, the efforts were all worth it. 

The Imitation Game

Best Movies For Coders; The Imitation Game
Source: Plugged In

Can machines think? This movie will definitely get you an answer for this. The Imitation Game is a Historical drama movie adapted from a biography, “Alan Turing: The Enigma written by Andrew Hodges. The central theme of this movie revolves around the situation where the most unexpected person turns out to be at fault that no one else ever imagined of.

A British Cryptanalyst Alan Turing is a brilliant coder who decrypts secret German messages for the British Government. There is a lot happening in the movie where everyone is chasing time but as we know, time and tide wait for none. 

The Matrix

Best Movies For Coders; The Matrix
Source: ScreenCrush

The Matrix is a sci-fi action movie released in the year 1999. The Matrix is the debut film from the Matrix Franchise (containing three movies from the series). No one ever dreams of a destructive and frightening future.

This movie will make you think about the most undesirable future where humanity is trapped in a computerized simulation, known as the Matrix. Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer, rebels against these machines and tries to free mankind from the Matrix.

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The Internship

Best Movies For Coders; The Internship
Source: SocialTalent

To break the seriousness, here we have something fun for you. The Internship is an American comedy movie that you can enjoy. This movie is about two people, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, who are in search of a job.

Since the competition is quite high, they try their best to compete with the technically skilled and much younger aspirants to get a job at Google. The movie leaves no space for boredom, it’s that funny. Watch these two, laid-off salesmen try their luck hard in finding an internship on Amazon Prime. 

Source Code

Best Movies For Coders; Source Code
Source: SlashGear

Intelligence can beat anything. Source Code is an American Sci-fi action movie that shows the power of intelligence. A helicopter pilot who is part of a top-secret military operation makes a plan to expose a bomber. This bomber has already so many people with his master plans and heavy explosions.

He recreates that situation when the first man died in a computer train explosion to prevent the recurrence of the same incident again. With his intelligence and excellent coding skills, he succeeds in his mission. 

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Movies For Coders:

Which are the best computer science movies on Netflix?

The 7 best technology movies on Netflix are:
The Matrix
The Imitation Game
The Social Network
Steve Jobs
The Great Hack

Which are the best Series for Coders?

The 7 best series for coders are:
Silicon Valley
Mr. Robot
The IT Crowd
Halt and Catch Fire
Person of Interest
TVF Pitchers

Hope your search for the best movies for coders successfully ends here. Give your minds a wider scope to think and analyze. And like it’s said that programming is a skill best acquired by practice and examples rather than from books.

Here you came across the 5 best movies with multiple examples to keep you going. If you know of any other programming movie that you found interesting do share the name in the comment section below.

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