6 Best Philosophy Schools in Atlanta, Georgia To Apply For!

Best Philosophy Schools in Atlanta

Looking for some best philosophy schools in Atlanta? You landed in the right place. Here you will discover that philosophy is not just a discipline but a whole source of personality development. From critical analysis to strong reasoning power, it enhances overall perspectives.

When we talk about Philosophy, the first thing that comes to mind is expressing our views on something. But philosophy is not just expressing views on something but also an in-depth understanding of the concept, of handling life, of critical analysis, and better decision making in one’s life. Criteria in choosing a good institute have some steps to look up to *Academic quality, *School Environment, *Value for money,*Offers growth, *Flexible courses

Follow these steps and you get one step closer to choosing the right Institute. Below is the list of the best philosophy schools in Atlanta. 

  1. Emory University
  2. Georgia State University
  3. Spelman College
  4. Morehouse College
  5. University of West Georgia
  6. Clayton State University

All these are top-ranked schools in Atlanta. Every Institute has its own identity and qualities and guarantees the best educational environment. Here is an overview of these best philosophy schools in Atlanta.

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6 Best Philosophy Schools in Atlanta, Georgia.

From no. of schools to choose from we made your choice easy by providing you with the six best philosophy schools in Atlanta. The summarized details about these best philosophy colleges in Atlanta are provided in the article above. Read till the end to know more. 

1. Emory University

Best Philosophy Schools in Atlanta : Emory University

source- Emory University

With the largest health care system, Emory University is one of the best philosophy schools in Atlanta. It is one of the oldest private institutions with over 15,000 students. Emory ranked in the top 25 best universities in the year 2019.

The Philosophy department at Emory University is top-ranked as it offers nearly 50 bachelor’s degrees in philosophy every year. Ethics, regional diversity, history, political science everything here is of top-notch quality. 

2. Georgia State University

Best Philosophy Schools in Atlanta: Georgia State University

source: Urban University- WordPress.com

The Washington Post recognized this university as a hotbed of growth and innovation’, which itself defines its prestigious environment. Not only this, Georgia State University ranks among the five best universities in the country. Taking the 2nd spot in the list of best philosophy schools in Atlanta, this university is a public research university. 

The philosophy programs at GSU are among the top courses in the nation. Known for its other popular programs like social sciences, Business, and management, Medical, and computer information, its philosophy program is counted in the top ones. It also offers a good placement record. 

3. Spelman College– Best Philosophy College in Atlanta.

Best Philosophy Schools in Atlanta : Spelman College

source: CollegeVine

Spelman is a top-ranked liberal arts college and no. 1 historically black college in the United States. It is comparatively a small Institute that enrolls nearly 2,000 undergraduate students with quite a fair competitive environment. 

An excellent academic background for educating most back women in philosophy, this college accepts students with a GPA score of 3.8. Major courses offered here are an introduction to philosophy, History of Western philosophy, social and political philosophy, logical reasoning and study of religion, etc.

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4. Morehouse College

Best Philosophy Schools in Atlanta : Morehouse College

source: The College Post

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Morehouse College is the largest men’s liberal arts college in the country. Founded in 1867, this college has evolved with time and reached a top position. It is ranked in the top 50 most innovative colleges. 

The concept of life and death gets cleared when you choose a major like philosophy. Here at Morehouse college, philosophy courses are so intelligent to develop your communicating and analytical skills. Philosophy is the founding stone of many aspects of life and hence, this college makes its place to the best philosophy schools in Atlanta. 

5. University of Western Georgia

Best Philosophy Schools in Atlanta : University of Western Georgia

source: UWG

Enrolling 13,000 plus students, the University of Western Georgia is a public Institute. The university offers many programs at the graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate levels. The overall environment and student life are excellent.

This university ranks in the top 400 colleges for offering philosophy degrees. Get a learning experience from top professors and top courses available at UWG. In short, this university can be a good option for philosophy. 

6. Clayton State University

Best Philosophy Schools in Atlanta : Clayton State University

source: Clayton State University

Located in Morrow Georgia, this university is a public university. Major courses offered here are arts and humanities, sciences, etc. Clayton makes its spot in the best philosophy schools in Atlanta. 

The philosophy department offers good academic quality. If you want to pursue any other courses like law, business, education, administration, journalism, etc. Philosophy gives you back support for every other major. 

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Make the right choice for your career. Hope this article stood up to your requirements and findings. Now choose the schools for philosophy in Atlanta and have a bright year ahead. For more such content stay tuned to deasilex.com. 

Featured Image Credits: College Consensus

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