8 Best Philosophy Schools In Chicago (Updated List of 2021)

Best Philosophy Schools in Chicago

Looking for the best philosophy schools in Chicago? You are on the right page. With so many options available to choose from, it gets tricky to choose the right possible schools. Career plays an important role in life and for that choice, the best education is the very first step.

Why choose Philosophy? Philosophy is not just a subject but an overall personality transformation. What’s better than being your own mentor in difficult situations? And also to be a strong decision-maker and to have a much broader vision to think about life. All this is possible with a single decision i.e philosophy. The major steps involved in choosing the right institute are simple yet tricky, such as; *Education Quality, *Student development offered, *Effectiveness of courses,*Scope to grow and dwell.

Some of the best options to choose from the top-rated colleges and universities are provided in the guide below:

  1. Loyola University of Chicago
  2. The University of Chicago
  3. DePaul University
  4. The University of Illinois at Chicago
  5. Wheaton College.
  6. Lake Forest College
  7. Augustana College
  8. Northwestern University

Below here is a detailed description of courses and offerings of these top philosophy colleges along with their student rate and overall rankings. Although there is a huge list to choose from these specific ones are highly recommended.

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Top 8 Philosophy Schools In Chicago:

If you are facing any difficulty regarding the selection of your perfect fit of best philosophy colleges in Chicago, then you must go through this guide and read the article till the end for better understanding.

1. Loyola University Chicago

Best philosophy schools in Chicago; Loyola University Chicago
source- WBEZ

If you are searching for the best Philosophy schools in Chicago, A top-ranked and one of the largest Catholic Universities to be in the United States is non-other than Loyola University Chicago. Loyola offers professional programs like health sciences, medical, nursing, etc. It is a private research university offering a variety of programs.

Being the hub of top courses Loyola comprises eleven colleges and schools. Like mentioned before it offers various graduate and undergraduate courses for the students, to be specific; over 75 undergraduate courses, and over 100+ graduate courses.

This university always remains in the topped rankings. In 2019, where it was among the top 100 best national universities and down to 2020 where it ranked among the top 110 has again gained a top position for the recent year.

Its philosophy department is renowned and offers various majors like ethics, history of philosophy, social and political philosophy. This university has a friendly environment that helps students to grow competitively and builds up a much better understanding and reasoning power. 

2. The University of Chicago

Best Philosophy Schools in Chicago-
University of Chicago

This university stands out to be the most selective in the U.N. The University of Chicago is a top-ranked institute with a large scale of students attending every coming year. It’s a private university.

Chicago being the house to 8 professional schools offers various interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate programs. UC ranks in the top 10 universities worldwide. According to recent reports and surveys this university bags the top 3 rankings in the US.

In the list of best philosophy schools in Chicago, this is a competitive university academically and standard-wise offering various electives in the philosophy department to enhance logical thinking. The philosophy department at UC is among the best in the country.

From offering a challenging environment to offering various professional majors like Western philosophy, Health care ethics, Ancient philosophy, analytical philosophy, etc. this university aims for the best all-around development. Overall, a good university.

3. DePaul University

8 Best Philosophy Schools In Chicago (Updated List of 2021)

When talking about top universities, DePaul University also remains in the limelight for ranking top for its various programs from time to time. Founded in the late ’80s this university was once the largest Catholic University in the US. It’s moderate when it comes to admissions and competition.

DePaul is best known for its arts, business, and social science programs. Apart from that, it offers more than 100 undergraduate and more than 150 graduate programs in various fields like arts, science, music, business, marketing, etc.

DePaul’s Philosophy programs are among the leading programs in the country. Strong communication skills and a problem-solving approach are very important in tackling life situations.

The degree in philosophy from this university proves to be the best in critical thinking, helps in enhanced communication skills, and makes you a better decision-maker when it comes to real-life analysis that’s why it takes its place in the best philosophy schools in Chicago. Without any worry, it’s good to go to college and stand out in the best philosophy schools in Chicago.

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4. The University of Illinois at Chicago

8 Best Philosophy Schools In Chicago (Updated List of 2021)
source-study Abroad -Shiksha

Providing a good student rate at the University of Illinois at Chicago becomes the largest university in Chicago. This university falls in the top 100 national universities and the top 60 in national universities. Student life at UIC is amazing whether it be in the field of services, student organizations, campus, clubs, events, or other scholarship schemes.

Offering the best programs, the philosophy programs here at UIC are among the best in the country. The faculty has a renowned and international reputation here.

Classrooms are friendly and diverse. Teacher-student interaction is also reasonably effective and encouraging. If you too are interested to develop your critical thinking skills and also wish to be heard out then this place can be the best choice for you.

5. Wheaton College

Best Philosophy Schools in Chicago-
Wheaton College
source- Wheaton College

Talking about the best philosophy schools in Chicago, Wheaton College comes in the 5th position. Founded in 1860 this college has an enrollment of more than 3000 students out of which nearly 2500 are undergraduates and the rest are graduate students. This college offers flexibility in options for choosing any degree.

The courses offered in philosophy are Food and Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of arts, Asian Philosophy, Environmental ethics, History of Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Philosophy, and scientific inquiry, etc.

All these courses are of the best quality and quantity. For skill development like critical analyses and in-depth understanding of various life happenings, this college is a good option out of the best philosophy schools in Chicago.

6. Lake Forest College

Best Philosophy Schools In Chicago; Lake Forest College
Source: Custom Ink

Lake Forest College is a private institute for liberal arts. Founded in 1857 this college has earned a good name in the field of quality education. It is in fact, ranked at no. 85th in the list of best philosophy schools in Chicago.

In Lake Forest college you can choose from over 30 major courses at the undergraduate level and many other minor level courses like social sciences, philosophy, economics, etc.

You can opt for an internship program as well. Here you get to study from top professors and faculty members.

7. Augustana College

Best Philosophy Schools In Chicago; Augustana College
Source: Pinterest

Augustana College is a Lutheran Liberal Arts College in Chicago. Founded in 1860, this college has quite an acceptance rate of 55.6% students per year. This school is ranked in the top 40 best liberal arts schools in the US.

Whether you wish to study Philosophy or any other major, the education quality is top-notch. Along with education, this institute offers an all-around development of the students. Also, it offers easy placements after completing the course.

8. Northwestern University

Best Philosophy Schools In Chicago; Northwestern University
Source: Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy.

Wish to study at the most prestigious university in Chicago? Northwestern University is the perfect choice to make. It’s a private research university in Illinois. This university has to order so many courses like arts, sciences, doctorate, etc.

The philosophy department at Northwestern University is top class. Philosophy and public affairs, Journal of modern philosophy, Normative ethics, every program here are the best one. Come and feel the difference with an “A” class learning experience.

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Hope this guide was helpful to you. Don’t get confused about the options, instead get your priorities cleared. Also check out the Best philosophy schools in New York, Best Philosophy schools in Philadelphia here.

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