9 Best Philosophy Schools in New York (Updated List 2021)

Best Philosophy Schools in New York

Which are the best philosophy schools in New York? When it comes to future planning, career planning plays a vital role. And when we talk about a career there are many options available today. But choosing the right option can be tricky and challenging at times. What suits you? What interests you? What are you best at? What can be beneficial for you in the long run? All these questions are obvious to come to mind when choosing the right career choice.

Why choose Philosophy? Philosophy is not just a subject but an overall personality transformation. What better can be to be your mentor in difficult situations. And also to be a strong decision-maker and a much broader vision to think about life. All this is possible with a single decision i.e philosophy.

The major steps involved in choosing the right institute are simple yet tricky, such as;*Education Quality, *Student development offered, *Effectiveness of courses, *Scope to grow and dwell. Some of the best philosophy schools in New York are :

  1. Columbia University
  2. New York University
  3. Fordham University
  4. The City College of New York
  5. Cornell University
  6. Colgate University
  7. Stony Brook University
  8. Hamilton College
  9. Barnard College

To be precise this subject helps in making many abstract choices and provides diversity. Find the best suitable college for the list below.

Quality is what should be chosen over quantity. And to help you choose the right quality of academic value as well as the best match for your interests, we have gathered detailed information for you. In this article, we have covered the 9 best philosophy schools in New York. 

Still, confused about career choices? Go through this complete article to find your fit and choose the best. 

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1.Columbia University

Best Philosophy Schools in New York; Columbia University
source-Common App

With a 4.2 GPA, you have chances to be selected in no. 1 university in New York City, Columbia University. Founded in 1759, this Royal university comes at no. 1 in the list of best philosophy schools in New York. Students here face tough competition and a great learning experience. There are a lot of scholarship programs available for the students of Columbia University. 

The philosophy department of Columbia University aims at providing the best programs. Its philosophy department is ranked in the top 10 in the US. A lawyer, banker, counsellor, teacher, social worker, or journalist whatever you aim to be, all this can begin with making the right choice i.e. choosing philosophy. And what good can be to choose from the best philosophy schools in New York itself? 

2.New York University

Best Philosophy Schools in New York:
New York University

New York University bags the second spot in this list of best philosophy schools in New York. It has the largest enrollment rate of more than 50,000 students every year ( including 25,000 + undergraduate students and 25,000+ graduate students as well). NYU has its campuses in the streets of Manhattan. 

This University is highly prestigious and selective with an acceptance rate of 16%. This university always falls in the top 20 best colleges in New York. Its philosophy department is not on no. 1 but also, the best in town. The philosophy here is not just a subject of humanity but a life-changing course as it will help you choose between the right and wrong, best and worst, and critical analysis of everything. With around curriculum development of various reading and writing skills, this university stands out. 

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3.Fordham University

Best Philosophy Schools in New York:
Fordham University
source-Study New York

Another entry in the list of best philosophy schools in New York, Fordham University takes its spot. Fordham enrolls more than 15,000 students from more than 60 countries. With an acceptance rate of 42%, this university is highly competitive. Fordham offers highly specialized academic programs. Moreover, it ranks in the top 40 best Colleges in the US. 

In offering the philosophy degree this college ranked no. 30. The courses offered here of top value. All three degrees of bachelor, masters, and doctorate are available here. As a student at Fordham University in Philosophy major, you will learn the critical analysis of examined life around and get to know yourself better. 

4.The City College of New York

Best Philosophy Schools in New York:
The City College of New York
source-The New York Times

Taking fourth place in the list of best philosophy schools in New York. This is a public college founded in 1847. CCNY offers various degrees in various fields like bachelors of arts, bachelor of engineering, bachelor’s of science, bachelor’s of masters of arts, masters of business, masters of science, Doctorate of philosophy, etc. You can also try some educational apps to get career ideas.

To be an effective personality, certain skills need to be developed. These skills can be developed through philosophy as it adds value to your character and makes you ready to face any life situation in a much better and different way. 

5.Cornell University

Best Philosophy Schools in New York:
Cornell University

Cornell University is a private research university taking the spot 5 in the list of best philosophy schools in New York. Cornell has some of the highly prestigious schools S. C. Johnson graduate school of management, Cornell medical school, etc. Which offers the best-known courses. 

The philosophy majors offered by Cornell University are among the top 90 in New York. Philosophy itself has different fields and is divided into different majors to opt from. Like you can study metaphysics, philosophy of mind, history of philosophy, philosophy of language, political philosophy, social philosophy, and aesthetics. 

6.Colgate University

Best Philosophy Schools in New York:
Colgate University
source- Common App

With the motto, For God and Truth, Colgate University stands 6th in this list of best philosophy schools in New York. Colgate offers more than 50 undergraduate majors and many other programs abroad. If you have 4.0 GPA scores then there are chances of getting into this university. 

Colgate university always ranks in between the top 30 to 40 top colleges. Improved academic, as well as reasoning skills, are offered with this course of philosophy at Colgate University. Philosophy is such a subject that offers great career options like law, finance, consultant, medical field, etc.

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7. Stony Brook University

Best Philosophy Schools in New York: Stony Brook University
Source: WSHU

The State University of New York at Stony Brook is a public research university in New York. This public university covers the largest area in the state of new York. Looking for the best philosophy course in town? This university meets all your needs.

Here, philosophy is not just a subject of solitary pursuit but more a collective vocation. Whether it’s MA or PhD in Philosophy, Stony Brook has the best courses to offer. It’s ranked in top 40 best universities in the U.S.

8. Hamilton College

Best Philosophy Schools in New York; Hamilton College
Source: NY Daily News

Hamilton College welcomes you to one of the best liberal arts college in New York. It offers the best philosophy courses and is ranked in top 10 best undergraduate teaching institutes.

Not just this, Hamilton College is ranked in the top 25 best liberal arts colleges in New York. Also, the dorm facilities and the campus environment are really nice. It’s a private college with the best professors from all over the state.

9. Barnard College

Best Philosophy Schools in New York; Barnard College
Source: Columbia Global Centers

Looking for a girls college in New York that offers the best environment and courses? Here it is. Barnard College is one of the best Philosophy schools in New York which comes under Columbia University. It’s a private women liberal arts college.

This institute offers 50 plus courses in arts and humanities. The campus is beautiful along with clean dorm facilities. There are over 3000 students getting admission to this college. The philosophy courses are top notch.

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The right education can help you in the longer run. Hope you found this article on best philosophy schools in New York helpful. Now you can choose any top college for persuing the desired course from the above mentioned list.

Featured Image Credits: US News & World Report

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