6 Best Philosophy Schools in Philadelphia Ranked Top 10

Best philosophy schools in philadelphia

Which are the best philosophy schools in Philadelphia? When it comes to future planning, career planning plays a vital role. And when we talk about a career there are many options available today. But choosing the right option can be tricky and challenging at times. What can be beneficial for you in the long run? All these questions are obvious to come to mind when choosing the right career choice. But making a decision is the very first step to start a new chapter in life. And for this choosing the right subjects becomes important.

Why choose Philosophy? Philosophy is not just a subject but an overall personality transformation. What better than being a strong decision-maker in life. All this is possible with a single decision i.e philosophy. To be precise this subject helps in making many abstract choices and provides diversity. The major steps involved in choosing the right institute are simple yet tricky, such as; Education Quality, Student development offered, Effectiveness of courses, Scope to grow and dwell.

Some of the best options to choose from the top-rated colleges and universities are provided in the article below:

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. Temple University
  3. Villanova University
  4. Haverford University
  5. Bryn Mawr College
  6. Swarthmore College

Quality is what should be chosen over quantity. And to help you choose the right quality of academic value as well as the best match for your interests, we have prepared a detailed guide for you. In this guide, we have covered the 6 best philosophy schools in Philadelphia. 

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6 Best Philosophy schools in Philadelphia

Compare the performance and rankings of the best philosophy schools in Philadelphia and choose accordingly. For better understanding go through the article till the end.

1. University of Pennsylvania

Best Philosophy Schools in Philadelphia:
University of Pennyslvania

When talking about the Best philosophy schools in Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania takes a top spot on this list. This university is highly selective when it comes to admissions. Being a private and an ivy League university this university was founded in 1740. Though this university is famous for offering a variety of majors, some of the most popular ones are Engineering, Marketing, Biosciences, business, philosophy, etc. 

Why is the University of Pennsylvania among the best philosophy schools in Philadelphia? Its philosophy courses are ranked top at no. 1 and it also ranks in the top 100 in the list of most popular schools in the country. The main reason for its top rankings and performance is due to its offering of more than 150 degrees. In short, thumbs up for this choice. 

2. Temple University

Best Philosophy Schools in Philadelphia:
Temple University
source-Temple University -Giving

Founded in 1884, this university too takes its place in the best philosophy schools in Philadelphia. It enrolls more than 40,000 graduate and undergraduate students every year. It’s best known for its professional academic offerings. It was in the top 50 rankings for the year 2020. Temple University is pretty good for in house campus living. 

Highly prestigious in its professional courses like liberal arts, science, social sciences, business, mathematics, and many more. How good are you in decision making? How do you treat life? Are your perspectives valuable enough in life? The philosophy courses offered here provide a stepwise understanding of all these genres. From ethics to social diversity philosophy department stands best. 

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3. Villanova University

Best Philosophy Schools in Philadelphia:
Villanova University
source-Villanova University

Villanova is third in the list of best philosophy schools in Philadelphia. This school is highly competitive with an acceptance rate of 42%. Also, ranked in the top 50 best national universities. Its rigorous and competitive environment makes it hard to get in with a 3.9 GPA requirement. Without any doubt, the courses here are top-notch. 

The Ph. D programs in areas like Philosophy, Analytical philosophy, political philosophy, etc. Are highly specialized programs. A wide perspective of reality and life, nature, justice, and human freedom will all get modified after opting for the philosophy course. 

4. Haverford University

Best Philosophy Schools in Philadelphia:
Haverford University
source-Haverford University

With the best in town location, Haverford University also comes in the list of best philosophy schools in Philadelphia. The college offers more than 30 majors in arts and sciences. Moreover, this college ranks in the top 10 best colleges. Nearly 90% of students reside in the campus hostels itself along with approx. 50% of the faculty. 

Focusing mainly on the philosophical aspects of life this college provides a rich learning environment. It offers majors like the philosophy of history, aesthetics, philosophy of logic and languages, etc. Life is all about exploring, so make sure you are at your best. Come and be a part of Haverford University. 

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5. Bryn Mawr College

Best Philosophy Schools in Philadelphia:
Bryn Mawr College
source-Bryn Mawr College

Founded in 1885, Bryn Mawr College is a women’s liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. This college enrolls nearly 2000 students. Bryn is mostly known for its academic diversity and excellence. Overall it has a good academic reputation with an acceptance rate of 34%.

Highly skilled philosophy courses are availed here with a positive approach to qualify your learning, reading, communicating, and reasoning skills. How do you deal with life? This quality will reach new heights while opting for these courses here at Bryn Mawr College. 

6. Swarthmore College

Best Philosophy Schools in Philadelphia:
Swarthmore College
source-Founder of Individual Rights In Education

Swarthmore College is by far the best when it comes to best philosophy schools in Philadelphia. It is located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Swarthmore offers more than 550 courses every year. Although the small size of Swarthmore never hindered it from reaching heights academically and Competitively. 

It’s ranked in the top three in the best liberal arts college. It’s very selective on an academic basis. The acceptance rate here is 11% only which makes it a highly selective one. The philosophy courses here are proposed to offer a better understanding of life, to make you a better decision-maker, and to enhance the characteristics values in you. Come and be a part of the best philosophy schools in Philadelphia at Swarthmore. 

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Now you have read the overview of these best philosophy schools in Philadelphia. The next move should be to compare and evaluate the top priority college based on your needs and affordability. Choose wisely and for more such updates stay connected to deasilex.com.

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