7 Best Philosophy Schools in San Francisco To Apply!

Which are the best philosophy schools in San Francisco? Do you love critical analysis of things around you? Or are you finding it hard to make your voice stand out in the crowd while presenting your views and suggestions about something? Don’t worry, we are here to help you make the right career choice according to your fit. Philosophy is often misunderstood as a subject that consists of philosophical thoughts and views only. But it is much broader and effective when it comes to its application in real life.

Communication effectiveness is the need of the hour. Likewise, a strong reasoning ability makes us a much better performer in various fields. If you too are dedicated enough to enhance such skills then philosophy is the right career choice for you. Career choice comes with choosing the right Institute to study from. And for that, a few steps need to be kept in mind while selecting your fit of colleges; •Academic value, • Performance rate, • Value for money, • Encouraging and uplifting environment.

To help you choose the right match for your requirements we made a quick sneak peek of top-rated philosophy schools and colleges from across San Francisco. Have a look at these best philosophy schools in San Francisco and find the best for you.

1) The University of San Francisco.
2) Stanford University.
3) University of California, Berkeley.
4) Santa Clara University.
5) Saint Mary’s College of California.
6) San Francisco State University.
7)California State University.

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These are the top-ranked best colleges for philosophy in San Francisco that you can apply to. Choose the best one for you.

7 Best Philosophy Schools in San Francisco

Here are some shortlisted best philosophy schools in San Francisco with a detailed overview of their rankings, academic offerings, and environment. Have a look at these best philosophy colleges in San Francisco.

1. University of San Francisco

University of San Francisco
source-US News and World Report

Standing in the list of best colleges for philosophy in San Francisco, the University of San Francisco bags its spot. This is a private university offering a diverse and friendly environment. USF enrolls good students every year. The philosophy department here offers various major and minor graduate and undergraduate programs to the students. It is a non-profit organization. Not only this, it is a hub to many clubs and organizations such as cultural, social, professional, athletic, etc.

The main aim of the university is to promote student engagement however hectic the courses become. The philosophy department here offers relevant skill development especially when it comes to effective communication, decision making, writing skills, solving philosophical problems, etc. Come and witness the process of your evolution journey here at USF.

2. Stanford University

Best Philosophy Schools in San Francisco: Standford University


Founded in 1885, this university is one of the top universities in providing philosophy programs. Ranked at no. 1 in 2017, this university became the most desired university by the students. This is why this university comes on the list of best philosophy schools in San Francisco.

Enrollment here ranges from about 7000 undergraduate and 10,000 graduate students. It is a private research university in Stanford, California.
Talking about philosophy this university ranks in the top 100 for its philosophy courses. The main courses offered here are metaphysics, logical philosophy, political philosophy, and Philosophy of mind. To Mindstorm, you with influential ideas the courses here are a perfect fit.

3. University of California, Berkeley

Best Philosophy Schools in San Francisco: University of California-Berkeley

source-CSO Online

Ranked among the world’s top universities, the University of California, Berkley makes its place in the list of best colleges. Many leading institutions are being hosted under this university. In the pandemic, the classwork of the university shifted to online mode. It offers the best quality online classes. Academic requirements here are not so high like if you have a 3.2 GPA and your grades are between B+ and C, there are chances of you getting selected.

Scoring a top rank at no. 15, the University of California falls in the list of top courses for philosophy. The courses at UC are highly prestigious and top in rankings. UC Berkeley is a dream school for students. With a huge student body, this school is highly competitive and dedicated academically as well as in extracurricular participation.

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4. Santa Clara University

Best Philosophy Schools in San Francisco: Santa Clara University

source-College Consensus

Santa Clara is the oldest higher learning Institute in California which offers a variety of bachelor’s, master’s, doctors, and other related program degrees. Founded in 1851, this is a private university in California. It offers numerous courses for graduate and undergraduate students like business, arts, and sciences, Law, engineering, etc. Like other schools mentioned in the above list, this school too holds a top rank for its teaching and programs. In the passing year 2020, it ranked in the top 50 national universities.

Santa Clara is quite prestigious due to its acceptance rate i.e. 46%. The philosophy programs offered here are undoubtedly the best ones. Offering various choices in philosophy programs like metaphysics, ethics, politics, ethnicity, and many others, this university can be a good option for students thinking to go for a philosophy major.

5. Saint Mary’s College of California

Best Philosophy Schools in San Francisco: Saint Marry's College of California


Another prestigious and renowned Institute to study philosophy from is Saint Mary’s College of California. This consists of a friendly environment, luxury suites, a good campus, and a competitive spirit. This college is located in Moraga, California, and was established in 1863. In the first few years of its start where this Institute was poorly performing to getting up and raising its standard in the top list, this school has witnessed a great journey.

Saint Mary’s College is a liberal arts Institute with various major offerings. If you are aiming to choose a philosophy major you can easily choose it with other majors like English, science, business, etc. Many broad structured philosophy programs are available here like philosophy and justice, ethics, liberal justice, etc. A much broader vision and deeper thinking will be enhanced through this philosophy program.

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6. San Francisco State University

Best Philosophy Schools in San Francisco: San Francisco State University

source-College Consensus

Founded in 1899, this university ranks in the top 30 Best Colleges in the country. If you have a GPA score of 3.4, you are good to go to this university. With an acceptance rate of nearly 70%, this university comes in the best philosophy schools in San Francisco.

The philosophy department of SFSU ranks in the best 35 philosophy offering schools. Undoubtedly the courses here are of the best quality. The available philosophy programs are helpful in other degree programs too like arts, political theory, and law, sciences, etc.

7. California State University

Best Philosophy Schools in San Francisco: California State University


Founded in 1857, CSU is a public university. The best part about this university is that it is the largest producer of graduates across the country. If you are thinking of going to this university then the average GPA score should be 3.2 with nearly average grades.

This university provides the best selection rate for students getting a job offer immediately after completing college. Philosophy programs like ethics, metaphysics, history of philosophy, etc. are of top quality ranking in the best 35 across the country.

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Philosophy plays an important role in the understanding of society. A subject that can enhance your thinking capacity and can add more value to your decision-making is philosophy. Hope you found this post on Best schools for philosophy in San Francisco helpful. Choose the best-suited school for you.

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