Best Pokémon V Cards | Surprising Expansions!!

Best Pokémon V Cards: Surprising Expansions!!

Bulbasaur, Charizard, and Team Rocket! Who hasn’t heard these names before? It’s all Pokémon! There’s a certain nostalgia associated with this particular name- “Pokémon!” We’ve spent our childhood watching that anime and playing those cards so that we never run out of memories associated with them! I know it’s not exclusive to me only as the Pokémon fans are scattered all over the WORLD! Making it one of the most widespread gaming communities!

Pokémon launched its Trading Card Game (TCG) in 1996 and it still hasn’t lost its shine! With Pokémon celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, it has packed its fans with a whole bunch of surprises! New expansions are releasing and some have already been released, like the sword and shield chilling reign!

Pokémon hasn’t ceased to surprise its fans since the great reveal of Pokémon 25: The Album in collaboration with Universal Music Group! Even its most awaited card game will get an energy booster with new expansions on the way like the Flying Pikachu V card!!!

Pokémon Legends of Galar Zamazenta...
Pokémon Legends of Galar Zamazenta V Tin & Pokéball Opening

Our V cards will become stronger than before to take down our opponents! Thus, with new V cards on the list, let’s reminisce about some of the old and “THE” best Pokémon V cards in TCG!

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What Are Pokémon V Cards?

Best Pokémon V Cards
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Pokémon V cards are a type of Pokémon Trading Cards that were first released in the Sword And Shield Expansion. The idea of it all began way back, i.e. after the release of Sun and Moon in 2016! They were first released in Japan in 2019 and the English variant of the same was released in 2020! The game is set in the Galar region (Britain) and brings incredible energy and power to our usual TCG! 

The incorporation of Giganta Max and Dynamax forms in the game, has added more power and abilities, and leveled up our old game styles!

V cards have higher Hit Points (HP) and special abilities if compared to earlier standard cards. But be aware! With all the power comes RISKS! If your V card gets knocked out by your opponent, you will end up losing two prize cards! These are basic cards that can be upgraded to VMAX cards that boost up your HP with some special attacks and power additions! But if your VMAX gets knocked out! You’ll bowl your eyes out because the penalty is losing three prize cards!! So? Are you ready for such risky battles? I would say- WHY NOT!! Let’s bring it on!

Till date, Sword and shield has gone through several expansions, these are- 

  • Sword & Shield
  • Battle Styles
  • Rebel Clash
  • Darkness Ablaze
  • Champion’s Path
  • Shining Fates
  • Vivid Voltage
  • Sword & Shield Promo
  • Shining Fates: Shiny Vault
  • Chilling Reign

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2021 New Expansions in Pokémon TCG

Pokémon V Cards
Source: Siliconera

With Pokémon turning 25 this year, new expansions are being added to the TCG with new cards and even some of the rare cards! Pokémon Evolving Skies was set to be released in July of this year in Japan and the English variant of the same will be available from late August onwards! More exciting expansions are also on the list with Pokémon Celebrations that will be released in the month of October!

It has been revealed that TCG Celebrations will have 4 rare cards out of which three will be the following – Lance’s Charizard V, Dark Sylveon V, and Pikachu V-UNION

Are you guys waiting to get your hands on that treasure? Because I surely AM!

Sword And Shield Chilling Reign

pokemon chilling reign
Source: Dot Esports

Sword and Shield Chilling Reign were Released on June 18 for online TCG players! This Pokémon expansion had lots of surprises for Pokémon fans! The expansion of Chilling Reign set in the Galarian region includes

  1. Many Pokémon from the Galar Region
  2. It has 198 cards
  3. Three special energy cards and many trainer cards
  4. Contains 8 VMAX cards and 15 V cards

The Most Powerful V cards In Chilling Reign

Galarian Articuno V, Galarian Zapdos V, and Galarian Molters V are considered some of the most powerful and best V cards in the Chilling Reign expansion after some of its VMAX cards. How will they make your opponent cry in the battle? Let’s see!

best pokemon v cards
Source: Bleeding Cool
  • Galarian Articuno V

This Psychic and ultra-rare card with 210 Hit Points has the ability of reconstitution and you need to discard two cards from your hand to use this ability! An attack by this card will render your opponent confused! However, It has a weakness of Dx2 and its resistance is 30!

  • Galarian Zapdos V

This is another Ultra-rare card with the card number 080/198 and has the ability of fighting instinct! You have to discard special energy from your opponent’s active Pokémon to use its thunderous attack. It has Px2 weakness and has zero resistance!

  • Galarian Moltres V

Galarian Moltres V card is high in demand with its ability of Direflame wings! It has a card number of 097/198 and is an Ultra-rare card with hit points of 220. With its attack of Aura burn, it does 30 damage to itself and you can use the Direflame wings’ ability only once during your turn.

  • Zeraora V

This is an Ultra-rare lightning card with the number 053/198. Its crossed fist attack will render one of your opponents benched Pokémon damage of 160 if you have attacked with your rapid strike Pokémon in your last turn!. It has zero resistance and weakness of Fx2.

The Most Powerful VMAX Cards In Chilling Reign

TCG VMAX cards
Source: Dot Esports
  • Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX

With card number 46/198, this ultra-rare VMAX card has provided many players a helping hand during their game! Attack from the ride of the high King will leave all of your opponents benched Pokémon with damage of  30+. 

  • Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX

This shadow rider VMAX with an HP of 320 has the ability of an underworld door! You can draw two cards if you attach psychic energy from your hand to any one of your benched Psychic Pokémon! This will do 30 more damage to psychic energy attached to all of your Pokémon.

  • Metagross VMAX

This metal-type VMAX card has hit points of 330. This Pokémon card’s max rush does 130 more damage to your opponent and has a resistance of G-30!

  • Blaziken VMAX

This ultra-rare fire-type Pokémon card has HP of 320 and it will render your opponent’s Pokémon useless by making it unable to retreat during his next turn!  It has a weakness of wx2 and its resistance is none.

  • Celebi VMAX

This grass-type Pokémon card can be healed from your other grass-type Pokémons to damage of 20! This has a weakness of Rx2 and zero resistance.

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Best Pokémon V Cards In Sword & Shield With 250+ HP

pokemon sword and shield
Source: Nintendo

Pokémon V cards are a life-saver while playing an online TCG! Below is a list of Pokémon V cards From Sword & Shield that have HP of 250 or more! Happy playing!

  • Wailord V

This water-type Pokémon card with an HP of 280 can attach up to three energy cards from your discarded pile of cards! It has a weakness of Lx2 and zero resistance.

  • Steelix V

This metal-type Pokémon with its Raging Hammer attack can do 30 more damage for each damage counter on him! However, it also does 30 damage to itself! It has a weakness of Rx2 and resistance of G-30.

  • Blissey V

This colorless type Pokémon card has the ability of natural cure! This card has massive potential and is used in different combinations by expert players! This V card has a weakness of Fx2 and its resistance is none.


This year’s Pokémon anniversary has a lot of surprises for gamers obsessed with Pokémon Card games and they surely will not be disappointed with what Nintendo has for them! With lots of V and VMAX cards on the list, the gamers’ TCG journey is far from over!

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Difference between V and VMAX cards?

V cards can be upgraded into Vmax cards. This can best describe which ones will be more powerful and have more special attacks! Obviously VMAX! Although V cards are more powerful than standard Pokémon cards, VMAX surely has more to offer! 

What are rare Pokémon cards?

Some of the rare Pokémon cards are Charizard Base Set (1st edition), Aquapolis Lugia, Base Set Shadowless Blastoise, Dragon For tiers Charizard Star (Delta Species), etc. 

What are the most expensive Pokémon cards?

Rare Pokémon cards will obviously be more expensive than your standard ones! Some of the expensive Pokémon cards are Gold Pikachu, Kangaskhan-Holo, Ishihara GX, Shadowless Charizard, etc. 

Featured Image Credits: Unsplash

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