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There was a time when Blondes or Brunettes were all you saw! But now, times have obviously changed! I mean I can’t even count the ladies I saw in the subway that had all the color palette shades painted in their hair! Since then I’ve been obsessing over those fascinating shades ranging from darker to pastel, Aaahhhh!!! It’s such a refreshing sight after a long day at work with lots of bickering I’d say! So coming back to the topic of hair colors, are you dying to try out something new and unique? Something that would make a rainbow appear on a dark night? Well, yeah I’m talking about Rainbow hair color ideas!!!

Rainbow hairs are in trend and I just can’t get over them! It’s such a bewitching sight when you see all those mesmerizing colors floating around! It’s magical and thus, I have come up with some absolutely gorgeous and even surprising hair color ideas! Do you know the best thing about these bright beautiful colors? Well, You can change them anytime you want as they aren’t very long-lasting! 

The bright colors in Rainbow hairs make you look so badass and cool that everyone wants to have a piece of it! These bright hair colors are getting more popular and acceptable these days than the times when they were actually considered, SCANDALOUS!! Now for the ideas, what are they? Well, you can get beautiful cotton candy hair color, neon hair colors, two shades of transition color, or even a full rainbow! Let’s get you colored, girl!!!

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10 Beautiful Hair Colors To Inspire Your Next Look #shorts

You can get as creative as you want and actually go all out when it comes to coloring your hair! Do you know the fun part? You can color your eyebrows in the same shade as your hair to make you look all the more magical!!! Happy coloring!

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Magical Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

Playing with colors does not necessarily require a trip to your usual salon but for a beautiful transition and controlled application, you should always turn to your hairstylist! But even so, if you’re planning to get all the more creative with your hair colors yourself at home, make sure you have a gang of friends ready as your backup! We want a perfect rainbow girl!! Here’s a list of amazing rainbow hair color ideas! Take your hair color and brushes out, and start painting!!

Beautiful Pastel Shades

rainbow hair color ideas

Nothing beats the delicate tones of pastel to rock your style! Pastel hair colors go almost with every outfit and it doesn’t even clash with your other color choices. So, going pastel is a very safe and beautiful choice! Your Instagram might be filled with beauties rocking this hair color prompting you to try this one out. Believe me, girl, don’t hesitate on this one. Pastel colors can give you warm and cool notes depending on which shade of pastel you choose, ranging from varieties of pink, green, orange, blue, and many more!

Two Tones Of Colors

raibow hair color ideas
Source: Byrdie

Now I don’t even need to explain this one as this style is just blowing off the charts with its popularity! Having two transition colors, especially pastels ones is simply mesmerizing which gives you a dreamy look! Not only that, the transitions of neon, a combination of dark and light, look mind-blowing too! But keep in mind your art class color shade wheel and don’t go too heavy on colors. Try to choose the colors that balance each other out and have a beautiful transition!

Neon Colors

rainbow hair color
Source: Pinterest

Billie and her iconic neon hair color simply mesmerized the audience with her bold choices. Ever since then, neon hasn’t gone out of trend and we can catch sight of at least one guy or girl pulling off this hair color all too well! The bright charm of neons can be as beautiful as blinding so choosing the right neon depending on your skin tone is a smart choice. Before going full neon head, you should try a few neon hair streaks first. You can also have multiple shades of neon painted in your hair and let me tell you, they look AMAZING!!!

Face Framing Colors

face framing hair colors
Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Now again, this one style has also blown off the charts with how beautiful it is! Every other Insta model could be seen having face-framing hair color streaks with an iconic cat-eye look! You can color the frontal streaks of your hair in any shade you want making you look picture-perfect! Here’s one thing I’ve noticed about face-framing hair color ideas, do they seemingly enhance your jawline? Am I the only one who thinks face-framing streak colors actually frame your face? I’m really curious about this one so just share your thoughts on this in the comments!!!!

Rainbow Transition In Layers

rainow hairs
Source: Freedesignfile

Having a rainbow transition in layers is simply MAGICAL!!! The ones who try this hair color idea are true dare-devils playing with all the rainbow colors in the color palette! So If you’re one of them, planning to go all out on colors, you can simply color the whole of your head in rainbow shades. Or you can try a beautiful transition in layers, like V after I and so on making the VIBGYOR! 

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Hidden Rainbow Hair

hidden rainbow hairs
Source: Lovehairstyles

Rainbow hair color, as I said, is magical but do you know truly is surprising? The hidden rainbow!!! The hidden rainbow hair is like an oasis in the desert with the only difference being that this one is REAL!! Once you pull your hair, boom! It’s all magic and colors! You can simply do a transition of rainbow colors one by one while keeping your first natural hair layer intact and adding surprises in all the below layers. Or you can simply paint a hidden rainbow somewhere in between your hair layers! Either way, it is all hidden and magical!

Half And Half

rainbow hair color ideas
Source: Allure

Half-half hair color idea is your classic Cruella look where the only difference is the difference of colors! However, if you want to do the transition of half black and half white, go ahead! But you should know that you have various color choices! You can do half-half with pastel colors or neon colors or other beautiful transition colors! Either way, the result is only beautiful!!

A Neon Rainbow

rainbow hair color ideas

We all know how bright and beautiful all rainbow colors are but if you want to go bold and try something cool, go ahead and try this neon rainbow hair color idea!! Neon colors will definitely pop up your rainbow giving it a 3-D look. So if you want to make a bold statement, do try this neon rainbow!!!!

A Pastel Rainbow

pastel rainbow hairs
Source: Favim

There’s a different and subtle charm of a rainbow in pastel colors, I personally find it very soothing and beautiful!! So if you’re one of those who are not particularly fond of bright colors but really want to try a rainbow head, then go ahead and choose pastel colors for your rainbow! I’m sure you’re going to LOVE it!!!

Best Hair Color Ideas For Rainbow Hairs

rainbow hair color ideas

There are many colors to choose from to get a beautiful transition in your hair! But as we all know, too many choices often leave us confused. So for those of you who are conflicted over which color is the best suited, here are a couple of hair color ideas that you can choose from! Happy hair coloring guys!

  • Soft Cotton Candy Pink
  • Bright Pink Colors
  • A Combination of Different Shades of Colors
  • A Combination of Different Shades of Same Color 
  • Bright Neon Colors
  • Faded Denim
  • Lilac Ombre Transition
  • Peachy Pastel Shades
  • Pastel Half And Half
  • Amethyst Princess
  • Magical Blues
  • Neon Transitions 

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Wrapping Up

Beautiful hair colors make us shine in the crowd and thus here we are, with a bunch of rainbow hair color ideas to set a statement! You can go bold by choosing neon colors and dye them in transitional look, half-half look, or even dye your whole head neon as Billey!! There are many styles and colors to choose from so you’ll never run out of ideas!


What are the best colors for a rainbow transition in hair? 

Neon colors and pastel colors give off a beautiful, in fact, magical rainbow transition! 

What are some of the best rainbow hair color ideas? 

Coloring your hair like a rainbow can be done in many ways but usually, the best way is to do it in layers. You can do the layers of rainbow colors either on the whole head or on a part of it. You can also dye a hidden rainbow on the backside of your head. 

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