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best rum for mojitos

Pina colada, Martini or Mojito? Which do you choose? Well, your usual cocktail lover will dive head fast answering MOJITO! This Cuban delicacy is a must on a hot summer day making your boring day pleasant! The citrusy sweet and minty flavor melting on your tongue is simply HEAVEN! Ah! I’m already drooling! You can enjoy them anywhere and any time of the day like me sipping one while writing this piece for you!

You can make them in the comfort of your home and it won’t require much of your time! You can master the art of making a perfect Mojito in seconds!! But for the Mojito to taste heaven defyingly delicious, you have to make sure of certain things! What are they? Let’s find out ahead!

Are you trying to master the art of Mojitos? Isn’t your bartender doing a good job? Well, I won’t poke my nose in your personal matters! And will focus on giving you all the answers you’ve been searching for! We all know the basics that our darling Mojitos are made from white rum that is super light but is there only one of them? No! You have to choose your rum wisely!

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Best Tequila at BevMo

You can choose from any kind of white rum, may it be Bacardi or Mount Gay, the only thing you have to make sure of is that you know what kind of taste you’re craving!

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best rum for mojitos
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Mojito, as I mentioned earlier, is a Cuban drink that is made from White Rum. In addition to rum, soda water, sugar, lime, and mint are the main ingredients that you need while making a classic Mojito! Due to lime and mint, it has a pleasant citrusy and minty taste making it a perfect hot summer drink! There are many kinds of Mojitos available, the only difference lies in the kind of rum used while making it.

Mainly, Mojitos are made from white rum but that’s not necessary! People like to experiment and thus, today you’ll find a number of Mojito flavors to choose from! Some will get you tipsy while some might not! Also, there are some Mojitos where you will find no alcohol! It’s called a virgin Mojito! Let’s check these different varieties of Mojito!

Flavorful Mojito: Adding A Fruity Punch

fruity mojito
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  • Raspberry Mojito
  • Zesty lemon lime mojito
  • Pineapple mojito
  • Strawberry mojito
  • Cranberry mojito
  • Peach mojito
  • Mango mojito
  • Mojito Blanco
  • Rose Mojito
  • Cojito
  • Dark Rum Mojito

You can experiment a lot while making a Mojito as you might have already guessed after seeing that list above! You can add any drink or any flavor of your choice to your mojito to suit your picky palette! 

But I mentioned a lot of times that white rum is used while making a classic Mojito but let’s know why that’s the case? Can’t we use dark rum or maybe any other kind of rum?

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Best Rum For Mojitos: White Rum

best rum for mojitos
Source: Bevvy

Rum is an alcoholic beverage that is made through the distillation of sugarcane and its by-products. The resulting product of this distillation process, when aged is called Rum! The longer it is aged, the stronger and expensive it is. But are you wondering what dark rum and white rum are?

The major difference between these two rums is that the darker one takes a long time to age than the white one! Also, white rum is less strong than dark rum and has a rich fruity and sweet texture! Thus, you know the reason why white rum is used for making cocktails! It is simply to make sure that the rum used does not overpower all other flavors and provide balance to your drink!

Best Light Rum For Mojito

I already explained why white or light rum is used to make Mojitos or any other cocktails. They are clear, subtle, sweet, and a less expensive choice! Now let’s move on to what can be the best light rum to choose from for making your favorite drink! Bottoms Up!

bacardi  superior rum
Source: Unsplash
  • Bacardi Superior: Bacardi Superioris is a standard bartender’s first choice, let’s not get fooled with its cheap price tag but rather focus on its rich sweet vanilla texture that makes your Mojito delicious! 
  • Banks 5 Island Rum: This Island rum is a blend of 21 rums that are distilled on different islands! Imagine how rich that taste would be! It is amongst the best choices for your daiquiri. 
  • Rhum Barbancourt White: This Rum tastes like caramel, banana, and baking spice which does not unnecessarily overpower your cocktail. 
  • Cruzan estate light: It is a rich blend of rums that has vanilla and pineapple flavor. 
  • Mount gay silver: You literally place vanilla, oak, and pepper on your palette while drinking cocktails made from this rum! It blends really well with all other ingredients of the cocktail and serves as an excellent choice for a daiquiri.
  • Probitas Blended White Rum: This rum from Jamaica and Barbados has rich flavors of custard, molasses, and tropical fruits. This blends really nicely with any of our usual cocktails and not forgetting our Mojito here! 
  • Havana Club 3 Year Old: This Cuban Rum has a flavorful taste of sugarcane, banana, and vanilla. 
  • Flor De Cana: This rum has rich flavors of coconut and vanilla which goes really well with our minty Mojito. 

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Other Rums That Can Be The Best Choice For A Cocktail! 

  • Rubi Rey
  • Diplomatico Rum Blanco
  • Matusalem Platino
  • Don Q Cristal


mojito rum
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Choosing the best rum for your Mojito can be a tough task to accomplish but not when you know what you’re looking for! If you want an additional coconut flavor with the usual minty one, you can choose a rum that gives that rich nutty taste! There are many flavors to choose from and thus, you will never run out of options! So just get on your porch and have a taste of that rich citrusy mint!


Why do we use Light Rum instead of Dark Rum in a cocktail?

Light rums are clear and have a subtle taste in comparison to dark rum. The taste of a light rum is balanced in such a way that it does not overpower your cocktail completely!

Can Dark Rum be used in a cocktail?

The answer to this is YES! If you want a strong cocktail, then you can obviously go with dark rum! So rest assured if you’ve got Gosling or Myer’s dark at home, you can still use them to make a great cocktail!

Which is commonly used rum for making a Mojito?

I would say, “Bacardi Superior!” Reasons for that can be because it’s cheap and it tastes good! So, you’re not compromising with anything! It provides everything a good cocktail should have and is the first choice of every bartender!

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