Best Shaved Hairstyles For Girls Who Want To Go Bold!!

Best Shaved Hairstyles For Girls Who Want To Go Bold!!

Usual hairstyles are getting too boring! So let’s try something different! Different like rainbow hairstyles that can light up your gloomy days, or funky hairstyles like dreads that can give you those rockstar vibes when you’re not feeling powerful enough! If you’ve already tried your hands on these styles, then why not go with a shaved look? Shaved hairstyles are simple yet classy! So ladies, why not try these out! Here are some of the best shaved hairstyles for girls of all ages!

Although you’d be bidding adieu to some of your locks today, let’s do it! Being bold comes with a price and few hairs are nothing if they can rock your styling game! These styles will make onlookers stop, look, stare, awe, and wow!! Words aren’t enough to describe how classy and regal these are!

So let’s level up today and awe the masses with these cool shaved hairstyles for long and short hairs! From braids to pony to even dreads! Let’s go all out while leveling up our hairstyling game! Let’s rock the streets, girls!

Best Shaved Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hairs

We all get bored with time and hence start experimenting with them to try something different! The style that will serve as our statement look and the one that will define us moving ahead! If you want sid-glances and an awed audience, then go bold!

Get out of your usual hairstyles for long hairs and go bold with these shaved hairstyles! Be powerful and rock the streets as normalcy is “out of date”. 

From pony to braids, try these best shaved hairstyles on your long locks and rock the styling game!

1. Shaved On Both Sides Hairstyle

best shaved hairstyles for girls
Source: All Things Hair

Who said shaved on both sides of the hairstyle was limited to short hair only! Try this cool both side shaved hairstyle on your long hair and mystify the onlookers with your flowing locks with a hint of surprise!

You can side sweep your hair and curl them in a ponytail or you can simply braid them up for an eye-catching look! For the best look, try closely knit braids like cornrows or microbraids!

2. Shaved On One Side With Design

Best Shaved Hairstyles For Girls Who Want To Go Bold!!

Old hairstyles are getting too common, aren’t they? That’s why ADD A TWIST! Add a twist to your usual hairstyle by adding cute patterns to your half-shaved head!

Think of a pattern and draw it out on your hair! Try cool hair patterns like stars or simple graphic lines or even illustrations on the shaved side of your head and be ready to surprise your friends and family!

3. Shaved Ponytail

shaved pony
Source: Hair Adviser

On a hot summer day when sweat is running down our neck, we like to keep our locks under bounds! Especially in a pony high up to avoid any unnecessary movement of hair that will irritate us more than our boss! 

So, on such a day, try this cute yet elegant shaved ponytail! A bottom shaved pony is best to add a twist to your usual styling and to rock the game of shaved hairstyles!

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4. Shaved Braided Hairstyle

Best Shaved Hairstyles For Girls Who Want To Go Bold!!
Source: Stayglam

Protective hairstyles like braids are COOL! Especially afro braided styles like cornrows and mohawk! So why not try these on your shaved head? I’m sure your peers are going to love your trendy hairstyle or even better, try to imitate it!

So set a cool example among your friends and try these cute mohawks and cornrows on your side-shaved head!

5. Bottom Shaved Hair With Cute Designs

undercut shave
Source: 99cent Razor

Want to add a little magic to your bottom shaved cut? Then why not add cute lines or patterns to it! Shaved Hairstyles with patterns are trendy and you should also join this styling game by showing them what you’ve got!

Shape your bottom shaved head with lines or other simple patterns and don’t forget to flaunt it! To make sure your patterns are visible, tighten up your locks in a pony or braids, and VOILA, you’re all set to flaunt!

6. Shaved Sides Loc Hairstyle

Best Shaved Hairstyles For Girls Who Want To Go Bold!!
Source: Stayglam

Locs are cool! Locs are classy! And a shaved hairstyle without locs, NOT A CHANCE! How could we miss these matured locs when talking about shaved hairstyles for ladies!! Try different locs hairstyles with your half-shaved head and awe the masses!

To rock dreads hairstyle on your half-shaved head, try styling your locs in two-strand twists or cornrows and tie them together to make your surprise be known! You should also try classy lines or shapes on the shaved side of your head to make your locs POP!

Best Shaved Hairstyles For Girls With Short Hairs

Shaved hairstyles can be best flaunted with short hairs as the undercuts are more visible in them rather than in the long locks! So if you have short hair, KUDOS to you! Try these cute and classy shaved hairstyles on your short hair and Surprise! Surprise! You’re all set to awe the onlookers!

1. Shaved Bob

shaved bob
Source: Hair Adviser

We all love bob! It’s cute, neat, and reminds us of our innocent selves! But let’s redo it! Let’s reinvent that cute bob and make it ferocious! To make this happen, try doing an undercut with your bob!

To bring out the beauty of under shave bob, try an inverted bob instead of a simple one with a one-sided shaved head! Next, all you have to do is side-sweep your hair on one side and VOILA, you’re all ready and beautiful!

2. Blunt Cut With One Side Shaved

Best Shaved Hairstyles For Girls Who Want To Go Bold!!
Source: Carevare

Aaah! Blunt cuts! Blunt cuts with one-side shaved head suit blunt ladies with a cute yet ferocious aura (like a chihuahua, lol!) Well, keeping my dumb commentaries aside, this shaved blunt cut is really good, and yeah, TRY IT OUT, GIRL!

For best looks, try dying your hair in colors like mahogany or ash brown, and BOOM! Beautiful! 

3. Shaved Pixie Hair

shaved pixie
Source: Latest Hairstyles

Let’s reinvent Ellen’s classic pixie hairs and add a twist of baldness to it! Well practically, not bald but side or bottom shaved in half buzz cuts! You can dye your pixie hairs in one color while dying the shaved one in another to beautify it.

If you don’t want to play around with too many colors, then you can simply color the ends of your long pixie ends and style them in loose curls to make them bounce over your shaved undercuts!

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4. Cute Curls With Shaved Sides

Best Shaved Hairstyles For Girls Who Want To Go Bold!!
Source: Hair Adviser

This is a simple yet classy shaved hairstyle that ladies with short hair should definitely not miss! All you have to do is remind your hairstylist to shave the sides of your head, however, not too much! Just do a little shaving, BUT more styling, especially curling!

Once you have minimally shaved the side of your head, curl your short locks and side sweep them! You can also pin these bouncy locks in a high-up pony with some side braids on both sides!

5. Short Layers With Underneath Shaved

Best Shaved Hairstyles For Girls Who Want To Go Bold!!
Source: Hairfinder

We all love layered haircuts like a short layered bob that looks playful and give off those cute summer vibes! To make this hairstyle more playful, you can shave underneath! Shave your head on the back or sides underneath these layered locks and level up your playful hairstyles!

To make these short layers cuter, dye your color in pastel color or other colors like “Amethyst!”.

6. Shaved Mohawk Hairs

Best Shaved Hairstyles For Girls Who Want To Go Bold!!
Source: wetellyouhow

Mohawk is the hairstyle that truly gives off rockstar vibes! So, why not try it out on a shaved head too! Obviously not fully bald but side shaved! Try twisted mohawk braids on your side-shaved hair and adorn it with beautiful hair accessories like beads or pearls.

To make your mohawk even more regal, try classy designs or patterns on your side shave, and BAM! Beautiful and ready to flaunt!

Summing Up:

No matter long or short, shaved hairstyles can go with any hair length. No matter what hairstyle you choose, the results are only going to be awesome! Especially shaved hairstyles like Mohawk!

Shaved hairstyles like mohawk are best for ladies with long hair! Even celebrities have tried these shaved hairstyles so what’s stopping you from trying these out! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Coolest Shaved Hairstyle For Ladies?

If you want to go bold with your hair this time around, go with a blond buzz cut! By far, the buzz cut is the coolest shaved hairstyle for ladies who have the guts to chop their locks off and hence making it the coolest hairstyle out there!

Q. What are the best designs to try on shaved sides?

X and waves are designs that are most common for shaved heads. However, people are also trying cute stars on their undercuts which are pretty good too! However, if you’re just starting out patterns, try using simple lines first! If you like them, then you can go bold on designs.

Featured Image Credits: Girlshue

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