Best Shows Like Outer Banks | List Of Best Adventure-Mystery Dramas!

Shows Like Outer Banks

Treasure hunting, murder, mystery, thrill, and drama! Outer Banks had occupied us with various themes and now we’re all over the place looking for more of it! Outer Banks season 2 concluded on July 30, 2021, and there’s a hell lot of wait before season 3 arrives! And obviously, that does nothing to the hooked-up audience who have already got a taste of this sweet pie! Thus comes your savior to fill the void while you’re all waiting and whining! Here’s a list of movies and shows like Outer Banks to keep you all hooked on various mysteries!

Power, and the absence of it, were old classic themes and Outer Banks has brought it back with many twists and mysteries. But you’d be surprised to know that there are many shows that will give you the same thrill that this teen drama did. So are you ready to jump into the world of teen-drama mysteries? Well, you should be!

The list below will definitely give you your fix of Outer Banks and, even much more thrill than you originally intended to receive! Ranging from teen dramas to some classic family shows, these must-watch Outer Banks recommendations are a treasure trove for all action-thriller-mystery-adventure lovers!

TV Show Reviews Archives
TV Show Reviews Archives
  1. Blood & Treasure
  2. Trinkets
  3. Riverdale
  4. Locke & Key
  5. Get Even
  6. Blood & Water
  7. Shadow and Bone
  8. Summertime
  9. Elite
  10. The Wilds
  11. Spinning Out
  12. The O.C.
  13. Panic
  14. Dawson’s Creek
  15. Ragnarok

All these Outer Banks recommendations will give you something extra, may it be extra drama, thrill, or adventure! One thing is sure, you’ll be blown out of your minds! Happy binging guys!

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15 Shows Like Outer Banks

Outer Banks is an American teen drama TV show filled with mystery, adventure, and action. Additionally, the series also covers many contemporary issues that serve as the main theme of the show, like the classic social divide that exists between the wealthy and the poor. Outer Banks premiered first in 2020 and then in 2021. Season 2 just concluded and we have no news if the show will get renewed for season 3 or not. But for now, let’s binge-watch these shows like Outer Banks that will keep us occupied till any further announcement pops up!

Blood & Treasure

15 Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: TechRadar247

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Action

Seasons: 1 (Episodes- 12 )

Ratings: IMDb- 6.7/10  Rotten Tomatoes- 54%

If you look at Blood & Treasure and try to compare it with Outer Banks, you’ll be surprised at how similar these both shows are! The storyline is somewhat the same although the plot has slight variations. However, on whole, the classic adventure theme of Outer Banks is ever-present! The hunt for antique, treasure, action, mystery, etc adds up to make it top the list of Outer Banks recommendations!

The storyline of Blood & Treasure revolves around an unusual duo of a cunning thief and an antiquities expert trying to catch the gang of ruthless terrorists! Their pursuit will lead them into finding some hidden mysteries and thus making it a must-watch show! And let me tell you, don’t let those IMDb or RT scores fool you! If you’re a true Outer Banks fan, go ahead and watch this one! I’m sure you’ll love it!


15 Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: Fox Exclusive

Genre: Teen Drama

Seasons: 2 (Episodes- 20)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.1/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 56%

Trinkets is another teen drama just like Outer Banks. Although this teenage story might differ from your adventure-mystery ride of Outer Banks, there’s something that will obviously captivate you into watching it till the end! And by the way, you want to know what makes it an Outer Bank recommendation? Well, the classic rich girl-poor boy romance! I guess you’ve realized what I’m coming from now!

Trinkets revolve around a pair of friends that are totally different from each other, may it be their inherent characters or their family backgrounds, but however they share one thing in common! Their habit of shoplifting! This seemingly brief premise might have already indicated how this show is similar to Outer Banks right? So why not go ahead and binge-watch this one, and you know the fun part? The show has already concluded so won’t have to wait with unusual cliffhangers!


Shows Like Outer Banks

Genre: Teen Drama, Mystery

Seasons: 5 (Episodes- 92)

Ratings: IMDb- 6.8/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 86%

Will this series even need an introduction? Obviously not as my instincts tell me that you’ve already binge-watched this seemingly record-breaking teen drama series! Now, how has Riverdale made into Outer Banks’ recommendations? Well, there are a couple of reasons why!

Riverdale revolves around a group of teenagers who join forces to uncover the seemingly dark past of their small town. Everyone’s different but does that affect their unusual bond? Hell no! This theme is very much similar to Outer Banks where the young Porgues and Kooks, although different, find themselves in the company of each other! And don’t even get me started on how much the social life in Riverdale and Outer Banks is so freaking similar! Hence, Riverdale passes as a close ally of Outer Banks and thus, you shouldn’t miss watching this one if you haven’t already!

Locke & Key

locke & Key
Source: Graphic Policy

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Supernatural

Seasons: 1 (Episodes-10)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.4/10 Rotten Tomatoes-66%

Locke & Key has already been renewed for three seasons although the second hasn’t premiered yet! What does this convey? Well obviously of the show’s popularity! This seemingly Jumanji-like storyline will certainly hook you up but how is it similar to Outer Banks? Let’s see why!

The mysterious and somewhat fanatic themes of Locke & Key make it very similar to Outer Banks. Not forgetting the fact that the Locke siblings have also lost a father just like our hero, John, and aren’t aware of what mysterious circumstances lead to their father’s death! This TV show will soothe your urges of watching something supernatural all while uncovering some hidden truths leaving you all suspenseful!

Get Even

Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: YouTube

Genre: Thriller, Teen Drama

Seasons: 1 (Episodes- 10)

Ratings: IMDb- 6.5/10 

Get Even is another thriller teen drama, much like Outer Banks. Although the treasure hunting adventure is widely missing here, the show doesn’t fall far behind in the Outer Banks recommendation! The rivalry of Kooks and Pogues comes back with different vocab and circumstances but the nature of it is almost the same!

Get Even revolves around a group of teenage girls forming a group name “Don’t Get Mad” to expose and free their school from the notorious bullies! The show has certain themes similar to Outer Banks and the most similar one would be fake charges of murder! Those who know, are well aware of what I’m pointing at here! Just like John gets falsely accused of murder, the girls here also fall victim to false slandering and accusations! Watch this show to find more similarities! I’m sure that you’re going to find more than one!

Blood & Water

Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: Netflix

Genre: Drama

Seasons: 1 (Episodes- 6 )

Ratings: IMDb- 6.4/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 80%

Blood & Water is a teen drama focusing on a girl finding her long-abducted sister. Does this sound familiar? Of course, it does! In Outer Banks, Little John set out on a journey to find more about his father, making him uncover many other truths, and Get Even also follows such a route!

Puleng gets admitted to a prestigious academy following the trails of what she believes is her long-lost sister and on her journey, she will get to the bottom of things uncovering the lies that have been told to her by her friends and family! This is a mysterious show that will definitely hook you up for good!

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Shadow and Bone

Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: Netflix

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Seasons: 1 (Episodes- 8)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.7/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 88%

Shadow & Bone will definitely become your go-to series once you step into the supernatural world of Ravka and the dangers they face! Now you might be wondering how this fantasy series made into the list of Outer Banks recommendations, well, this is how it did!

This TV series has lots, I mean innumerable secrets that unfold within layers just like Outer Banks, and not forgetting the badass leading lady Alina who’s going to set the bars up high for your future MC! The show is a combination of mystery, magic, and everything supernatural and hence, you’re never going to run out of surprises packed in this 8 episode TV series!


Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: Netflix

Genre: Drama, Romance

Seasons: 2 (Episodes- 16)

Ratings: IMDb- 5.6/10

Now, what’s this teen drama romance doing in the mysterious adventure of Outer Banks? Well, this series found a place in Outer Banks’ recommendations for the most basic theme found in the show! The existence of two worlds within one and the class divide in it is the same as in Outer Banks! Also the ensuing family drama!

Summertime is an Italian drama series revolving around Summer and Ale, people with vastly different personalities! These two people from different backgrounds intertwine forming a divine and a cliche love story! This is a cute (and rather dramatic) TV series to watch and a part of me tells me that you’re going to love binge-watching this one!


Source: Oracle Globe

Genre: Teen Drama, Thriller

Seasons: 4 (Episodes- 32)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.5/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 97%

Believe it or not, but Elite is a rather close twin of Outer Banks despite the fact that the show doesn’t have adventurous antiques of the latter! Elite, much like Outer Banks is all about wealth, power, and the divide, it creates albeit in the school students. Even some of the murder mysteries will also shout Outer Banks to you and hence this is on the Outer Banks recommendation list!

Elite is all about a divide that exists between the working-class and wealthy students, however, this isn’t all. A murder mystery makes all of them suspects thus bringing all the drama and hidden secrets into the picture, just like Outer Banks!

The Wilds

Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: Prime Video

Genre: Teen Drama

Seasons: 1 (Episodes- 10)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.3/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 92%

What other show can match Outer Banks than the one which actually has a theme of the “social experiment”! The classic social divide exists on The Wilds, just like Outer Banks and that isn’t the end of it all!

The Wilds follows the story of a group of teenage girls who find themselves stranded on a remote island but contrary to their knowledge, it’s all a part of a large orchestrated social experiment! This is a mysterious TV series that actually addresses contemporary issues and hence, is a must-watch!

Spinning Out

15 Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: The Montclarion

Genre: Drama

Seasons: 1 (Episodes- 10)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.6/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 59%

Wondering what’s this ice-skating romance and hustle doing on Outer Banks’ recommendations? Well only if you have noticed the subtleties of Outer Banks, you’ll know that the show was much more than some mystery adventure ride! There was lots of mental stress and breakdowns! If you recall  JJ, Pope, and even Rafe, then you’d know how stressing the family situations can be affecting our own thinking!

Spinning Out is a teen story based on an Ice skater who gave up her dream of winning a gold medal after her injury! The storyline is her hustle to achieve her dreams in the midst of all family drama and finding love! This show is a beautiful portrayal of what mental health can do to people and thus, you should surely watch this one! It’s an eye-opener for a reason!

The O.C.

15 Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: Amazon

Genre: Teen Drama

Seasons: 4 (Episodes- 92)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.5/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 67%

The O.C. is a classic teen drama series and you might have already heard of it. Much like Outer Banks, The O.C. also has that classic melodramatic social divide marred with materialistic shallowness and unhealthy display of power!

The show revolves around the story of Ryan Atwood trying to deal with the seemingly new world he has stepped into after being adopted by a wealthy Cohen family. Ryan and Seth (his foster brother) find themselves enmeshed in the materialistic town they live in with their shallow close-minded neighbors! This show, just like Outer Banks, has the themes of romance with people from different backgrounds and is really a fantastic show to binge watch in your free time!


15 Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: VitalThrills

Genre: Teen Drama

Seasons: 1 (Episodes- 10)

Ratings: IMDb- 6.5/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 65%

Panic will seriously test your limits with how horrifying it can be for a teen drama! This show touches upon the various crucial themes just like in Outer Bankers! Similar to Porgues in Outer Bankers, kids in a small town of Texas have serious hindrances in their poor life which they can’t get out of! The reality of poverty and lack of choices depicted in this show is so real that you’ll be left confused over if it was all real!

The storyline of Panic revolves around a competition in which the passing out students participate to get a new chance in their life! To get the resource to start afresh but winning this is no easy task! All your fears and phobias are laid out in the open and we all know what happens next! This is a rather bone-chilling series and the adventure in it will make you remember Outer Banks at times!

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Dawson’s Creek

15 Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: Amazon

Genre: Teen Drama, Romance

Seasons: 6 (Episodes- 128)

Ratings: IMDb- 6.7/10 

Young teens might have not watched this classic drama series and that’s what makes it a gemstone of Outer Banks recommendations! This show is about friends, growth, love, and aspirations! How does this remind you of Outer Banks? Well, watch to find out! A complimentary hint for you, this is much more than drama and some teen BS cliche story!

Dawson’s Creek actually depicts that the problems of teens are much like their adult counterparts and in no way should they be casually brushed off! The story revolves around two best friends trying to grow through time and still sticking together! Dawson and Joey will often remind you of John and JJ, and hence, is a MUST-WATCH series!


15 Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: Film Daily

Genre: Fantasy, Drama

Seasons: 2 (Episodes- 12)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.5/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 70%

Ragnarok, who hasn’t heard of this reincarnation of our very favorite Marvel hero, THOR! Fighting bad guys? Sounds similar to Outer Banks, right? Although the show isn’t based on it, well, who cares! This is a fun fantasy ride and in no way you should miss catching it!

Posing an environmental question and depicting the aftermath of climate change, this Norwegian teen fantasy drama is a must-watch! The teens here are comparable and even more badass than our Pogues in Outer Banks! 

Must Watch Movies Like Outer Banks

15 Shows Like Outer Banks
Source: LiveLife

You don’t want to pull off long Netflix all-nighters? Well, I’ve got you covered in that regard! Here’s a list of movies like Outer Banks that will surely soothe your bone that is itching for some adventurous treasure hunting ride! 

  • Logan Lucky
  • George Washington 
  • All Summers End
  • Cape Fear
  • Happy Campers
  • Message In A Bottle
  • Blue Velvet
  • Hero’s Island
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • Loggerheads
  • Before I Fall
  • Into The Beat
  • All Together Now
  • Work It
  • Coin Heist
  • Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase 

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Outer Banks had us hooked to our screens when the show premiered back in 2020! The mysteries still haven’t ended but season 2 has already concluded with no news of season 3 at the moment! Something has to keep us going and that’s where the Outer Banks recommendations list becomes our savior! Among the shows, Elite, Locke & Key, Get Even, Blood Treasure, are a must-watch! 


What show should I watch if I like Outer Banks?

If you liked watching Outer Banks, then you’ll surely love Elite, Locke & Key, Get Even, and Blood Treasure!

Will there be a season 3 of Outer Banks?

Season 2 of Outer Banks just concluded in July 2021 and looking at the inconclusive season 2 finale, we can surely expect a season 3 of Outer Banks! Netflix hasn’t officially renewed the series but we can expect the show to hit our screens again in 2022!

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