100+ Best Songs By Blackbear To Uplift Your Mood

Best Songs By Blackbear

When we talk or listen to anything about pop music and rap. We often connect it with loud and fast music. But pop can be melody,  Don’t believe me? Then I am sure you haven’t listened to Blackbear. A person who changed the meaning of pop and rock for me. So, in this article, I have listed the best songs by Blackbeard that I feel are exceptionally good.

Mathew Tyrel Musto or professionally known as the Blackbear is an American singer, lyricist, composer, and musician. Blackbear told in an interview that he was introduced to music by his babysitter while he was just four. He sang for the school rock band but dropped out after the tenth standard to focus on music and released his first album Deadroses, an album with 10 tracks. The album got a positive response from the critics and a good response from the viewers. Here, we have listed the best songs by Blackbear for you.

The best songs by Blackbear are idfc, My ex’s best friend, Hot girl bummer, Me & ur ghost, Do Re Mi, Queen of broken hearts, Fashion Week, Hate the way, Dirty Laundry, 4u, and Dead to me.

These are just a few of the best songs by Blackbear, we have mentioned the full list below in the article with the album name and the release date of the albums.

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Best Songs By Blackbear

Best Songs By Blackbear
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Now, we will be telling you the best songs by Blackbear with the album and the year of release. We have also mentioned the songs that are written by Blackbear along with the artists who sang them.

Deadroses (2015)

Song Name Run Time
4U2:39 minutes
I Needed You2:57 minutes
Ain’t Trippin3:06 minutes
902103:43 minutes
Ain’t Love3:13 minutes
idfc4:05 minutes
Waste Away3:06 minutes
Dirty Laundry2:46 minutes
My Heart is Lost3:18 minutes
Deadroses3:05 minutes

Digital Druglord (2017)

Song NameRun Time
Hell is where I dreamt of you and woke up2:48 minutes
Moodz3:41 minutes
I miss the old u3:31 minutes
Do Re Mi3:32 minutes
Wish you the best2:34 minutes
Juicy Sweetsuits3:04 minutes
Double3:00 minutes
If I could feel nothing3:05 minutes
Chateau3:33 minutes
Make daddy proud3:28 minutes

Everything Means Nothing (2020)

Song NameRun Time
Got girl bummer3:08 minutes
Me & ur ghost3:22 minutes
Queen of broken hearts2:51 minutes
I feel bad2:55 minutes
I feel 2 much4:00 minutes
I felt that3:23 minutes
Sobbing in Cabo3:07 minutes
Clown2:28 minutes
Half alive3:15 minutes
If I were you3:07 minutes
Why are girls?3:08 minutes
Smile again2:29 minutes


Song NameRun Time
Pink Rolex2:17 minutes
Hate My Guts2:40 minutes
Drug Dealer2:46 minutes
Swear To God2:30 minutes
Make a Mess2:40 minutes
Sick of it2:57 minutes
Changes2:34 minutes
High1X2:50 minutes
Down2:20 minutes
Burnt af3:37 minutes
Heartbroken2:14 minutes
1 Sided Love2:51 minutes
Losing You3:25 minutes
It’s all gonna Burn3:12 minutes
Dead Balloons2:10 minutes
Too close2:42 minutes
Dead to me3:01 minutes
NYLA4:12 minutes

Cybersex (2017)

Song NameRun Time
Bright Pink Tims3:49 minutes
Playboy shit3:32 minutes
e.z.4:12 minutes
Up in this 3:24 minutes
Anxiety3:11 minutes
Thursday/Froze over4:20 minutes
I hope whole life sux2:59 minutes
Down 4 u3:38 minutes
Glo_up3:30 minutes
Top priority2:51 minutes
G2g ttyl3:02 minutes
Candyapple4:35 minutes
Gucci Linen3:32 minutes
Santa Monica & la brea4:40 minutes

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Help (2015)

Song NameRun Time
Don’t Stop2:50 minutes
Oh Lord3:20 minutes
Slide Thru3:05 minutes
Paragraphs2:49 minutes
Nervous2:33 minutes
Where was u?3:32 minutes
Help3:33 minutes
Different Hos2:14 minutes
Verbatim3:36 minutes
Hustler3:30 minutes

Love (2019)

Song NameRun Time
Left 3:04
Please No More3:21

EPs (Extended Play Records)

Song NameEP NameYear Released
Weak when ur aroundDead2015
Sniffing Vicodin in ParisCashmere Noose2016
Rly RealCashmere Noose2016
Sometimes I want 2 dieCashmere Noose2016
My bad luvCashmere Noose2016
Flirt right backCashmere Noose2016
WanderlustCashmere Noose2016
Girls like uDrink Bleach2016
ObviousDrink Bleach2016
Something realDrink Bleach2016
Shake ya assDrink Bleach2016
SuckerzDrink Bleach2016
N.Y.EThe afterglow2014
Valley GirlsThe afterglow2014
CaliformulaThe afterglow2014
Grey L.AThe afterglow2014
The LobbyThe afterglow2014
Hotel AndreaThe afterglow 2014

Songs Written and Produced by Blackbear

  • End of the road
  • Boyfriend
  • Windows Down
  • Lost Boy
  • PTL
  • These things happen
  • Tony Guns 
  • Through the wire
  • Numb
  • Lookup
  • Mind games
  • Flex your way out
  • Holy water
  • Ocean eyes
  • Root beer Float
  • Forgetting all about you
  • Sorry for now
  • Talk is overated
  • About you
  • Idwk
  • Ice out
  • Dreamin
  • Right now
  • Short kings anthem
  • Tongue tied
  • Worry about me
  • Monsters 
  • Tinted eyes
  • Am I high rn
  • Be happy
  • Hard on yourself
  • Hare the way
  • My ex’s best friend

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  • Better off dead
  • Pill breaker
  • Beautiful mistakes


These are the best songs by Blackbear that you must listen to in your free time. These songs are best to listen to while traveling or alone at home. You can find these songs on YouTube music, Amazon Prime, Spotify, or any other online music streaming app.

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