10+ Best Songs By G Eazy That Every Budding Rapper Must Listen To

Best Songs By G Eazy

There has always been competition in figuring out the best rapper in the world. For some Eminem is the rap god but some are of the belief that Snoop Dogg is the best. This never-ending battle totally depends on political and societal factors. One of the most underrated rappers we have come across is G Eazy. Although the rapper has a huge fan base but cannot be found on the list of the best rappers. Here we have listed the best songs by G Eazy that would change your mind about the king in the rap world.

Gerald Earl Gillium or professionally known as G Eazy, is an American Rapper, Singer and Record Producer. G Eazy holds the record of launching the first three albums and making them to the top 10 in the US Billboard Hot 100. The singing genre of the rapper is hip hop, alternate hip hop and hyphy. In addition, the singer has mastered the vocal instruments. If you are in the search of the best songs by G Eazy, then your search ends here.

The best songs by G Eazy are no limit, I mean it, Good Life, Hate the Way, Provide, Tumble Girls, Girls Have Fun, Far Alone, Some Kind of Drug, Everything will be okay and still be friends.

These are some of the best songs by G Eazy. You will find a full list of the songs, albums, tracks in the album, and the EPs sung by the singer below in the article. 

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Top Songs By G Eazy

Best Songs By G Eazy
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So, without wasting much of our time let’s jump to the lists of the best songs by G Eazy. Further, in the article you will come across the songs with the run time and a brief history about the singer’s career.

  • No Limit
  • I Mean it
  • Good Life
  • Hate The Way
  • Provide
  • Still be friends
  • Tumblr Girls
  • Girls Have Fun
  • Far Alone
  • Some Kind of Drug
  • Everything Will be OK
  • Been On
  • 1942
  • Me, Myself & I
  • Guala
  • Sad Boy
  • Calm Down
  • Drifting
  • Lotta That
  • You Got Me
  • Had Enough
  • Moana
  • Lady Killers
  • Random
  • Almost Famous
  • The Plan
  • But A Dream
  • Years To Go

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Top Albums By G Eazy

G Eazy have released a total of nineteen albums and EPs. We have categorized the best Albums for you. Have a look at the best albums and the tracks with the run time, below in the article.

Must Be Nice

Song NameRun Time
Hello2:37 Minutes
Plastic Dreams” (featuring Johanna Fay)3:53 Minutes
Lady Killers (featuring Hoodie Allen)4:09 Minutes
Mad (featuring Devon Baldwin)3:10 Minutes
Interlude0:40 Minutes
Marilyn (featuring Dominique LeJeune)3:16 Minutes
Stay High (featuring Mod Sun)3:36 Minutes
Breathe2:51 Minutes
Must Be Nice (featuring Johanna Fay)3:26 Minutes
Loaded (featuring DJ Carnage) (bonus track)2:36 Minutes

These Things Happen

Song NameRun Time
“These Things Happen”2:24 Minutes
“Far Alone” (featuring E-40 and Jay Ant)4:28 Minutes
“I Mean It” (featuring Remo)3:56 Minutes
“Interlude”0:45 Minutes
“Opportunity Cost”3:54 Minutes
“Almost Famous”4:29 Minutes
“Lotta That” (featuring A$AP Ferg and Danny Seth)4:49 Minutes
“Factory Girl (Skit)”0:13 Minutes
“Downtown Love” (featuring John Michael Rouchell)5:27 Minutes
“Complete”3:09 Minutes
“Let’s Get Lost” (featuring Devon Baldwin)4:01 Minutes
“Shoot Me Down” (featuring Anthony Stewart)3:17 Minutes
“Been On”3:29 Minutes
“Remember You” (featuring blackbear)3:36 Minutes
“Tumblr Girls” (featuring Christoph Andersson)4:16 Minutes
“Just Believe”4:03 Minutes

When it’s Dark Out

Song NameRun Time
Intro1:11 Minutes
Random3:00 Minutes
Me, Myself & I (with Bebe Rexha)4:11 Minutes
One of Them (featuring Big Sean)3:19 Minutes
Drifting (featuring Chris Brown and Tory Lanez)4:33 Minutes
Of All Things (featuring Too $hort)3:33 Minutes
Order More (featuring Starrah)3:28 Minutes
Calm Down2:07 Minutes
Don’t Let Me Go (featuring Grace)3:11 Minutes
You Got Me3:28 Minutes
What If (featuring Gizzle)4:13 Minutes
Sad Boy3:22 Minutes
Some Kind of Drug (featuring Marc E. Bassy)3:42 Minutes
Think about You (featuring Quiñ)2:59 Minutes
Everything Will Be Ok (featuring Kehlani)5:11 Minutes
For This (featuring IAMNOBODI)4:10 Minutes
Nothing to Me (featuring E-40 and Keyshia Cole)5:29 Minutes

The Beautiful & Damned

Song Name Run Time
The Beautiful & Damned (featuring Zoe Nash)3:09 Minutes
Pray for Me3:27 Minutes
Him & I (with Halsey)4:28 Minutes
But a Dream3:26 Minutes
Sober (featuring Charlie Puth)3:23 Minutes
Legend3:25 Minutes
No Limit (featuring ASAP Rocky and Cardi B)4:05 Minutes
The Plan4:10 Minutes
That’s a Lot3:34 Minutes
Pick Me Up (featuring Anna of the North)3:47 Minutes
Gotdamn2:52 Minutes
Leviathan (featuring Sam Martin)3:47 Minutes
Crash & Burn (featuring Kehlani)3:00 Minutes
Summer in December3:06 Minutes
Charles Brown (featuring E-40 and Jay Ant)4:48 Minutes
No Less (with SG Lewis and Louis Mattrs)4:10 Minutes
Mama Always Told Me (featuring Madison Love)3:11 Minutes
Fly Away (featuring Ugochi)3:31 Minutes
Love is Gone (featuring Drew Love)3:54 Minutes
Eazy (featuring Son Lux)5:09 Minutes

Everything’s Strange Here

Song Name Run Time
Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime2:57
Free P**n Cheap Drugs3:20
Back to What You Knew3:25
All the Things You’re Searching For (featuring Kossisko and Ashley Benson)3:57
Stan by Me3:37
In the Middle2:58
Nostalgia Cycle2:44
Every Night of the Year5:11
Had Enough3:13

Scary Nights EP

Song Name Run Time
Scar Nights 3:57 Minutes
I Wanna Rock2:44 Minutes
Full Time Cappers3:51 Minutes
Big Ben3:07 Minutes
KIDS2:48 Minutes
Hittin Licks2:35 Minutes
Demons and Angels4:14 Minutes
A very strange time3:40 Minutes

Must Be Twice EP

Song NameRun Time
Hello2:13 Minutes
Marilyn3:11 Minutes
Mad3:58 Minutes
Plastic Dreams3:53 Minutes
Lady Killers II4:58 Minutes

G Eazy Career

His mother left him when he was in his first grade and he moved to live with his grandparents. While in college he joined the hip hop band and started singing for the local concerts. His career came to the limelight when he opened for rappers like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. His first album “These Things Happen” Ranked number 3 in the US Billboard Hot 100, the second album’s song “Me, Myself & I” reached the top 10, and the third album “The Beautiful & Damned” was positioned at 4 in the US Billboard Top 100. 

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We hope now your search for the best songs by G Eazy must have ended. These are the songs that you must listen to and forward to your friends. Or you can do one thing, make a playlist of the songs by G Eazy and forward it to your friend. You can make and share the playlist on YouTube Music or Spotify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is G Eazy Married?

No, G Eazy is still not married but he has been in a relationship with Ashley Bensen since June 2020.

Why was G Eazy arrested?

G Eazy was arrested for punching a security guard and cocaine was found in his pocket. But later on, he was released after the compensation.

How many music awards has G Eazy won?

G Eazy was nominated for the best hip hop artist in MTV Europe music awards in 2016. He won the favorite hip-hop artist title in the 2017 People Choice Award.

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