60+ Best Songs By Goody Grace That You Must Have In Your Playlist

Best Songs By Goody Grace

Music is the best medicine for the illness that cannot be seen. I hope you got the illness I am talking about. Well, if not let me make it clear, I was talking of the heartbreaks, failures and depression. Music is the ultimate medicine to all. We want to listen to music that is more emotional so that we can connect it with the situation we are in but if we listen to more emotional music then moving on won’t be possible. What we suggest is to listen to the songs by Goody Grace.

Goody Grace is a Canadian musician, his songs are a mixture of pop and emotion, a rare of the rarest combination to find. Music that you can connect in your ill times emotionally but at the same time, pop music will uplift you. Goody Grace has written and sung many songs and here we are with the list of the best songs by Goody Grace that will uplift your mood.

The best songs by goody Grace are Scumbag, Two Shots, Memorie$, Grape Swisher, Nothing Good, On Repeat, Nostalgia is a Lie, Pretend, Girls in the Suburbs singing Smiths songs, Wasting time, Used to be, and Years to go.

These are just a few of the best songs by Goody Grace. You will find a full list of the songs further in the article. With all the other details.

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Best Songs By Goody Grace

Best Songs By Goody Grace
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So, here we disclose the list of the best songs by Goody Grace that will help you enjoy your time with your partner or while traveling alone. We have made various lists that include the songs, songs by albums, and EPs.

Songs by Goody Grace

So, here is the list of the top 45 best songs by Goody Grace that you can easily download from the internet or you can stream them online on any of the music streaming apps such as Amazon Music, YouTube Music, or Spotify.

  • Scumbag
  • Two shots
  • Memorie$
  • Grape Swisher
  • Nothing Good
  • On Repeat 
  • Nostalgia is a lie
  • Pretend
  • Girls In the suburbs singing Smiths song
  • Wasting Time
  • Used to be
  • Years to go
  • Never and Always
  • Judas
  • 210 Lilac Sky
  • Worlds Away
  • If I want to
  • WYWH
  • Don’t Forget
  • In the light of the moon
  • First day of my life
  • Not Coming Home
  • Cabin
  • Too high
  • Hanging with ghosts
  • That one song 
  • Blink
  • Let me go
  • Hope that you miss me
  • The Moments I am missing
  • Vanilla Coke
  • Winter
  • Man in Black
  • Wait for me
  • Things change
  • Auburn
  • Heartbreak
  • 21 & Jaded
  • Rest your eyes
  • North
  • Stay Away
  • So, what does this all mean?
  • Closing time
  • 21 Sadness
  • That one song

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Don’t Forget Where You Came From

Don’t forget where you came from is an album that was released by Goody Grace on 26 February 2021. The album was made under the label of Atlantic Records and you can listen to the album’s songs on YouTube music and Hungama. The album has twelve songs.

Song NameRun Time
Don’t Forget2:06 minutes
Not Coming Home2:39 minutes
Auburn2:31 minutes
North2:20 minutes
Grape Swisher2:26 minutes
Scumbag3:31 minutes
On Repeat3:31 minutes
Hope that you miss me2:32 minutes
Nothing Good3:18 minutes
Winter2:30 minutes
Used to be2:55 minutes
21 & Jaded3:03 minutes


Infinite is an EP that was released on 23 March 2018. The artists who worked in the EP are Goody Grace, Gnash, and Lil Aaron. The genre of the EP was pop and was made under the label of Bananabeat Records and Atlantic Records. There are a total of eight songs in the EP.

Song NameRun Time
Two Shots3:00 minutes
Pretend2:28 minutes
Man in Black2:19 minutes
210 Lilac Sky3:32 minutes
In the Light of the moon2:26 minutes
Never and Always2:31 minutes
Cabin3:18 minutes
WYWH3:14 minutes

Goody Grace Career

To start with Goody Grace’s life, he was born in Canada and started singing at the age of four. When Goody reached teenage he gathered his audience by writing cover songs for the artists like Taylor Swift and Weekend. He released his debut song Memorie$ in 2015 and since then he is been ruling the Canadian music industry with his melody pop mixture.

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So, these were the best songs by Goody Grace that you must listen to when you feel depressed. We are the generation where heartbreaks are common be it the betrayal by loved ones or the failures in life. These songs by Goody Grace will charge you up.

Frequently asked Questions

Is Goody Grace married?

No, Goody Grace is not married but he is dating Kate Beckinsale.

Which country does Goody Grace belong to?

Goody Grace was born in Canada so his nationality is Canadian.

Is Goody Grace White?

Well, that’s a racist question to ask but to tell you yes ethnicity of the musician Goody Grace is white.

How old is Goody Grace?

Goody Grace is born on 19 June 1997 and as of now in 2021 he is 23 years in age.

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