List Of Top 10+ Songs By J Balvin, The Latin Sensation

Songs By J Balvin

Psychology says “People who listen to the music of different genres are often more creative, honest, smarter and open-minded” and that’s exactly what Latin music carries in it. It is a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American, and many other languages. If you are looking for the best Latin or Spanish songs then you must listen to the songs by J Balvin.

José Álvaro Osorio Balvín professionally known as J Balivin is a Colombian singer. He is referred to as “Prince of Reggaeton” due to his skills of singing Reggaeton music. J Balvin is one of the best and highest selling Latin Artists with over 35 million records sold. We have listed the best songs by J Balvin that you must listen to. The melody in his voice will take you out of this world.

The best songs by J Balvin are 

Song NameAlbumRelease Year
Mi GenteVibras2018
La CancionOasis2019
I Like ItInvasion of Privacy2018
No Me ConoceFamouz2019
Una LocuraENOC2020
Con AlturaCon Altura2019
Say My Name72018
Un DiaFuture Nostalgia2021
AguaThe SpongeBob Movie2021

This was the list of the top songs by J Balvin. Many of these songs are the latest released songs by JBalvin, that are released in 2021. You will find a detailed list of the songs further in the article.

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Best Songs by J Balvin

So, without wasting much of our time let’s get to the list of the top 10 best songs by J Balvin. We have also provided you the direct video links of the top 10 songs by J Balvin.

Top 10 Songs By J Balvin

Mi Gente

Balvin released the song “Mi Gente” in June 2017 and the original version of the song proved to be a hit. Balvin treated the fans for the success of the song with the new version of the song with Queen Bee in September 2017. The song was positioned number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.


Ginza by J Balvin became one of the longest-ruling songs at the first position on the Billboards Hot 100 Latin songs in 2015. The song maintained its first position for almost 22 weeks that was a huge time. 

Ay Vamos

Ay Vamos by J Balvin Make him the first Latin Urban Artist to cross the one million views on YouTube. Ay Vamos was the music video that also positioned the number 1 in the Billboard Top 100 Hot Latin Songs.


“X” was the song released by J Balvin and Nicky Jam as a tribute and to showcase their friendship to the world. The duo looks powerful together and their creativity makes them the best Latin singers ever.

6 AM

The Song 6 AM was created by J Balvin and Farruko. It was the J Balvin’s First Latin Airplay. The Song as told by Balvin is the Latin Version of “The Hangover” By Tyson’s Tiger.

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I Like It

“I Like it” is the song that was sung by J Balvin and The featuring Artists were Cardi B and Bad Bunny. The powerful performance by both set the video on fire and the song as expected was a huge hit.

Sigo Extranandote

Sigo Extranandote is a song by J Balvin that is more known for its video than the song. Although the is good, the emotional video of the song shows the romantic face of the singer, J Balvin.

Yo Te Lo Dije

Yo te Lo Dije is one of the songs from J Balvin’s Album La Familia that was released in 2013.


Safari was a cross-over song of J Balvin with Pharrel Williams, BIA, and Sky. The Crossover was presented in the “Energia” an album released by J Balvin in 2016. 


“Ambiente” was one of the songs in 2018’s album “Vibras” released by J Balvin. The shooting of the song was done in Morada, Florida.


“Reggaeton” was the song with which J Balvin tried to bring back the old-school 90 rhythms.

Loco Contigo

Loco Contigo is the Dj Snake’s song with Tyga. J Balvin added the Latin flavor to the song. The song is about one-sided lovers.

Top 50 Songs By J Balvin

 Songs By J Balvin
Source: Billboard

Here we present you the list of the top 55 songs by J Balvin that you must listen to.

  1. 6 AM
  2. Agua 
  3. Ahora
  4. Ahora Dice
  5. Amarillo 
  6. Ambiente 
  7. Ambiente 
  8. Ay Vamos
  9. Baila Baila Baila
  10. Blanco
  11. Bobo 
  12. Brillo
  13. Bum Bum Tam Tam
  14. La Canción
  15. China 
  16. Cola Song
  17. Con Altura
  18. Contra la Pared
  19. Cuando Tú Quieras
  20. Cuidao por Ahí
  21. Un Dia 
  22. Dónde Estarás
  23. Familiar 
  24. Ginza 
  25. Haute 
  26. Hey Ma 
  27. I Can’t Get Enough
  28. I Like It (Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin)
  29. Location (Karol G, Anuel AA and J Balvin)
  30. Loco Contigo
  31. Machika
  32. Mi Gente (J Balvin and Willy William)
  33. Mood 
  34. No Es Justo
  35. No Me Conoce
  36. Noches Pasadas
  37. Otra noche sin ti
  38. Que Calor
  39. Qué Pena
  40. Qué Pretendes
  41. Reggaetón
  42. Relación
  43. Ritmo
  44. Safari 
  45. Say My Name (David Guetta, Bebe Rexha and J Balvin)
  46. Sensualidad
  47. Spicy (Ty Dolla Sign song)
  48. Stuck on a Feeling
  49. Tranquila
  50. Tu Verdad
  51. The Way (Ariana Grande)
  52. X (Nicky Jam and J Balvin)
  53. Yo Le Llego
  54. Yo Te Lo Dije
  55. You Stay

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If you are a Latin or Spanish song lover then I am sure that our categorization of these top songs by J Balvin must have been useful to you. If you want to impress someone, this is the best time. Make a playlist and share it on Amazon music with them.

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