30+ Best Songs By Jeremy Zucker, The King Of Melody Pop

Songs by jeremy zucker

Today, we are up with the top songs from the King of Melody pop. Got an idea about whom we are talking? No!! Okay, let me give you another clue. Music experts refer to his music as “a fusion of organic airy beats, lush soundtrack-style soundscapes, and biting Tumblr-worthy lyricism“. Still, confused? Let us break the suspense and tell you the name. He is Jeremy Zucker. The 25-year-old singer, who changed the definition of pop and indie-pop. We have listed the best songs by Jeremy Zucker that will refresh your mind and you will feel light again.

Jeremy Scott Zucker is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. He is best known for his pops and indie pops. If we talk about the background of the singer then we will find that music must be in his veins. Belonging to a musical family, Jeremy started his singing career from the college music band, and at the age of twenty, he released his first EP.

The EP wasn’t that successful, but his second EP’s song “Boult it” brought Jeremy to the limelight and he has been performing consistently since then. His songs are so good that Blackbear bought the copyrights of his song “Heavy” and made a remix “Make Daddy Proud”. Let’s celebrate the success of the pop singer by listening to some of the best songs by Jeremy Zucker.

The list of 10 best songs by Jeremy Zucker is 

Song NameAlbum Name
This is how you fall in loveBrent ii
All the kids are depressedGlisten
Backyard boyBackyard boy
You were good to meBrent
Always, I’ll careLove is not dying
Talk is overratedIdle
Not your friendLove is not dying
Parent songBrent ii
EmilyBrent ii

These were just the top 10 songs by Jeremy Zucker but let us tell you the list is endless. We have mentioned all the songs, albums, and EPs sung by the pop singer further in the article.

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Best Songs By Jeremy Zucker

Next, in the article, you will come across the various songs by Jeremy Zucker. We have categorized them Album Wise, EP wise, and single tracks. We have also provided you the link to the best songs by Jeremy Zucker further in the article.

  • Melody
  • Flying Kites
  • Bout it
  • Dramamine
  • Peace signs
  • Weakness
  • Paradise
  • When you wake up
  • Upside down
  • Talk is overrated
  • All the kids are depressed
  • Comethru
  • You were good to me
  • Better off
  • Oh, Mexico
  • Always, I’ll care
  • Not Ur friend
  • Julia
  • Supercuts
  • This is how you fall in love
  • Emily
  • Glow 
  • Good Days
  • Lonely Alone
  • Stay with me
  • Atoms
  • Spin with you
  • Cameras
  • Backyard boy
  • Nothing’s the same
  • Doris Terrace

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Album Name – love is not Dying

Love is not Dying is the debut album of the pop singer Jeremy Zucker. The album was released on 17 April 2020. Jeremy told his fans about his upcoming album on Instagram in June 2019. Let’s have a quick look at the songs by Jeremy Zucker in the album.

Track Name
We’re fu**ed, it’s fine
Somebody loves you 
Lake house
Good for her
Not ur friend
Full stop
Hell or flying
Always, I’ll care
Oh, Mexico

Album Name – Motions

“Motions” is the third collection of tracks that was released by the singer Jeremy Zucker on 15 August 2016. The album was made under the labels of Universal Records. All the songs of the albums were released before the actual release of the album except “Stay Quite”.

Track Name
Keep my head afloat
Idk love
Shut your mouth
Stay quite
Man down
Upside down

EP Name – Idle

Songs by jeremy zucker
Source: YouTube

Idle was released on 27 October 2017 under the labels of Universal Records. The EP contains four tracks in total. Let’s have a look at the songs by Jeremy Zucker in the EP.

Track Name
Talk is overrated

EP Name – Stripped

Stripped is the fifth EP by Jeremy Zucker and sixth in the list of the tracks collection by Jeremy Zucker. The EP is released on 02 February 2018 under the labels of Universal Records. There are total of five songs by Jeremy Zucker in the EP.

Track Name
Keep my head afloat
Every day
Talk is overrated

EP Name – Glisten

Glisten is considered to be the sequel of it’s previous EP Stripped. There are a total of four songs by Jeremy Zucker in Glisten. The EP was released on 04 May 2018 under the labels of Universal pictures.

Track Name
All the kids are depressed
Glisten (interlude)
Better off

Latest Album / EP by Jeremy Zucker – Brent ii

Songs by jeremy zucker
Source: PromoWest Tv

The latest EP by Jeremy Zucker is Brent ii. The EP was released on 05 February 2021 and is featuring Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler.

Track Name
This is how you fall in love
Parent Song
Brooklyn Boy
The Stars

So, these were the songs by Jeremy Zucker that you must listen to. You can listen to his songs on Spotify. Jeremy is one of the highest listened to pop singers on Spotify with 15.9 million monthly listeners. We are sure that Jeremy’s song will uplift your mood and make you relived from the daily stress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Jeremy Zucker?

Jeremy Zucker was born in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, US on 03 March 1996. As of 2021, he is 25 years old.

What is Jeremy Zucker’s full name?

Jeremy Scott Zucker

What is Jeremy Zucker’s Net Worth?

Jeremy Zucker has an estimated net worth of around $5 million.

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