90+ Best songs by Kendrick Lamar (K-Dot)

90+ Best songs by Kendrick Lamar

“Behind every favorite song, there is an untold story”. Do you know what’s the most interesting part about hip-hop music? It’s the intensity, the pain, the expressions, and the story it conveys. Often being considered the synonym of Rap, Hip Hop is a world-famous form of music that involves rapping, deejaying, writing, and B-boying. When talking about Hip Hop music, there are so many great artists that have made their names through this music. Like Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is also known as K-Dot is one of the most significant artists of his time. He is an American rapper who also writes songs and produces records too. Mainly popular for Hip Hop and Jazz Rap. He got into a musical career in 2004 and started gaining recognition in 2010. Till now you can find 1 Extended Play, one compilation albums, 3 promotional singles, 4 studio albums, 5 mixtapes, 44 singles, and 55 Music Videos of Kendrick. Want to know which are the best songs by Kendrick Lamar?

After multiple researches and audience polls, we managed to compile a top list of best songs by Kendrick Lamar. Some of the best songs from this list are Cartoon & Cereal, DNA, Money Trees, Backseat Freestyle, Duckworth, Alright, U, HiiiPoWeR, King Kunta, Blue Faces, Untitled, Humble, B**ch Don’t Kill My Vibe, Love, Swimming Pools and many more.

Here is an endless list of best songs by Kendrick Lamar waiting for you. He is considered one of the best lyricists and rappers of all time. Let’s have a look at his musical journey through the best hits given by Kendrick.

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90+ Best songs by Kendrick Lamar 

90+ Best songs by Kendrick Lamar (K-Dot); 90+ Best songs by Kendrick Lamar

An artist produces no. of art pieces presenting his talent to the world. Some of those turn out to be gems while some may fall flat. Talking about Kenrick Lamar, he has given so much to the hip-hop music industry. Here is the list of best songs by Kendrick Lamar.

Trending Songs For Instagram Reels
  • m. A. A. d city
  • Cartoon & Cereal
  • Sing About Me/ I Am Dying of Thirst
  • DNA
  • Money Trees
  • The Blacker the Berry
  • Backseat Freestyle
  • A.D. H. D
  • Duckworth
  • Alright
  • U
  • HiiiPoWeR
  • Fear
  • Hood Politics
  • Rigamortus
  • King Kunta
  • B**ch Don’t Kill My Vibe
  • Humble
  • Blue Faces
  • Hol’ Up
  • Untitled
  • The Art Of Peer Pressure
  • Love
  • You Ain’t Gotta Lie
  • Poetic Justice
  • Wesley’s Theory
  • Blow My High
  • Untitled 07
  • Westside, Right on Time
  • The jig is Up
  • The Heart Pt. 2
  • Untitled 06
  • Swimming Pools
  • Sherane a.k.a.Master Splinter’s Daughter
  • Good Kid
  • 1 Train
  • Solo Dolo, Part II
  • Autumn Leaves
  • For Free?
  • Institutionalized
  • Momma
  • How much a Dollar Cost
  • Complexion
  • On Me
  • Genocide
  • Untitled 01
  • Untitled 02
  • Untitled 03
  • Untitled 05
  • Untitled 09
  • Sidewalks
  • Blood
  • Yah
  • Element
  • Feel
  • Pride
  • Lust
  • X*X
  • God
  • Fear
  • Doves in the Wind
  • Black Panther
  • Bog Shot
  • Mona Lisa
  • Momma, I Hit a Lick
  • Hair Down
  • Tints
  • Dedication
  • New Freezer

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  • Perfect Pint
  • Don’t Wanna Know
  • Survive
  • Really Doe
  • Freedom
  • The Greatest
  • Holy Key
  • Ain’t That F**kin Kinda Hard on You?
  • Bad Blood
  • Pray For Me
  • Don’t Don’t do It
  • King’s Dead
  • All the Stars
  • Loyalty
  • Humble
  • These Walls
  • I
  • Poetic Justice
  • Backseat Freestyle
  • My People

Studio Albums By Kenrick

Section.80 was the very first album of Kendrick through which he did his debut in the industry. His second studio album was Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, and was his major lead debut that did great on the billboard’s Hot 100 list.

Studio AlbumRelease Date
Section.80July 2, 2011
Good Kid, M.A.A.D CityOctober 22, 2012
To Pimp a ButterflyMarch 16, 2015
DamnApril 14, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Kendrick:

Which is Kendrick Lamar’s best song?

“Humble” from the album Damn that came out in 2017 is voted the no. the best song by Kendrick Lamar. Apart from that King Kunta, Alright,m. A.A.d city and DNA are also on the top list.

Which Song made Kendrick Lamar famous?

HiiiPoWeR is the song that gained Kendrick huge popularity. This song was from the album Section.80 and HiiiPoWeR was his first debut single from that album.

What is Kendrick Lamar’s Net Worth?

As of August 5, 2020, the calculated net worth known from various sources came out to be $75 million.

Who is the richest rapper in the world?

An American rapper, Kanye West is the richest rapper in the world with an estimated net worth of $3.2 billion. He is also a songwriter, a fashion designer, an entrepreneur and a record producer.


Rapping is something that involves so much imagination, the right word choice, a perfect blend of music, and the power to convey the message with clarity. Kendrick stood out in all of these aspects. Hope you enjoyed the above-mentioned list of best songs by Kendrick Lamar. Do share this list with your friends and family members. For any query, write us in the comments section below.

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