50+ Best Songs By Lady Gaga That Every Pop Lover Must Listen

Songs By Lady Gaga

Since her debut in 2008 with the album “The Fame” Lady Gaga has always been the center part of controversies with every new album released. Despite controversies, no doubt her pop music and performance have taken pop music to another level. Trust me rounding up her best songs was the most difficult task to do. But, at last, we have made a list of the best songs by Lady Gaga that we like the most.

Lady Gaga is an American Pop singer, songwriter, and actress. She is popularly known for her musical versatility and image reinventions. She was one of the celebrities who supported LGBT and was in controversy for it but, this never let her stop from delivering quality music and powerful performances. You can easily get the idea of her popularity if you have ever been to her live performance show. Rounding up the best songs by Lady Gaga would never be an easy task to do but we have tried our best and listed the top 10 songs by Lady Gaga for you.

The top 10 songs by Lady Gaga are 

  1. Bad Romance
  2. Poker Face
  3. Telephone
  4. Just Dance
  5. Million Reasons
  6. Born This Way 
  7. Shallow
  8. The Edge of Glory and Speechless
  9. Perfect Illusion
  10. Alejandro
  11. Monster
  12. Manicure
  13. You and I

This was the list of the best songs by Lady Gaga. Further in the article, you will come across the details about these songs and the latest released songs by Lady Gaga as well.

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Best Songs By Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has sung one film soundtrack, two video albums, four EPs, six Studio albums, two box sets, and thirty-five singles. Here, we bring you the list of the top songs and latest releases from Lady Gaga.

Top 5 Songs By Lady Gaga

Here is the list of the top 5 songs by Lady Gaga, with the details and ratings.

Bad Romance 

The song “Bad Romance” was released in late 2009 and made Lady Gaga one of the most defining artists in 2010. Music experts say that no one else can sing the song “Bad Romance” as sung by Lady Gaga because the song reflects her passion for music and personal experience in the industry.

Poker Face

Poker face was released in 2003 following the release of her debut album “The Fame”. The song was sung in the key of G#Minor and has black-themed music. The idea behind the song was bisexuality and the song was a tribute to all Lady Gaga’s Ex-Boyfriends.


“Telephone” is a song by Lady Gaga Featuring Beyonce.  The song was recorded for the third EP by Lady Gaga “The Fame Monster”. The song was recorded in 2009 and was released on 26 January 2010.

Marry The Night 

Marry The Night is one of the best songs by Lady Gaga. The song ranked in the top 5 in the US Billboard Hot 100. The song was an all in one injection of adrenaline for the pop music lovers

Just Dance

Just dance was the song by Lady Gaga Featuring Colby O’Donis. “Just Dance” was the lead single debut song of Lady Gaga. The unknown fact about the song is that the song was written in ten minutes by Lady Gaga and it was this song that made her popular overnight.

Latest Releases Of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga recently released her sixth Studio Album “Chromatica”. The album was released on 29 May 2020 and has Four Singles in it.

Song Name Release Date
Stupid love28 February 2020
Rain On Me22 May 2020
91118 September 2020
Free Woman13 April 2020

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List of 30+ Best Songs By Lady Gaga

Songs By Lady Gaga
Source: Forbes
  • Poker Face
  • The Edge of Glory
  • Telephone
  • Paparazzi
  • Just Dance
  • Million Reasons
  • Applause
  • Marry The Night
  • Alejandro
  • Judas
  • You and I
  • Do What You want
  • Rain On me 
  • Stupid Love
  • Perfect illusion
  • Speechless
  • Always Remember Us This Way
  • Bad Romance
  • Love Game
  • I’ll never love again
  • Eh,Eh
  • G.U.Y
  • Sexxx Dreams
  • Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  • The Cure
  • John Wayne
  • Gypsy
  • Shallow
  • Monster
  • Born This Way
  • Scheibe
  • Dance In the Dark
  • The Edge of Glory


Lady Gaga is not only a versatile singer but also a powerful personality. This can be seen in her songs. You can enjoy these best songs by Lady Gaga either downloading them from the internet or you can stream them online via online music streaming apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which one was the Lady Gaga’s first big hit?

Lady Gaga’s first big hit was “Just Dance” from her debut album “The Fame” both the song and the album made it to the top 100 in the US Billboard Hot 100. Nine million copies were sold for the song “Just Dance”.

What is Lady Gaga’s real name?

Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Who is Lady Gaga Dating?

Lady Gaga is dating entrepreneur Michael Polansky. She announced her relationship officially on Instagram after being spotted spending time together in Miami.

What is Lady Gaga’s Net Worth?

Lady Gaga’s estimated net worth in 2021 is $300 million.

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