List of 50+ Best Songs By Steven Tyler, The Demon Of Screaming

Songs By Steven Tyler

If we are talking of the best songs by Steven Tyler then we cannot talk of the singer alone. Those of us who know about Steven Tyler, know what makes him Steven Tyler and for those who don’t know let us tell you, Steven Tyler is the lead singer of the 1970s most famous band in Boston “Aerosmith”. A couple of years back Steven Tyler was in the news headlines for the statement he gave for the former American President Donald Trump. He forbade Trump from using Aerosmith’s music while entering the stage.

A former American President using Tyler’s song as his background music while entering the stage is an achievement in itself and that’s how the songs by Steven Tyler are. Not only singing but Steven Tyler has had an amazing career in acting as well. He has acted in several films and series. He is a singer, songwriter, actor, musician, and television personality. Tyler is also known as “The Demon of Screamin’” because of his ability to take high pitch notes perfectly. Let’s dive into the ocean of the best songs by Steven Tyler and bring out the top hits by him.

The best songs by Steven Tyler are I don’t want to miss a thing, Dream On, Cryin’, Sweet Emotion, Crazy, Hole in my soul, Dude, Livin’ on the edge, Love is Your Name, Angel, Fly away from here and Amazing.

Given above is just the trailer of the best songs by Steven Tyler. As we dive deeper into his ocean of hits we find more and more. We made a complete list for you in the article below.

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Best Songs By Steven Tyler

Songs By Steven Tyler
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Next, we have listed the top hit songs by Steven Tyler for you. We have also mentioned the video links of the songs in the article. So, get started with the list.

Top 5 Songs by Steven Tyler

Here we present you the top 5 songs by Steven Tyler that he sung with Aerosmith and won various awards for them.

Song Name – “Love in an Elevator”

Love in an elevator is the real-life experience of Steven Tyler. He tells about the girl he met in the hotel elevator and they made love. The song was so loved by the fans that it was nominated for the Grammy. The song got the fifth position on the US billboard list of Hot 100.

Song Name – “Walk This Way”

The song was a collaboration between Aerosmith and Run-DMC. The song brought the break hip-hop to the mainstream and was the first hip-hop song to reach the top 5 in the US Billboard List of Hot 100. The video of the song became the first hybrid video of hip-hop.

Song Name – “What It Takes”

The song was released in 1989 and was the breakup song to listen to after you have closure with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The song was positioned ninth in the US Billboard Hot 100 and was placed first on the Mainstream Rock Songs.

Song Name – “Janie’s Got A Gun”

The song is a Grammy winner because of the tale it carries. The story is about a girl who killed his father after he sexually abused him. The video of the song is directed by David Fincher. The song got the fourth position on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the second position on the mainstream rock charts.

Song Name – “Hole in My Soul”

The song is about a nerdy high school boy who does every possible thing to get the right woman but could not succeed. The song was hugely popular among the young boys of that time. The song got fifty-first position in the US Billboard Hot 100 and forth on the Mainstream Rock Songs Chart.

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List of 50+ Songs by Steven Tyler

  • I love thrash
  • Love lives
  • Feels so good
  • Love is your name
  • Red White & You
  • We’re all somebody from somewhere
  • Walk this way
  • Wild thing
  • Only my Heart Talkin’
  • Slice of your Pie
  • Sticky Sweet
  • Roots, Rock, Reggae
  • Misery
  • Sing for the moment
  • I’m a King Bee
  • Just feel better
  • Three Cord Country and American Rock n Roll
  • Cryin’ and Smile
  • Sharp Dressed Man
  • Someday
  • Sex E Bizarre
  • Evil Twin
  • You really got a hold on me
  • Skin City
  • Vagabond Soul
  • Crazy
  • Feels So Good
  • Love is your name
  • Only Heaven
  • Last Child 
  • Pink
  • Gypsy Girl
  • Deuces are wild
  • Rag Doll
  • What could have been love
  • Eat the rich
  • Mama Kin
  • Season of winter
  • What it takes
  • Train kept a rollin’
  • Same old song and dance
  • Walk this way
  • No more No more
  • Back in the saddle
  • Jaded
  • Amazing
  • Fly away from here
  • Sweet Emotion 
  • Dream on
  • Janie’s got a gun
  • Hole in my soul

Now, that you know the list of the best songs by Steven Tyler. What are you waiting for? Make a playlist on YouTube music and share it with your parents. They will surely love it or playing it on DJ would be the best anniversary party idea. Do write us your reviews on the songs by Steven Tyler in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Original name of Steven Tyler?

Steven Victor Tallarico is professionally known as Steven Tyler. He is also called Demon of Screamin’.

What is Steven Tyler’s Net worth?

Steven Tyler has an estimated net worth of US $150 million.

Who is Steven Tyler’s Daughter?

Steven Tyler has 3 daughters

  1. Liv Tyler
  2. Mia Tyler
  3. Chelsea Tyler

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