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Best Stores Like H&M

It doesn’t matter how much you love H&M stores, visiting the same place, again and again, is boring. The fact cannot be denied that H&M is affordable and gives you the best product out of the value you spend. What can be done? For a change go through the list of these best stores like H&M that are affordable and stylish.

H&M is a huge name in the fashion industry, the company has established and proved itself to be the best when it comes to fashion shopping at affordable prices. It is not easy for any other store to compete with the fashion giant H&M (Abbreviated for Hennes & Mauritz), which has over 5000 stores across the world. So, here is the list of the best stores like H&M.

Some of the stores like H&M are-

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  1. TopShop
  2. ZARA
  3. BorderFree
  4. MissGuided
  5. Express

These are some of the stores that you can give a try to instead of H&M. Further in the article you will also find the website links of these stores. We recommend you to go through them and monitor the type of products they are selling.

6 Best Stores Like H&M

While writing this article we have kept in mind that the stores we are mentioning here have comparable prices to H&M. So, let’s dive into these brands and find out your next favorite brand.

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1. Topshop

Best Stores Like H&M - Topshop
Source: Multichannel Merchant

Topshop was the first name that I thought of while listing the names of the best stores like H&M. Starting with the company build-up, it is an MNC with the parent headquarters in Britain that makes it a British MNC. The brand is as famous as H&M with over 500 shops worldwide. Apart from the wide availability of reasonable prices at the stores the thing that attracts the customers is their offer for International shipping. 

If you find something that is not available in the stores at your location, you can simply place the orders and it will be delivered to your doorsteps in no time.

What to check out in the TOPSHOP stores?

If you are a fashion freak and always wish to follow the latest trends in the world then the store offers you the section called the “New And Trending Now” section. This section covers all the latest trends, best sellers, and new arrivals.

Brands Associated: Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ivy Park, Love, and more.

Product Range: Jumpers & Cardigans, Shorts, Suits & Blazers, Trousers & Leggings, Jumpsuits & Playsuits, Lingerie & Nightwear, Loungewear, etc. 


Best Stores Like H&M - ZARA
Source: Retail Insight Network

Who today isn’t aware of the fashion giant ZARA. It is one of the biggest competitors of H&M in the fashion world, so it deserves a place in the list of the stores like H&M. Starting with the parent company of ZARA, it is a Spanish retailer company based in Galicia, Spain. 

ZARA stores offer everything from streetwear to formals and from casuals to partywares. The company has products for men, women, teens, and children in all age groups. 

Talking about the store expansion, the company has almost 2000 stores worldwide and is one of the leading fashion e-stores in the world. In Addition, you will be surprised to know that ZARA adds almost 20 new collections every year that makes it different from any other brand in the world.

What makes ZARA the most loved store?

The most loved part of the ZARA stores is its TRF section. TRF means Trafaluc, it is a collection exclusively for women who want to add something unique and different to their closets.

Product Range: Activewear, Apparel for Kids, Women, And Men, wallets, shoes, bags, long sleeves trendy accessories, LBD’s tailored jacquard jumpers with edgy zippers, maxi dresses, formals, skater dresses, party wear, and more.

3. Borderfree

Best Stores Like H&M - Borderfree
Source: Retail&Loyalty

As the name says “Border-Free”, the website was made keeping in mind the international barriers during shopping. The motto of the company was to make International shopping Local and is working on it continuously.

Borderfree stores have the best collection of clothing from all around the world and they deliver it with their shipping facility that has a network spread to almost around 220 countries in the world. Borderfree’s approach around the globe makes it one of the best stores like H&M.

As the company is majorly active on its website, don’t forget to check out its sale section. They often have sales to give out products at cheaper rates.

Brands Associated: Veronica Maine, Tony Bianco, Pepe Jeans, Aquilia, Harvey Nicholas, and more.

Product Range: Shoes, Activewear, Bridal, health and beauty, men’s apparel, Baby and kids, handbags, and many more.

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4. MissGuided

Best Stores Like H&M - MissGuided
Source: Echochamber

When I first came across the name of the store Missguided. I thought about the owners, How could someone call their company to be a Misguide. But, eventually, I figured out that it is MISS – Guided, a website to guide MISS (Girl). I know that was lame, but it happened to me.

Coming to the store it is another store from the UK that finds its place in the list of the stores like H&M. The company has the clothing for the women between 16 to 35 years of age group and any body type. 

The best part about the company is the affordable ness, even the cheapest product in their store is stylish. The company focuses more on style and less on money that makes it the first choice of fashion lovers.

Brands Associated: Collabed with P. Diddy’s Sean Jean Label for Streetwear and collaborated with Playboy for Lingerie

Product Range: Dresses, bodysuits, jackets, jeans, wedding trousseau shopping, shoes, and more

5. Express

Best Stores Like H&M - Express
Source: Fashion Network

Express is an American fashion retailer that is one of the affordable stores like H&M. The company has a total of 600 stores around the world that are operated from the USA. The store has a trendy and unique collection. If we talk about the specialty of the store then it is profuse jeans that are worth checking and trying on.

If you want to avail yourself of the special offers on their products then you have to register yourself on their website. The store is also in demand for the vogue accessories that they ship across the world. The company also has a return policy if the product falls under the terms and conditions of return.

Product Range: Unisex clothing materials, intimate wear, swimwear, footwear, and everyday essentials.


Best Stores Like H&M - UNIQLO
Source: AsiaBizToday

Uniqlo is a Japanese textile manufacturing company, started in 1970. The company is set up and operates from Japan but has its customers worldwide. The store has a different section for baby clothing that sells trendy and fashionable items for babies. Talking about the affordable ness of the store the lowest range of clothing starts from $7 on the website.

Product Range: Unisex clothing, shoes, fashion stuff for teens, maternity items, accessories, etc.

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All these were the names of the best stores like H&M that are affordable and easily available. Visit the website through the links given above and start placing orders. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and tell them there are various options available other than H&M.

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