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best stores like hot topic

Walking around Hot Topic stores for us 90s kids was a definition of “#COOL” that we ever knew! Those gothic metal and all rock themes gave us an edge during our teenage years! Not forgetting the fact that my mom was totally against buying from the devil’s store! It had everything a teenage heart would require and so much more! But enough of me reminiscing about the good old days! Let’s see what the best stores like Hot Topic are, stores that will leave us nostalgic!!

We’ve all had that “My Pony” and the classic “Tripp pants” merch from the store! But was Hot Topic our only destination? Of course NOT! I’m sure many of us were regular at the Spencers too! 

Hot Topic stands by its name truly! Since its inception, it has been ardently following through all the #HotTopics of the fashion, geek, and music world! Thus if you’re crying over the fact that your go-to store doesn’t sell those goth costumes anymore, DON’T! That era is long over now!

Top teenager 80s fashion you need t...
Top teenager 80s fashion you need to know about

Hot Topic is a one-stop destination for all things trendy, starting from your favorite band’s t-shirt to your favorite anime! But you know what? Many stores will provide you with the same services and so much more!

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HOT TOPIC: Best Stores Like Hot Topic!!

old hot topic
Source: The Tattoo Tourist

Before jumping straight onto some of the best stores like Hot Topic, let’s do a history check first! What was Hot Topic and how far has it come! Let’s begin!

HOT TOPIC Inc. is a California-based retail chain that is 31 years old this year! It was founded in 1989 and specializes in, yeah you guessed! Hot Topics! The store deals with merchandise related to music, anime, video games, clothing, etc. But you know what? The majority of sales of Hot Topic are from the licensed band tees it sells! 

The store has come a long way from not only changing its old demonic styles and even its logo designs! For 90s kids, today’s HotTopic is vastly different from the stores we used to walk in during our teenage years, that shit was COOL! Now if you take a stroll in one, it is like a bland coffee! But that’s not the store’s fault as “Everything needs a change!”, and not forgetting the fact that as generations change, so does style!

Now the moment we have all been waiting for! What are some other stores or shops like Hot Topic? 

Fashion Stores Similar To Hot Topic

Stores like hot topic

There are many stores similar to our old Hot Topic! Here’s a list of shops or online stores that will remind you of your old Hot Topic!

  • Spencer’s
  • ASOS
  • Forever 21
  • H&M
  • RebelsMarket
  • Merch Bar
  • Rockabilia
  • Blue Banana
  • Dolls Kill
  • Grindstore
  • Darkside
  • Too Fast
  • Amazon
  • Zaful
  • Shein


stores like hot topic
Source: American Dad Wikia – Fandom

As I mentioned earlier, Spencer’s was also a store we frequented and still do! This store gives a neck-to-neck competition to Hot Topic by providing everything that the said store deals with! It has band merch, anime stuff, clothing, and everything a teenage kid would need!


Source: 1000 logos

Well! This can be your other go-to store if you’re getting too old to dorn those graphic tees from Hot Topic! This store has the same cool stuff as HT but obviously more age-friendly cool stuff! Even our grannies could wear them! JK! But that stuff is cool!

Forever 21

forever 21
Source: USA Today

This store is almost always present in any American mall and is a go-to for teenagers! Do you know a plus point? This is so much cheaper than HT!


Source: SF Station

Although RM’s Fandom market isn’t as wide as that of HT, it surely will fill up your wardrobe with all the other cool options it has! You can get any size of clothes here, ranging from XS to XXL! 



Now again, who doesn’t know this comfortable street style store that can fulfill your office needs too! Also, this is much cheaper than HT ever was and any teen could get their wish lists from their own pockets! 

Merch Bar

Source: Music Business Worldwide

You shouldn’t judge the simple name of this store! Its music Fandom and collection are even wider than that of HT. You can get your favorite band tees here ranging from Harry to Shawn! 


Source: Paincure

You can get anything from your favorite music bands here, it doesn’t matter if you’re a rock or a punk fan! This store promotes the music artists and thus sells Merch that is licensed and legal! So if you’re buying from this store, know that you’re directly supporting the music artists and bands! 

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Blue Banana

shops like hot topic
Source: Flickr

This is another good competitor of HT as it gets you everything it once did! It provides you whatever a usual conventional store wouldn’t! 

Dolls Kill

Source: WWD

Dolls kill will fulfill your love for Gothic style! Especially, its Doll collection is remarkable! Haven’t checked that yet? You need to right NOW! 


Source: Twitter

This is another music Merch selling store in great competition to Spencer’s, Rockabilia, and obviously, HT! You can get anything from the Pink Floyd collection to Anime to Disney! It’s more than a simple clothing store! It provides you games, hair dyes, bags, stationery, etc! 


stores like HT

Darkside is how 90s kids saw HOT TOPIC! It provides everything ranging from gothic outfits to tattoos to all your chic styles! It stands in direct competition to Hot Topic and stores like Blue Banana!

Too Fast

too fast
Source: Pinterest

Punk Rock fans, it’s your time to shine now! This store deals with old-school metal fans and keeps on improving or reinventing their style! Although it’s a comparatively small-scale business in comparison to HT, it provides a wide variety! You can never run out of options! 


Source: The Fanatic

This worldwide famous clothing brand is on the tip of every lady looking for trendy outfits! It provides you with your office attire to some casual streetwear and so many more choices! Although these options are not as wide as what HT provides. 



Now, who doesn’t know of Amazon! It’s a one-stop destination for everything you need! From your kitchen to your bathroom to your bedroom, you can get everything and anything here at affordable prices too! 


Source: LogoDix logo

This modern and fashionable store provides you fashion that IS NOT EXPENSIVE! You can get your favorite outfits at affordable prices here! 

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Online Stores Like Hot Topic To Shop Pop-culture

Source: Logos Discovery Engine

Hype for Pop-culture can never die and so will our love for it! Now K-Pop has also joined the list! So if you’re one of the crazy Pop and punk fans, then you should check these stores! You sure won’t be disappointed! 

  • Boohoos 
  • Dresslily
  • Vineyard Vines
  • Too Fast
  • 80s Tees
  • Killstar
  • Think Geek
  • Rouge & wolf
  • Darkside 
  • Romwe
  • Yandy

5 Best Shops Like Hot Topic: Alternative Stores To Hot Topic!

Source: Rockabilia

Hot Topic is not a simple store, it’s our CHILDHOOD! We’ve shopped the trendiest outfits of the time there but every good thing comes to an end! Here’s a list of stores that are as good as Hot Topic!! 

(Now, here will come a human bias! These are stores that are my favorite and are my go-to after the HT stores!) 

  • Spencer’s
  • Rockabilia
  • Darkside
  • H&M
  • Romwe 
  • Amazon
  • Urban Outfitters

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stores like hot topic
Source: Bellatory

Hot Topic is an international retail chain that is our one-stop destination for getting our Music merchs to everything! But it can bend on a pricey side and thus we need to look for alternatives! Spencer’s, Amazon are good retail chain stores that can be your next choice after HT! 


What is the UK version of Hot Topic? 

The closest equivalent of HT can be Camden Market in the UK! This can be your go-to for everything related to counter-culture! 

What stores are similar to Hot Topic? 

Stores like Grindstone, Romwe, Zulily, and RebelsMarket are very similar to Hot Topic! Many other stores provide services like HT. 

What are the best alt stores like Hot Topic?

The stores like H&M, Disturbia, Killstar are among many of the alt stores that are like Hot Topic. 

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