5 Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime To Watch Right Now

Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime

Looking for some best superhero shows on Amazon Prime? Well, here you’ll find more than one. Amazon Prime is a great platform for all your cinematic cravings. If you have already watched the best action and comedy movies/shows, then it’s time for some superhero shows.

Superhero shows are my favorite as they present supernatural stories as if superheroes exist in real. Amazon prime never fails to amaze its audience with its content. This is one of the most loved online streaming services. As I said, this post is packed with the best superhero shows on Amazon Prime that’ll add to your liking for this platform.

Some of the best superhero shows on Amazon Prime are The Boys, Heroes, The Tick, Marvel’s Runaway, Flash Gordan, and  Invincible. Learn while you watch these superhero series, as they have a lot tell to tell.

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5 Most Popular Superhero TV Shows of 2022: The Boys, Ms. Marvel and More

All you need to do is get Amazon Prime subscription and get started with unlimited entertainment. Don’t forget to start with this list of best superhero shows on Amazon Prime.

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5 Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime

If you have reached so far in search of the best superhero shows on Amazon Prime, then let’s not keep you waiting further and get you straight to the list.

The Boys

Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime ; The Boys
Source: Teleread

The Boys is one of the best superhero shows on Amazon Prime that is filled with superhero action, black comedy, satire, and thrill. It’s an American superhero series based on an identical novel written by Garth Ennis. The Boys is the story about an unruly gang who never cared for the set rules by the government and took action on their own. They fought against superpowered individuals who tried to misuse their powers. Although the means were illegal but the things done were for good. You can stream The Boys anytime on Amazon Prime.

No.of Seasons: 2 seasons, 16 Episodes

Language: English


Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime ; Heroes
Source: Amazon.com

Heroes come up with four seasons and a bucket full of 77 episodes which means your quarantine days will be spent nicely watching this series. It’s an American Superhero fictional drama. “Heroes” is centered around the theme of self-realization. It’s the story about common people like you and me, who came up with the realization that they too have superhuman abilities. After the discovery, they used their abilities to protect the masses from future calamities. I recommend you to watch this one as every new episode comes up with thrill and drama.

No.of Seasons: 4 seasons, 77 Episodes

Language: English

The Tick

Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime ; The Tick
Source: Forbes

Love to watch superheroes save the world fighting against the evil powers? The Tick is exactly your type then. It’s the story about a superhero in a blue tick suit who saves the city from underworld criminal activities. In his journey, he befriends a young man, Arthur who later on works as his sidekick. The city is in danger from the criminal acts by the supervillain, The Terror. The Tick along with his friend Arthur takes charge to save the people. Until now this series has 2 seasons to enjoy.

No.of Seasons: 2 seasons

Language: English

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Marvel’s Runaway

Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime ; Marvel's Runaway
Source: TVLine

This wonderful series is an American Superhero Teen Drama series filled with adventure. This is the story of six teenagers who come from different backgrounds. They shake hands to fight against a common enemy who is none other than their own parents. Their parents run a sinner organization called “Pride”. In the entire 3 seasons of this series, you will spot these Bravehearts(the kids) on the run to survive and to combat the sinful acts of their parents. You can stream this series anytime on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

No.of Seasons: 3 seasons, 33 episodes

Language: English


Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime; Invincible
Source: Deadline

Comic book characters can be so fascinating sometimes. Just like this one. Invincible is an American animated superhero Action-Drama thriller series. It’s based on the comic book series of identical names written by Robert Kirkman. The series is centered around a seventeen-year-old boy, Mark Grayson who became a superhero under the supervision of his father, Omni-Man. His father is the toughest superhero on the planet who now wants his kid to be like him. Although the series has 1 season and a total of 8 episodes only but it’s worth the watch. This series is streaming on Amazon Prime from March 25, 2021.

No.of Seasons: 1 Season, 8 Episodes

Language: English

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Amazon Prime Shows and Series:

What is the best original series on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is full of the best series and shows from various genres. A few best original series to name are:
Mozart in the Jungle
The Boys

What Superhero Movies are on Prime Video?

The best movies and shows to watch on Amazon Prime Video are;
The Avengers
Flash Gordon
The Boys
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The Green Hornet.

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Concluding this post with a superhero quote that says, “Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with”. No one is born with superpowers, our goodwill is our actual superpower. Hope your search for the best superhero shows on Amazon Prime joyfully ends here. Watch these shows with your friends and family and make your quarantine much more exciting. We’ll keep updating the show list with more exciting series.

Until then happy streaming!!

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