Top 6 Best Survivor Seasons Ranked By Fans!!

Best Survivor Seasons

40 seasons and 596 episodes!! Woh! Can you decide which are the best survivor seasons ever? Yeah, but don’t be partial to the charm of characters. Survivors changed the way reality shows are made. It’s the benchmark for all the international shows out there. Recently Survivor celebrated its 20th-anniversary edition. Wuhu! Cheers to that! Quitting the luxurious life and fighting hard for survival makes this reality TV Franchise even more intriguing. Let’s discuss Best Survivor Seasons!

The American series “Survivor” has been very popular and successful. Be it the profitable earnings for the broadcasts or the longevity of the show, everything just fits right into place. It’s voted in the 10 best most-watched reality shows ever. Fans were eagerly waiting for the 41st season which got delayed due to a pandemic. Shootings will soon resume for the 41st season by the ending of 2021!

So which are the Best Survivor Seasons that made an everlasting impact on the viewers? Is it season 1 Survival: Borneo or Season 40 Survivor: Winners at the War? No doubt, every season was special in some or another way. But the one that earns the top rank is the one with the most unique concept! Any guesses? OK, a small hint! This season had a tribal theme. Yes, it’s season 37.

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Which other seasons make it to the top 5 let’s have a quick sneak-peak! Survival will always be the best International Survival Reality TV Series that uses brainstorming ideas.

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Best Survivor Seasons – Voted By Fans!

It’s time to reveal! Surprisingly the wildest season 34 didn’t make it to the top 5 list. So, which seasons are on the list of the top 5 and why? Here have a look at the most loved survivor seasons.

1.Survivor: Cambodia (Season 31) 

Best Survivor Seasons; Survivor: Cambodia
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Out of all the 40 superb seasons of Survivor Series, season 31 Cambodia makes it to the top spot. The charming characters were back in this season making it the most loved of all seasons. 

What makes this season no. 1? 

The colorful drama!! Well, if you ask me, I enjoyed this season thoroughly. Especially the gameplay that keeps you hooked throughout, the great characters, the humor, everything about season 31 was worth favoritism. 

2. Survivor: Pearl Islands (Season 7) 

Best Survivor Seasons; Survivor: Pearl Islands
Source: CBS

The season that gives true justice to the title “Survivor” is none other than season 7! It was so great that to describe one particular incident from this season is a tough choice. That’s what makes season 7 earn the 2 spots on the viewer’s list. 

What makes Season 7 the 2nd best season of all seasons? 

Fairplay or Lies? Well, this season contains both. Rupert, the fish-spearing saint, oh god!! He was such a flash of brilliance to the show. His getup as a skirt-wearing, burly man makes him a favorite one. Pearl Islands is a gem for its pirate theme. If it’s so great then why is it not given the 1st spot? 

Yeah, you know the controversial outcast twist behind this season. Season 7 is also admired for its iconic characters. 

3. Survivor: David vs. Goliath (Season 37) 

Best Survivor Seasons; Survivor: David vs. Goliath
Source: Reality Blurred

Ahh!! The tribal theme! Season 37 was more like a biblical season that features undergods against privileged overachievers. Who do you think was the real survivors, the mighty or the meeks? 

Why is season 37 the third best of all the seasons? 

The gimmicky theme succeeded in earning a huge fan crush! But ah-ha doesn’t let that fool you in any way. This season promotes casts, tribals, and their culture. The tribal theme really worked wonders for the show. The well-timed advantages, pre-jury games, social plays, etc. Makes it an overall great work. 

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4. Survivor: Winners at War (Season 40) 

Best Survivor Seasons; Survivor: Winners at War
Source: GoldDerby

The last and the recent season of “Survivor” that created a huge hype about the series is season 40. After all, Survivor is such a great TV series, how can you expect the recent season to be any less than amazing? 

What makes the last season the best? 

Nostalgia!! Yes, you’ll surely feel nostalgia watching the recent season. Winners at Wars is quite gripping. The strong gameplay, the survival moments, the fantastic cast, and the fire in their eyes makes this season worth watching. The story shows 20 past winners, restless nights, survival fights, and the chance to prove that I am the best through coconuts, damn! This is the best reality show ever made! 

5. Survivor: The Amazon (Season 6) 

Best Survivor Seasons; Survivor: The Amazon
Source: Survivor Wiki Fandom

The huge turnover to the Survivor series proved out to be season 6. This was the first season throughout the series when we saw tribes splitting with a different theme. In short, season 6 breathed life into the series. 

What’s so outstanding about season 6? 

The battle of the sexes!! 

Apart from being the most interesting sexism toleration, and experimental gags and twists, it’s the cast that makes the viewers enjoy season 6 so much. The battle of sexes depicts much of the early game, and if you can tolerate it then it becomes a must-watch from the survival era of “Survivor“. Hey, and don’t tell you didn’t fall for the charm of master narrator Rob Cesternino. 

6. Survivor: Millenials vs GenX (Season 33)

Best survivor seasons: Survivor: Millenials vs GenX
Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

You can’t forget the Millenial vs GenX battle of survivor season 33. This season was exciting to watch. It was like old man vs modern man.

What is so special about this season? Ahh! Don’t tell you don’t miss the engaging gameplay of season 33, the emotional final tribal council, and of course breakout star Zeke Smith!

Also, season 33 of Survivor was full of mysteries. The suspense build-up made this season even more fun to watch!

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So, this was our short surveyed data about the Best Survivor seasons so far. Fans can expect the next two season’s production anytime soon! Also, do share your favorite season of this series, we’ll add up the most commented season to our top list! 

Featured Image Credits: Entertainment Weekly

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