11+ Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples, Things You Do For Love

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples

Getting inked is special but getting inked with your partner is very very special. Things that we do for love. We don’t think much about them. But you gotta think about things like what kind of tattoo to go with? Will it match my personality? Before getting inked with your partner. So, here is an article that will tell you about the best tattoo ideas for couples, to show their love.

Couple tattoos are in trend these days, people surprise their partners with love tattoos. There was a time when people used to exchange metal rings to show their eternal love. But today tattoos are the way of representing your love to the partner. There are thousands of options when you go out to decide the best couple tattoo for yourself. Here we have categorized the best tattoo ideas for Couples.

The Best Couple Tattoo Ideas for couple are 

  1. Matching Couple Tattoos
  2. Finger Tattoos
  3. Lock And Key Tattoos
  4. Crown Tattoos
  5. Infinity Couple Tattoos
  6. Date Of Birth Tattoos
  7. Mr. and Mrs. Tattoos
  8. Portrait Tattoos

The above list won’t be sufficient to tell you the best Tattoo ideas for couples. Read below to get a proper idea of the picture and the description of the tattoo.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples

Further in the article, you will encounter the best tattoo ideas for couples. We have categorized them into different subheads and you can choose the one according to your requirements.

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Matching Couple Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples - Matching couples tattoo
Source: Shinecoco.com

Matching Couple tattoos are the perfect way to tell the people that you match. The idea is you get the same tattoo but with a little bit of variation. For example, you both can get a lion, the man can get the masculine look and the woman can get the feminine finish with a flower and leaves crown on the lion. Or you can get the same love lines inked on yourself.

Finger Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples - finger couples tattoo
Source: ArchZine

Well, the name of the tattoo signifies where the tattoos are to be made i.e the fingers. You can have variety here as well. You can get the same tattoos in between the fingers or if you want the world to know that you are committed. Go for the inked ring on your ring finger.

Lock And Key Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples - lock and key couples tattoo
Source: Pinterest

Lock and Key signifies a different role. They signify the presence of one is important for the existence of the other. If you feel your love is like the lock and key, go for the lock and key tattoos. The tattoo also signifies that only that person has the key to my heart.

Crown Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples - Crown couples tattoo
Source: Pinterest

Crown tattoos are in trend these days. They signify that my partner has or will keep me like his queen and vice-versa. These tattoos are inked where the world can see them. You can get these tattoos on your arm or back of the neck.

Infinity Couple Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples - Infinity couples tattoo
Source: Wild Tattoo Art

Infinity is a symbol that has no beginning or no end. The couples are using this tattoo to show their eternal love to their partner by getting them inked together on their arms.

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Date Of Birth Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples - Date of Birth couples tattoo
Source: ArchZine

The idea is to get your partner’s date of birth inked on your arm or the back of the neck. You can also get it inked on your chest, near your heart. The better idea would be to get the tattoo in roman numerals.

Mr. and Mrs. Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples - Mr and Mrs couples tattoo
Source: Topofstyle

If you are married then go for the Mr and Mrs tattoos with your partner. The idea is to carve the words Mr on the husband’s arm and Mrs. on the wife’s arm. You can also use the words her’s and His on your arm if you are married.

Chess Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples - Chess couples tattoo
Source: Tattooli.com

You don’t have to make a chessboard, well you can if you love chess. But for couples, the male can ink the king of the chess and the females can ink the queen of the chess. 

Simple Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples - Simple couples tattoo
Source: Pinterest

You don’t have to get big tattoos to show your love. Even a small line or a word that could be your partner’s name or date of birth would be enough to please them. You both can get similar tattoos.

Portrait Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples - potrait couples tattoo
Source: Pinterest

What’s better than getting the portrait of your partner inked on your body. The idea is both of you go to the specialized portrait maker and get the photo of each other inked on your body.

Tribal Couple Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas For Couples - Tribal couples tattoo
Source: Pinterest

Tribals tattoos represent the tribal symbols from ancient times. These symbols represent the social status of the tribes. Many artists are using these tribal symbols as the base of the couple’s tattoos. They look good on the arms, back, and chest. 

Note: There are various side effects of Tattoos

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These were some of the best tattoo ideas for couples. If you or your friend recently got engaged with someone then do share these best tattoo ideas with them. They will surely like it. If you find this article interesting then, do write to us in the comments section.

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