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We are the generation of partying and dancing. Going to the party and throwing a party both are special events. When we talk of going to a party we are concerned with the clothes to wear and when it comes to throwing a party, we often think that it should be the best. The best way is to throw a theme party.

A theme party is a gathering of people for the celebration of a particular occasion. The specialty of a themed party is that all the people will either dress up like a particular character or the place is decorated in some of the special places. Team deasilex has brought the best theme party ideas that you can use to make your party be it the birthday, anniversary, or breakup party interesting.

The best theme party ideas are Dracula Theme, Game Of Thrones theme, Black and White Theme, Village Theme, Retro Theme, Musical Theme, Rainbow Theme, Musical Theme, Bollywood Theme, Hollywood Theme, Avengers Theme, Pyjama Party Theme, Animals Theme, and the list is endless.

More themes are listed below. By reading the themes above you might have got the general idea about the theme Party. 

Why Theme Party?

why theme party
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We have been talking about the theme party since we begin the article but why theme party? Why not a normal party at pubs and bars? Well, we have answers to all your questions and if you don’t get satisfied comments section is open. You can shoot your questions there.

Reasons For Theme Party

  • If you are jealous of your beautiful friend but inviting her is necessary. Go for the party theme like Dracula or wicked witch. Obviously now she won’t be coming in her beautiful dress and your boyfriend will focus on you.
  • It will create hype among your friends. Think of something unique, NO, don’t think read below for the best theme party ideas.
  • People will think you are innovative. A unique and innovative theme party will make your friends think about your creativity.
  • A theme party will definitely make your party a bombshell that will definitely Explode.

How To Plan a Theme Party

Now that you are clear with the reasons as to why to throw the party with the theme. But proper planning should be followed for this purpose. Follow the steps given below

  1. Select your theme carefully – You need to be innovative and creative while choosing the theme. Choose the themes that best match the occasions.
  2. Invite the Guests – You need people to show your selection and the suggestion is to give invitations well in advance. The last-minute invitations keep the guests in the doubt or there are chases that they might have some other appointments. Send them invitations via Gmail or you can think of some innovative invitation card.
  3. Choose a Suitable Venue – Now that you have invited all your friends and relatives, you have an idea about how many people are coming. So choose the venue according to the requirements.
  4. Make Necessary Arrangements – It is suggested to make the list of the necessary item beforehand. These things are the catering arrangements and the DJ, make sure everything is ready.
  5. Plan the Food and Drinks – You need to choose the food and drinks for your party carefully. For example, if you are planning to cut a cake for the occasion then the cake must match the theme.

Theme Party Ideas

theme partyGOT
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Now, let’s begin with the most innovative and unique theme party ideas. They have been listed below for you.

  1. Dracula Theme – Ask your friends to come dressed up as Dracula and keep the horror and spooky theme for the party.
  2. Game of Thrones Theme – If you are a game of throne fan, you can try out this theme. All you have to do is ask your friends to come dressed as their favorite GOT character. Make the setup theme one of the bars in the Winterfell or Kingslanding.
  3. Black and White Theme – Decorate the party area with the white and black balloons and the surroundings as well. Set the dress code to either black or white. 
  4. Village Theme – If you think your friends have never been to the countryside. Surprise them with the village theme party.
  5. Rainbow Theme – The theme is simple you just to be colorful. Get a rainbow on the back wall, a multicolored cake, and multiple color clothes.
  6. Musical Theme – If you are a music lover what would be better then a musical theme party. Get a cake with a mike or DJ on it.
  7. Bollywood Theme – The Bollywood theme is simple, ask your friends to come dressed as their favorite Bollywood Actor or Bolly wood Villain.
  8. Hollywood Theme – The Hollywood theme is simple, ask your friends to come dressed as their favorite Hollywood Actor or Hollywood Villain.
  9. Avengers Theme – Marvel lovers will find this theme the best party theme they can try on their birthday. Get dressed as your favorite Avenger and explore the universe of fun.
  10. Pyjama Party – Most funny theme, wear no fancy dresses but just the pajamas and the loose t-shirts for the party.


So, What are you waiting for now? Find out the reason to showcase your innovation to your friends. If you are not planning for the party, help your friend by forwarding him the article. If you are having any other suggestions, do write us in the comments section.

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