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best titanium knives

Everyone wants to let out their inner chefs once in a while! Let me pose a question to readers here! How would you answer if I asked “What’s an important feature of a professional chef?” His huge collection of knives right? Although under-appreciated, it’s an indispensable part of every cooking activity, especially, CHOPPING! If you do not want to get stuck on your chopping board, then check these best titanium knives for everyday use!  

Chopping requires a sturdy and sharp knife! That’s why our chefs pay close attention to the kind of knife they’re buying! Especially if a dish requires fine chopping! You wouldn’t want any hindrance, would you? 

It is thus viable to say that “knife is the life of the kitchen!” Everything from food preparation to food garnishing depends on a good metal! Thus to make your cooking fun and delicious, let’s introduce you to the best knives that your kitchen can have – titanium knives! Not only in our kitchen but from manufacturing to other industrial processes, a titanium knife acts as a life-saving tool!

Camillus Titanium Knife Review - Be...
Camillus Titanium Knife Review - Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center

Knives are like an investment for your kitchen like the initial capital in a business! It requires a thorough plan on what type, material, and most importantly, why or what purpose are we buying it for?

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Titanium: Best Titanium Knives For Everyday Use!

Source: Advanced Refractory Metals

We’ve all heard Sia’s Titanium right? Let me help you recall some of its lyrics which said – ”I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose, I’m titanium!” Well, that’s titanium for you! Although it can be bulletproof under certain conditions, that’s not why titanium is so famous! 

Titanium is a rare metal that has high tensile strength and is super lightweight. The additional plus point of titanium is that it is resistant to corrosion unlike other metals like steel! Due to its non-corrosive properties, titanium is used by divers as salt water can increase the rates of corrosion. This is why it is the most sought-after metal! But due to this fact, it can also be very expensive! But that’s not the only reason why this metal is expensive!

Titanium has a different smelting process that proves to be costlier than many, thus adding it to its implicit cost! However, it is still preferred over many due to its lightweight properties and its strength! 

William Gregor first discovered titanium in 1791 and since then, it has been found to be very useful! It can be used in multiple ways such as in dental implants, agriculture, military, aerospace, mobiles, sports equipment, and in many industrial processes!  

Titanium Blade Knife Or Steel Blade Knife?

chopping with titanium knife
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This question can be perfectly answered with the phrase- “everyone and everything has its own value!” Where steel is less breakable and more corrosive, titanium is vice-versa! We can pry anything open with steel but we cannot do the same with a titanium knife as it is far more brittle than steel! It will be in pieces if you try opening a stubborn jam bottle while applying more pressure on its blade!

Thus, keeping into account the pros and cons of both these metals, the alloys of steel and titanium are used to get the best of both worlds! Some steel knives are coated with titanium to be corrosion resistant while some titanium knives are coated with steel to make them more strong and hence, less breakable!

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Best Titanium Knives

a titanium knife
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We’ve gone through several reasons why titanium knives are best and where they can be deployed! Now let’s see the real-time examples of some of the best titanium knives available in the market today!

  • Zero Tolerance 0450 Sinkevich Knife
  • Boker Plus Burnley Kwaiken Knife
  • We Knife Co. Degnan Gnar Knife
  • Reate K-2 Knife
  • The James Brand Chapter Knife
  • Benchmade Anthem 781 Knife
  • Chris Reeve Sebenza 31 Knife
  • Kizer Sheepdog Knife
  • Spyderco Techno 2 Knife
  • Terrain 365 Mako Flipper-at Knife

EDC Titanium Pocket Knives: Best Titanium Folding Knife

titanium knives
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As titanium is lightweight, we can carry them anywhere without additional burden! Thus they serve as the best pocket knives and are best for our camping endeavors! Also, for military men, they can prove very handy! As military missions require great agility, these knives will not pose any hindrance during any mission!

The handles of the folding knife are made from titanium because of how light-weight and non-corrosive the metal is! If steel is used in the inner machinery of a folding knife, then after some time, it will obviously RUST! Thus, rendering the knife useless!

  • Kizer Begleiter 3.5 Inch 
  • Kizer Cutlery Megatherium Elijah Isham Titanium Knife
  • KATSU Camping Pocket Folding Japanese Knife, Titanium & Carbon Fiber Handle
  • ITOKEY Folding Pocket Knife
  • TUSA FK-940 X-Ppert II Titanium Dive Knife
  • Wanbasion Matte Black Titanium Plated knife
  • Samior TS135 Titanium Folding Scalpel Pocket Knife

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titanium in knives
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Titanium knives are used in many ways and places! Our simple knife handles can be made of them. Even our industrial equipment also has some parts that are made of titanium! Its uses and purposes are wide-ranging and thus if you know where and how you can use them, you’ll surely hit a jackpot! Like how our divers know that getting a titanium knife is a better option in the wide ocean!


What Knives are better – steel or titanium?

Both knives have their pros and cons! Thus a knife that has both the properties are good for your daily use! To know more about steel and titanium knives, read the above article!

Do Knives have Titanium handles?

Titanium is not only used to make the blades of a knife but also its handles and inner machinery like the one required for a folding knife! Let’s check some of the knives that use titanium as a handle!

  • Arcform Slimfoot: This knife has a titanium handle and a frame for easy gripping!
  • Spyderco Swayback: This knife with a 3.53” long blade is sturdy and easy to carry with a titanium handle. The titanium frame proves to be reliable and strong!
  • Kizer Feist: The rounded titanium handles in the knife provide a strong grip on the holder and is the best choice whose everyday work revolves around dealing with knives! Do you want to know a secret? It’s a folding knife!

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