List of 10 Best Upcoming Netflix Web Series of April 2020

List of Best Upcoming Netflix Web Series of April 2020 With Their Release Date|Cast|Story and Youtube Trailers

The future looks bright for web series releasing in April 2020 as we rank the best upcoming Netflix web series of April 2020. Wild about the web series? we provide you the most up-to-date  April 2020 Netflix web series information online. Here is the ultimate list of best upcoming Netflix web series of April 2020 with release dates, stories and latest trailers for the new Netflix web series. This list is subject to changes as it depends on censor certification. March month may be drawing to a close, but there are several 2020 Netflix web series’ release dates you should be pinning to your calendars and making April month resolutions to go and see.

The advent of streaming platforms has blown the entertainment business-wide open; content, today, is truly kind and audiences are actively seeking out riveting storytelling, driven by unconventional narrative tools. The culture of binge-watching is fuelling the growth of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and homegrown OTT channels like AltBalaji and Zee5, who are continuously adding to their repository of content.

There might be a lot of uncertainty right now, but one thing remains the same: Netflix is still churning out original content just as quickly as ever. Throughout the first few months of 2020, the company has been busy delivering all the new movies, series, and returning favorites they can, with dozens upon dozens of new additions to its library so far this year. Now let’s see the best upcoming Netflix web series of April 2020.

In terms of Netflix originals, on the feature film side, there’s the Ed Helms/Taraji P. Henson comedy Coffee & Kareem, the true-story drama Sergio starring Wagner Moura and Ana de Armas, and the Chris Hemsworth actioner Extraction. And on the Netflix TV series side, we’ve got Season 4 of Nailed It! And Season 2 of Ricky Gervais’ After Life.

There’s also the announcement that three entirely improvised comedy specials from Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz will premiere on April 21st.

List of Best Upcoming Netflix Web Series of April 2020

 10 Best Upcoming Netflix Web Series of April 2020

Here is the ultimate list of best upcoming Netflix web series of March 2020 with release dates, stories and latest trailers for the new Netflix web series.

1. Sunderland Till I Die (Season 2)

Story-Season 2 will document a reversal of fortune that is remarkable not just for its speed and scale but also for the unexpected character of the men driving it. It will chart the story of these 2 well off men, from one of England’s most comfortable counties, coming up to a tough working-class city, grabbing their dysfunctional football club by the collar, returning it to the community and rekindling the sporting dreams of a once-proud football community.

Cast-Martin Bain, Nick Barnes, Gary Bennett, George Honeyman, and Lee Camp as themselves on the show.

Release Date– Sunderland Till I Die season 2 will be released on 1st April 2020.

Genre: Documentary

Streaming– Netflix



Episodes-While season one carried eight episodes, there will only be six episodes of the second series.

Youtube Trailer

2. How to Fix a Drug Scandal

Story-The four-part docuseries will revolve around the story of drug lab chemist Sonja Farak who became increasingly addicted to the narcotics that showed up in her lab for testing

Directors and Producers-How to Fix a Drug Scandal’ is directed by Erin Lee Carr. The docuseries is produced by Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions.

Cast-Paul Solotaroff is featured in the docuseries among other experts, witnesses, lawyers, and officers.

Directed by-Erin Lee Carr




Parts-The series will be divided into four parts

Release Date-How to Fix a Drug Scandal arrives on April 1.


3.’Nailed It!’ Season 4

Story-Amateur bakers continue to try (and fail) to create masterpieces when this series returns.

Cast– The fact that the ‘Nailed It!’ is a reality show, there are no fixed cast members for seasons as the cast members depend on the season’s theme and subjects.

The show, hosted by Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres. The show is produced by Magical Elves with Casey Kriley, Patrick Doody and Gayle Gawlowski serving as executive producers.

Genre-Reality Show

Release Date-1st April 2020




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Episodes-30-32 as expected


4. Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 (Part 3)

Story-The The excellent Japanese reality series which sees contestants share a space returns for another 12 episodes.

Cast-Giuseppe Durato,Emika Mizukoshi ,Ryo Tawatari ,Hana Kimura,Kai Kobayashi ,Violetta Razdumina ,Tupas Johnkimverlu

Release Date-The The series will be released on 7th April 2020.


Genre-Reality Show


Language-Original language Japanese

Episodes-The series will consist of 12 episodes.


5. The Big Show Show

Story-Starring Former WWE wrestler The Big Show, a comedy about the big guy raising three daughters with his wife.

Cast and Stars-

  • Himself: Paul
  • Cassy: Allison Munn
  • Lola: Reylynn Caster
  • Mandy: Juliet Donenfeld
  • J.J: Lily Brooks O’Briant
  • Kennedy: Jolie Hoand Rappaport
  • Olivia: Emma Loewen
  • Coach Fener: Ben Giroux
  • Blenda: Danielle Uhlarik
  • Mrs. Goodpasture: Marisa Chen Moller

Written by– Jason Berger and Josh Bycel

Available on-Netflix

Release Date– The series will be released on 6 April 2020.




Episodes-The show will consist of 10 episodes ( 30 minutes each)

Youtube Video

6. Brews Brothers Season 1

Story-This series stars Alan Aisenberg and Mike Castle as two brothers who run a brewery together, despite their wildly different personalities and styles.

Cast- Alan Aisenberg, Mike Castle, Carmen Flood

Release Date- The series will be released on 10 April 2020.




Episodes-The series will consist of eight episodes.


Video-No videos and trailers are available yet.

List of Best Upcoming Netflix Web Series of April 2020 With Their Release Date|Cast|Story and Youtube Trailers

7. Money Heist / La Casa De Papel (Part 4)

Story-The Spanish series phenomenon will be returning at the beginning of April for a much-anticipated new season especially after the explosive ending of part 3. To coincide with the series release of the fourth part of Money Heist, a documentary will also drop on April 3rd. The documentary will feature lots of behind the scenes footage that went into making the exquisite Spanish drama.

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Cast-Úrsula Corberó,Álvaro Morte,Itziar Ituño,Miguel Herrán,Jaime Lorente,Darko Peric

Release Date-Money Heist Season 4 is coming on April 3, 2020.



Episodes-8-9 may be.


Language-Spanish and English

Youtube Trailer

8. Sergio 2020

Story-A sweeping drama set in the chaotic aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq, where the life of top UN diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello hangs in the balance during the most treacherous mission of his career.

Cast- Wagner Moura, Ana de Armas, Brían F. O’Byrne.

Director and Writer-Greg Barker and Craig Borten.

Release date- The series will be released on 17 April 2020.


Length-118 minutes



Available on-Netflix

Youtube Trailer-

9. The Last Kingdom Season 4

Story-After the death of Alfred, the alliances between the kingdoms are fractured. Uhtred believes the timing is right to challenge his uncle Aelfric, played by Joseph Millson (Casino Royale, Banished), and take back his ancestral home, Bebbanburg. However, fate shifts in a different direction, leading Uhtred to realize that his destiny is tied to Alfred’s dream of a united land. This, and Uhtred’s feelings for Aethelflaed, drive him back into the politics that threaten to break out into war.

Cast-Derrymon, Ian Hart, Finn Mark Rowley, Magan Robin, Toby Regbo, Emily Cox, Timothy Innes, Millie Brady, and Magan Brun

Release Date-27 April 2020

Genre-Historical Drama


Episodes-10 episodes



Youtube Teaser

10. Extraction

Story-Extraction is about a black market gun for hire who is hired to pick up the kidnapped son of a crime warlord but it turns out to be his toughest assignment to date.

Cast-Chris Hemsworth, David Harbour, Golshifteh Farahani

Director and Writer-Sam Hargrave and  Joe Russo

Release Date– The series will be released on 24 April 2020.

Genre-Action and Drama

Country- USA


Runtime-116 minutes

Available on– Netflix

Youtube Video

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