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best water toys for kids

Whether indoor or outdoor, kids love having fun! And do you know what gives them immense pleasure apart from their mother’s hugs? TOYS! Try shopping with your kids and all your shopping cart will be filled with them! But do you know what they especially like? WATER TOYS! They especially like to fool around with their water guns making a mess everywhere. So if your child’s birthday is approaching, why not gift him what he likes? Why not get him the best water toys in the market! If you don’t know what to choose, keep reading to know what are the best water toys for kids these days!

When it gets too hot in the summers, that’s the best time when you get your water balloons out in the backyard. The water feels heavenly at that time of year and so do the water toys! Not only your toddler, but even your big kids will love the idea of playing with them. Why? Because there’s no age limit when it comes to favorite toys!

There are many kinds of water toys in the market these days, ranging from wading pools to water tables. You have so much variety that it’ll literally confuse you! Thus, making a mindset before buying is always a smart choice. Depending on the age of your kids and especially his likes and dislikes, get him the water toy of his/her choice.

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There are some really easy to handle and floatable water toys and then there are some which are not so. Thus, depending on what you can handle and on the size of your backyard, CHOOSE WISELY! So why wait? Let’s get you the answers for the best water toys for kids in the market!

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Best Water Toys For Kids:

best water toys for kids
Source: Parents

Summertime requires much-needed splash-splash time for kids. Playing out in the open will not only keep them healthy and fresh, but they’ll also get EDUCATED! How? Because there are many toys up in the market nowadays and some of them are, yeah you guessed- Educational! So, be the cool mom that you are and give them their fun time. 

Why Water Toys?

Water toys are not only fun but also induces curiosity in your kids. They are designed with the purpose of making your kids use their own brains to solve problems. This makes them not only occupied but also makes their reflexes sharp.

  1. Beats Summer: The most important purpose that water toys serve is always to beat that SUMMER HEAT! We spend time outside to get the taste of nature but then are sweating buckets just after thirty minutes! That’s when we realize that we have alternatives to beat that goddamn heat. 

Water toys can be used not in our backyards but also in the pools and beaches. An Inflated balloon is the most common water toy at beaches. Thus serving two purposes of beating nature and having fun!

  1. Fun: Water toys are so fun to play with that our kids never get enough of them. There are many different kinds of them available in the market today. Some are specially designed for girls whereas some for boys. They match the peculiar tastes of all genders and age groups. Thus, making us look forward to summers when our backyards and even living rooms are full of them.
best water toys for kids
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  1. No Age Limit: As I mentioned earlier, there’s no age limit for playing with your favorite toys! Even our grannies sometimes lie in those inflated wading pools! At times they make us feel nostalgic about the good old days. Thus, anyone can enjoy them regardless of age and reminisce about their old memories. 
  1. Educational: Toys always serve multiple purposes, one of them is always education. They make our kids and also us, aware of certain things and help us sharpen our senses. They’re the perfect examples of learning while doing. There are many water toys available in the market that serve this purpose. The cause-and-effect techniques used in toys always help the kids to become more alert and sharp. 
  1. Keeps The Kids Occupied: The water toys are helpful when both the parents are working and have little time to look after their kids or maybe if you’re just taking a short nap. These toys keep the kids occupied. They draw the attention of kids towards themselves and make them so engrossed that they at times forget that their mother or father is missing. (Although it’s not advisable to leave your younger kids unattended)
  1. Healthy: Physically as well as mentally, toys ensure that our kids stay healthy. They make sure our kids stay healthy by engaging them in fun activities that will not only let their mind function in a healthy manner but also their bodies! 

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List of Water Toys In the Market:

water toys
Source: The Mom Edit
  1. Water Sprinklers: That’s one of the most common and widely used water toys and kids of any age can enjoy them. They are available in various shapes and sizes and when attached to a hose, they sprinkle water as if it’s raining!
  1. Water Tables: This kind of water toy falls is more of an educational one and helps the kids to develop their reflexes. They are designed in a way that makes kids aware of the cause and effect of various actions, although that’s only in the game, it’s a good start, isn’t it?
  1. Arcade Shooter: This is a cool water toy for your small boys and girls. It’s an inflatable in the pool sort of a toy where the child needs to shoot a target making them practice some of their archery skills.
  1. Inflatable Bounce House: This is a bouncing toy filled with water for small kids. They bounce on this with water in it that multiplies their joy. However, for your own good, place it outside your house! Why? For a lesser mess of course! 
inflated water bounce house
Source: Ubuy Vietnam
  1. Water Balloon: That’s some naughty kids’ starter pack! Kids fill their balloons with water and hit their friends or some targets with them. Once the balloon touches the surface, it explodes earning the laughs of many (obviously not of the one who hit!). 
  1. Water Balls: These are large and small floating balls that are sometimes filled with glitters inside them. As they’re inflated, they float smoothly on the water making them an unforgettable beach and pool toy. They’re used by young and even bigger kids who can’t swim well or sometimes just as a pool accessory.
  1. Floating Mats: These are used by kids and even adults on beaches and pools. They practically float on water with us on it and thus earn the name of the floating mat!
  1. Water Gun: This is another one of the naughty kids’ starter packs! Kids fill their mini plastic guns with water and attack their friends and sometimes even strangers with them. This sometimes can earn giggles but oftentimes, beatings as well for soaking some stranger’s clothes!
  1. Find The Hide: These are cute glittery stones that are available in sets. They’re suitable for toddlers and it’s a simple game designed for kids. The glittery stones are sometimes hidden in sand or water and the kids have to find them and collect them in a box.
  1. Wading Pool: Now who doesn’t know what a wading pool is! It’s a common house accessory and no matter what age, the joy of it is shared by many! It’s an inflated pool filled with water which is easy to carry. Kids jump, play or sometimes simply sit in it to avoid the horrible summer heat. 

Note: As most of these toys are inflated ones, meaning they need to be filled with air. It is advisable that you guys get an air pumper beforehand. Don’t get out of breath guys! 

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water and toys
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Toys are an important part of our kids’ life and thus it is vitally important to choose them carefully! Depending on the age and interests of our younger ones, we can get them the best water toys available on the market! However, you have to do intense market research for that but we helped your research part here!

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